Brad Pitt Wants His Scalps

Brad Pitt has poured a lot of his own time and money into rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina, so it makes sense he’d be a tad pissed about the BP oil spill. Turns out the dude wants goddamn blood, and not for a freaky amulet to wear during intercourse with Angelina Jolie, according to his appearance in Spike Lee’s latest documentary If God is Willing. Via USA Today:

Actor Brad Pitt, whose Make it Right project has spearheaded efforts to build 150 affordable and sustainable homes in the Big Easy’s hard-hit Lower Ninth Ward, is prominently featured. Reflecting on those responsible for the oil spill, Pitt can barely contain his contempt.
“I was never for the death penalty before,” he says. “I am willing to look at it again.”

Of course, a more fitting punishment would be to make these BP execs live off $50K $30K a year (Ed. I hear your cries.) and have to buy in bulk at Walmart – It’s okay, I’ll stop saying scary words soon. – but that’s just me and my contempt for the last time I was in there and a pregnant woman was trying to sneak a smoke in the cereal aisle. Near the Lucky Charms? IS THERE NOTHING SACRED?!

Photos: Splash News