BREAKING: Chris Brown Fans Are Violent Morons

Posted by Photo Boy

Mixing Chris Brown fans with guns sounds like a great idea if you’re like me and think natural selection needs to hurry the hell up. And what better place to find society’s most useless members than one of his shows. These people paid money to get in there. Via TMZ:

Brown was singing at 1:20 AM and the crowd seemed peaceful … then, suddenly, gunshots ring out, sending everyone including Chris into panic.

To be precise, Brown was smirking and saying “Niggas is gettin’ it in over there,” just before the gunfire, which doesn’t at all sound like inciting a riot. If only he were on some sort of probation where he’d have to answer to a judge about why barely four months after being present at one shooting incident, he was laughing and encouraging a fight that landed another five people in the ER with gunshot wounds. Can you imagine the hot water he’d be in then? #CelebrityLivesMatter

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Photo: Instagram