Okay, I swear to God I’m done with the Lord of The Rings schtick.

Alright, folks, the Oscars are tonight, so starting at 8:30 EST, Photo Boy and I will be live-tweeting the show because we don’t want to see you die of goddamn boredom around the 90 minute mark which is probably inevitable. Also, keep in mind, I’ve seen literally one of the movies nominated for Best Picture (Which was Argo. Last night.) so you’re in for a world of insight and serious cinematic discussion on top of most likely being abandoned when we go, “Eh, fuck it, let’s just get a jump on tomorrow so we can take naps.” Professionalism, we doff our balls in it. On that note, click here to follow The Superficial on Twitter, click here to follow Photo Boy or skip all that entirely and click here to look at Brandi Glanville’s ridiculous cleavage that had no business being there. — I’m joking. Seth MacFarlane probably banged her when she was pregnant. She earned this.

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