Braylon Edwards Should Be a Lawyer

And the New York Jets continue to dominate both on (Suck it, Tom Brady.) and off the field (Suck.. me?) this week. This time around, wide receiver Braylon Edwards was picked up for DUI early this morning where he essentially had the balls to ask the cop if he could just hop a taxi and bounce. Sounds reasonable. ESPN reports:

According to the arrest report, the officer asked Edwards when he had his last drink.
“About an hour ago,” Edwards responded.
Urbina asked Edwards if he was familiar with a breathalyzer. He responded that he was but asked why he would not undergo a field sobriety test like in Michigan, where he went to college. The officer said that was not procedure in New York.
Edwards said to Urbina: “How about I just leave the car and take a cab and go home?”

I’m pretty sure if you or I asked that question we’d get Tasered in the right ventricle, so it’s truly a testament to celebrity justice that Braylon Edwards doesn’t have a heart murmur right now. On that note, you gotta love the part where he asks about a field sobriety test “like in Michigan” because that doesn’t at all make him sound like a repeat offender. “Hey, this isn’t like those other times I almost killed somebody. What gives?”

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