Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie sell photos of Shiloh for a lot

June 6th, 2006 // 128 Comments

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have sold the first pictures of Shiloh to People magazine for a kidney punching $4.1 million, with all the money going to an unknown children’s charity. Magazine editors were told to meet at the offices of the Getty photo agency late Saturday night and each magazine went through a night long bidding war for the shots, which were taken by the family at their Namibian hideaway.

“We were sequestered into separate and un-air-conditioned offices,” said one. “The photos were shown to us around 10 p.m. to midnight, and then we had to submit bids by 6 a.m. Sunday morning. No one got any sleep at all, as it was a manic game of phone-tag to top each other’s bids. I’m convinced it was Brangie’s revenge on the weekly magazines.”

I can appreciate the spectacle around this, but $4.1 million for a baby picture is a bit ridiculous considering all infants look exaxctly the same. The only way it’d be worth it is if Shiloh has a tail or three eyes or is Asian.



  1. Fisher55

    I always thought it was “clothes-minded”

    you guys are *so* smart

  2. Fisher55

    Tits on Snack” I hate to make u look stupid, but please see below, u retard:

    2 entries found for close-minded.

  3. Dancer

    Faghag–thank you for such a clear concise post! I was letting my passion for Africa and those supporting it cloud my brain! Regardless of what you feel about the couple, this money will help the children of third world countries.

  4. Fisher55

    Piloh Shitt is the funniest I’ve seen all day.

  5. PapaHotNuts

    She’s like a cock-sucking Mother Theresa.

    **Note** I’m not saying Mother Theresa didn’t suck cock, but she definetly didn’t have those Jolie lips.

  6. jane's eyre

    Sorry, zanna, you’re a bit late with that one. It was posted in #27.
    Silly stripper.

  7. Flabby

    When I clicked on the link in #27, the ad below the picture had a flat-tummed model, no scar. It’s mean, but I laughted

  8. Iambananas

    They can have a baby picture of me for a measly thousand…


  9. pinky_nip

    @55: That picture is so freaking photoshopped it’s not even funny.

  10. pinky_nip

    The picture with the cabbage patch doll looks more realistic.

  11. Flabby

    Why does that baby have teeth already??

  12. HughJorganthethird

    Oh no our society isn’t doomed, not at all. What’s that you say, someone’s at the gates? Barbarians? Whatever…

  13. Tai!

    I don’t know. That picture looks so real.
    Teeth? IDK maybe it isn’t…I hope that is the baby. That picture is so awesome.

  14. JolieIsADiseaseRiddenBloodsuckingWhore

    It looks like she’s looking at that kid with completel disdain. She has publicly said this one won’t be as special as the other two, so I wonder if she is just going to eat it.

  15. lightandsweet

    @ 62…yeah I thought they were teeth too…but I actually think that they are her gums. And #64 I agree with you- it does look so real, if that picture is photoshopped then that person needs to hired by Britney Spears..she could use some help looking good in photographs

  16. lightandsweet

    @ 62…yeah I thought they were teeth too…but I actually think that they are her gums. And #64 I agree with you- it does look so real, if that picture is photoshopped then that person needs to hired by Britney Spears..she could use some help looking good in photographs

  17. TrannyGranny

    For that much money, I would demand to take possesion of the baby. Then I would cook it and eat it.

  18. lightandsweet

    damn double posts…

  19. Ari

    Sick fuck. :P

  20. TrannyGranny


    Just like Kobe beef, I reckon.

  21. gogoboots

    for how much!?!? ok, people are fucking nuts…that’s all i have to say…

  22. dixiegal

    4.1 million dollars for a picture of anyone’s baby is just sick…………. and ridiculous.

  23. Evangelia

    i saw “the break-up” last night

    it was such a thinly veiled homage to brad and jen

    (herbie-style post)

  24. cricket0995

    Is anyone else besides me tired of these two already??

  25. lovetolaugh

    Brat-gel-ina the baby bitch came out of her mama’s womb demanding $4.1 mil for the pic…Mom and Dad had nothing to do with it.

  26. Jacq

    Better than K-Fuck who would just go and buy a four million dollar watch.
    Brit asks him – Hey know what time it is?
    Kev: Wha’?
    Brit: Time to get the fuck out!

    68 – Tranny – I like my baby roasted on a spit with a side of Desitin. You can’t put an apple in their mouth, though, because they don’t have any teeth.

  27. 27 & 55

    I’m pretty sure that picture is real. Hello is a British magazine right? Right. And according to The Sun:

    “A British mag and a US publication paid

  28. Proteon

    Only 79 posts for Brangelina? Man you fuckers have nothing to say unless your full of hate hahahahaha!

  29. TrannyGranny

    77 Jacq;

    I like to fill their little bellies full of Gerber Apple Sauce. It has roughly the same effect as the apple, but the presentation is quite novel. Press the babies belly, and it vomits applesauce onto your plate.

  30. Jacq

    Kid of like that dog from one of yesterday’s threads? That’s sexy, even if it is a baby.

  31. Jacq


  32. TrannyGranny

    Shit, I forgot about the puppy liver thread! I love to cook!!

  33. TrannyGranny

    Oh, you meant the vomiting dog….oops. I emailed that to all my friends, I billed it as porn… got a lot of hate mail

  34. Ari

    Tranny #80- you’ve officially made me nauseous. Can we all go back to the placenta-eating talk now? *gag*

  35. TrannyGranny


    EW!!!! Who eats placenta? That’s nasty!


  36. HarryNipples

    Why shucks, Ari, I’ll be HAPPY to eat the placenta – fry it up with some hash browns and a little cheddar cheese, just like Denny’s – yummeeeeeeeee

  37. HarryNipples

    Has anyone noticed that Brad, who used to be smokin’ hot now looks like a stressed out, haggard, pussywhipped little househusband who has to follow his sperm-belching little concubine all around the world while she tries to act like Mother Teresa…if I was a Namibian, I would be thinking “What the fuck??”

  38. assholic

    But then again, when you think how Brangelina have been hassled for ‘news’, $4.1 million seems to be small money. But then again, it seems like they asked to be hassled in the first place so it’s a lose-lose win-win situation, really. But then again, oh, who gives a damn fuck.

  39. Shelley Bonnechance

    Piloh Shitt….

    I think I may never stop laughing. ROTFL doesn’t even BEGIN to describe what is happening to me right now.

    And here I thought it was funny in fifth grade when my classmate Doug Brown’s initials were transposed to make him Bug Drown.

    Bug ain’t got NOTHIN’ on Piloh.

  40. HarryNipples

    I think they named her after the motel where she was conceived…

  41. HarryNipples

    Piloh Shit…I don’t get it…

  42. Fa Cube Itches

    Why is Martha Stewart in the background?

    “A wonderful side dish can be made by simply sticking cloves and slivers of garlic into a newborn infant, baking en papilotte for 300 degrees for two hours, and then serving au jus on a bed of wilted arugula with a garnish of Wall St. Journal headlines. It’s a good thing.”

  43. HarryNipples

    Bleah, #93, part of the greasy beef & bean burrito I had for lunch just started snaking its way back up my throat…

    BUT I would STILL eat the placenta, you dirty bastard…

  44. Ari

    Now you AND Tranny worry me.

  45. TrannyGranny


    We are worrying Ari, and I think it’s because of you. Because you forgot the sprinkle of Tarragon. See Ari, all better. lol!

  46. Fa Cube Itches

    Tranny: Tarragon only works for male infants though. Females are a bit too delicate, and the flavor of the meat is simply overpowered.

  47. TrannyGranny


    Noted, master chef. This explains last years Thanksgiving fiasco. Fortunately I had a backup of fetal dolphin that smoothly took the place of female baby. Although I have to say, I threw her in the crock pot with some chile’s, lime and a hint of onion, and made some of the finest green chile of the year. Waste not, want not.

  48. Ari

    Sick, sick, sick.

    And yikes.

    I’ll go molest you on some other thread…
    Jeeeeezus, and I thought the female circumcision posts were bad.

  49. dirtypiratehooker

    So, if Brangelina just gave birth to a Cabbage Patch doll, people have already seen their child naked. I mean, when I was little and played with my Cabbage Patch dolls, I would either:

    A. cut off all of their hair and give them tattoos or

    B. tie their hair to my ceiling fan and turned the fan on (this goes for Barbies as well)

    C. undress them and take photos of them

    But I’m pretty sure Brangelina’s daughter will have some quite popular photos taken of her here in the near future…in about 17-18 years…photos that include tube socks, ice cubes, a snake bite kit, assless chaps and nipple clamps. Mark my word.

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