Brad Pitt Wants His Scalps

August 23rd, 2010 // 39 Comments

Brad Pitt has poured a lot of his own time and money into rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina, so it makes sense he’d be a tad pissed about the BP oil spill. Turns out the dude wants goddamn blood, and not for a freaky amulet to wear during intercourse with Angelina Jolie, according to his appearance in Spike Lee’s latest documentary If God is Willing. Via USA Today:

Actor Brad Pitt, whose Make it Right project has spearheaded efforts to build 150 affordable and sustainable homes in the Big Easy’s hard-hit Lower Ninth Ward, is prominently featured. Reflecting on those responsible for the oil spill, Pitt can barely contain his contempt.
“I was never for the death penalty before,” he says. “I am willing to look at it again.”

Of course, a more fitting punishment would be to make these BP execs live off $50K $30K a year (Ed. I hear your cries.) and have to buy in bulk at Walmart – It’s okay, I’ll stop saying scary words soon. – but that’s just me and my contempt for the last time I was in there and a pregnant woman was trying to sneak a smoke in the cereal aisle. Near the Lucky Charms? IS THERE NOTHING SACRED?!

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  1. Pseudopodia

    Brad Pitt beard included in every care package at the Academy Awards

  2. Taz

    Angelina is freaking hot.

  3. Okay…now, move your left hand down a few inches…and grab.

  4. “I’m willing to look at it again.” What is he a Supreme Court judge?

    Act. Fuck Angelina. Just don’t preach.


    • ClassyDirtyChick

      Fucking RIGHT!!

    • American Nightmare

      You give judges too much power.

      Cases are decided by many jurors as two heads are better than one and twelve heads are ideally much better than one.

      Judges write opinions. Citizens have the right to their own opinions.

      This is not a dictatorship although it often pretends to be.

    • Gab

      Considering how much money he’s sunk into rebuilding New Orleans, I think his opinion on this deserves to be heard.

  5. Crusty

    As a frequent visitor to New Orleans over the last 15 years (yep, oil and gas), I smile at the joke “Katrina destroyed 75,000 homes and 35,000 businesses – total damage: $625″.

    The media spun effort to “rebuild one of America’s great cities” should focus on a way to “quit housing 350,000 people near a natural delta, most of which is below sea level and protected by an antiquated set of levies”.

    The place has been a cesspool since the dawn of time. Bourbon Street smells like that sweet mixture of sweat, urine and various other bodily fluids.

    Save New Orleans if you must but for many of us who’ve had to endure the Crescent City, NOLA is simply a turd that won’t flush.

  6. Leann's thighs & rough do rimes

    Death penalty for whom? The executives? This dude is il’ler than kim Jong…

  7. omfg

    LMFAO… and people DARE make fun of Jennifer’s chin??

  8. Commented on this photo:

    I’m guessing he’s been laid more than me.

  9. Rhialto

    Folks! What happened to his beard!?

  10. Aniston’s new movie The Switch bombed. Odd cos Jennifer Aniston is an anagram of “fine in torn jeans”, which is actually how she looks

  11. Justin

    50k a year? Shit…I wish I made anywhere near that much and I got a wife and 2 kids. Make them live off 25-30k a year like the majority of the country, and take what’s left over from their salaries and use it to fund relief efforts for the US and things of that nature.

  12. horsefaceskank

    muahahaa they ‘shopped half her fuggin big ol’ bumpy head & jaw out !
    hhaa ! so funny …

  13. R to the A

    What a pussy

  14. Marcus

    I have no idea what this is about, I’m 2 lazy to read it. Was just hoping for some angelina freaky pics.. maybe next time :(

  15. Hey Brad the first rule of charity is you have to give away everything otherwise you’re just another rich douche bag pretending to care about “the poor”.

    • It had to be said

      No, the first rule of charity is that you don’t talk about charity.

      See what I did there? Fight Club? Because Pitt was in Fight Club. Get it?

  16. cama3540
    Commented on this photo:


    The guy is standing there in public with his hand on Angelina Jolie’s ass and she’s liking it.

    Just accept that you can’t compare anything about your life to his and leave it at that.

  17. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Am I hallucinating or he has a pussy as chin?
    Totally not cool. If taking Chuck Norris…he doesn’t have a chin…it’s another fist!

  18. tina

    god that statement was really hot.

  19. direchef

    I predict Angelina will resemble Skeletor (Madonna) in five years. Look at the old lady arms and pastiness.

  20. Alien

    uhhh…if you’re making less than 50k a year should you really be wasting your time on a site like this? Shouldn’t you be trying to find a better job and buying lotto?

  21. Yoda Mann

    Total f*ck!n& idiot. Period.

  22. What a BA. I will always look at Brad Pitt as Fight Club Brad Pitt.

  23. captain america

    this EGOÏST just cares for one thing: ATTENTION!!!!
    (sorry to say, folks)

  24. Me

    Brad, you’re so hot and deep! I think I love you

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