Country Music Star Blake Shelton Is A Racist Homophobe? Get Out

A few weeks ago, Blake Shelton let it slip that he’d probably be voting for Donald Trump. But after being called out by Debra Messing – ??? – he made it a point to say he’s not endorsing anybody because he doesn’t “do that shit.” Except BroBible found some of Blake’s old racist, homophobic tweets from 2011, and yup, he’s definitely a Trump voter.

Wish the dickhead in the next room would either shut up or learn some English so I would atleast know what he’s planning to bomb!!

Not a fan of Muslims. Check.

I was 19 years old when my heart first got broken.. I’m over it now but I wonder what that fat ugly bitch is up to….

Misogyny. Check.

Grown men who wear Chuck Taylor’s may as well write on their fore head
“Cucumbers turn me on!!!” …..

Homophobia. Check.

Sooo…. I just figured out a great excuse for my sick fantasy about Dakota Fanning. I thought she was Amanda Seyfried…

And wanting to have underage sex with a then-16 year old Dakota Fanning. Che- wait, what? Great, now I don’t know if all of this makes Blake Shelton a Trump voter or someone who reads this site. Wonderful.

In the meantime, inevitably someone is going to ask what Gwen Stefani thinks about all of this because everyone forgets that Gwen is from Orange County, the part of California where God dumped a bucket of bleach and went, “Maybe that’s a bit too white. Ah, well.” Also, I’m guessing most of their conversations go like this.

“Goddammit, another Mexican. Rape across the road a little faster, muchacho!”
“Do you think I have enough makeup on?”

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