BREAKING: January Jones Holds Child In Public, Exhibits Joy At Its Presence

Programming Note: So since we launched our new comment threads until right about now, our galleries decided to wonk out a tad, slightly delaying this post and The Crap We Missed which we’re now posting for your perusal because pageviews put diamonds in Daddy’s cereal. So here’s a few hours late/almost completely pointless gallery of January Jones holding her kid that I’m putting up to see if our site’s playing nice and also because someone said I specifically go out of my way not to post pictures of her holding her baby. So this is to prove how objective I truly am and also alert everyone she’s only with the kid because she’s shit-faced and needs a designated driver so she doesn’t have to randomly call Bobby Flay and explain why she crashed into three parked cars before fleeing the scene again. Did somebody say something?

Photos: Splash News