Brandi Glanville: ‘I’m Not Racist, I Bang Black Guys!’

December 11th, 2013 // 29 Comments
'Black People Can't Swim'
Brandi Glanville Bikini
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Following the shitfest over Brandi Glanville saying Joyce Giraud can’t swim because she’s black, Brandi defended herself on her Bravo blog by saying she can’t be racist because black penises sometimes go into her vagina:

To start off, I have been in several romantic relationships over the years with African American men and still have close relationships with those ex-boyfriends even now. For over 20 years now, I have had girlfriends from pretty much every ethnical background. Sometimes (actually a lot of times) these girlfriends and I joke inappropriately with each other. These jokes are clearly not ready for TV.

In Brandi Glanville’s defense, at least she took it a step further than just saying, “I have a black friend” Although, it probably wouldn’t have hurt to have added that the first word’s out of Gerard Butler‘s mouth were, “Tell me, lass, dinya have kids, or ya just been with a lot of brothas? Ol’ Gerard don’na care either way. He’s just always a wee bit curious whenever those Porta-potty fumes start waftin’ in. *takes a deep breath* Aye, that’s fresh.”

Photos: Jeff Rayner/Coleman-Rayner


  1. kimmykimkim

    Oh, so she’s already been gang banged by black guys. And you guys got your panties all twisted yesterday over nothing. Carry on, then, Brandi. Carry on.

  2. Snapcount

    That’s gross.

    • agreed, but doesn’t that happen to all old disgusting white women at some point? The potential pool is reduced to the point that they are pretty much forced to date one of them.

  3. Jo

    “I can’t be a misogynist, I’ve slept with _several_ women!”

  4. Real nigga back in the house again.
    Kanye West says so.

  5. Mohawk Disco

    So what?! Thomas Jefferson loved to fuck black women too. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have hundreds of slaves as he wrote “all men are created equal”. Or are you saying he was just a chauvinistic pig who left women out of the Declaration of Independence on purpose.

  6. Cock Dr

    It’s a persuasive defense…please offer hard evidence such as photos & HD video to back it up.

  7. For some dumb reason, this reminded me of a video from The Onion (NSFW, unless you are working at home with no pants on:),14174/

  8. Brandi Glanville Bikini Chasing Seagulls
    Commented on this photo:

    Geez you think someone who spent that much time on the beach would know NOT to run underneath of seagulls.

  9. So we are still trying to beat the Brandi Glanville is a racist dead horse I see. Carry on.

  10. JC

    I look forward to when all this settles down, and she and that fatty LeAnn can get back to sniping at each other on Twitter like 12-year-old girls.

  11. Can you imagine the oatmeal coming out of that cootch if she bangs any guy. There goes my breakfast bars.

  12. She does look like Bang Bros. material.

  13. tonawanda

    But honestly, is she wrong? BLACK PEOPLE CAN’T SWIM. Lisa Leslie said this on national TV in 2009; did anyone care? No, because she’s black.

    Get over it. Until Ethiopians start winning Olympic medals in the pool, it’s a reality — not racism.

  14. So, as long as I’ve had sex with women then I can’t be a misogynist?

    Brandi Glanville is a fucking cunt. I can say that because I’ve porked vaginas.

  15. Name(Visible)

    Oh, Fish, you race-baiting sexist hypocrite.

  16. Your Mom

    Anyone else notice (like I have) that she has “Joker Face”? TOO MUCH PLASTIC SURGERY DOES THIS PEOPLE!

  17. Griefer

    She has a black dildo also.

  18. j-sin

    She bangs black guys?…Well all is forgiven.

  19. Brandi Glanville Bikini Chasing Seagulls
    Commented on this photo:

    If it wasn’t for the crazy bitch on the other side, that could be a nice ass.

  20. Brandi Glanville Bikini Chasing Seagulls
    Commented on this photo:

    Hey, I am more than willing to rub black shoe polish all over my junk if it lands me this hot skinny bitch.

  21. RickNas

    I’m black…and yes I can’t swim. It’s one of the funnier stereotypes and not offensive IMHO.
    It’s like saying all white guys have date raped a chick at least ONCE in their lifetime…mostly true. Right?

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