Blake Lively’s Banging Ryan Reynolds

October 7th, 2011 // 36 Comments

Fresh off of curbing Leonardo DiCaprio and sending him straight into the vagina of a model I’m assuming he kept in a glove box for just such an emergency, Blake Lively is apparently banging her Green Lantern costar Ryan Reynolds now. For real this time, or at least more openly than when he was still married to Scarlett Johansson and her wanton lust for old man balls. E! News reports:

As we told you earlier this week, the Green Lantern costars were spotted on Friday on an Amtrak train from New York City to Boston.
The following night, they reportedly had dinner for two at a Beantown sushi restaurant.
Well, guess who were very lovey-dovey on Monday while waiting for a train at Boston’s Back Bay station.
You got it: Reynolds and Lively.
It may have been the wee hours of the morning—it wasn’t even 5 a.m. yet!—but so what? A source confirms they were making out and “all over each other” before Lively boarded the train for her return trip to NYC. Reynolds stayed in Boston to continue filming R.I.P.D. first reported the smooch fest.

Awesome. So not only did Green Lantern psychologically rape me vis a vis two hours of Ryan Reynolds fighting a shit cloud, but now it’s scored him the Blake Lively rebound that this banana peel from her trash assured me was mine. See how the coffee grounds cling to it? That’s practically a legal contract. Get me my lawyer.

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  1. Snooki's Taint

    As the proud owner of old-man balls, I hereby issue an open invitation to lick ‘em, anytime.

  2. Mike

    If I had a few million bucks in the bank I sure as shit wouldn’t take an Amtrak train from NYC to Boston. You can get a town car to take you for what, $600-$750 vs the first class Acela tix of $400 – $500 total?

    But then I guess you wouldn’t get noticed…

    • anonymous

      IF you had a million dollars, you would not a train. They have millions in the bank and decided to take a train ride, this is something they wanted to do!! I sure if they wanted to take private jet or helicopter they could. See the difference many choice because once again THEY DO HAVE MILLIONS IN THE BANK.

  3. Elihu Smails

    I see that hollywood folk don’t waste a minute between hook – ups . I would think that they might want to take a beat before diving into the next vagina or swallowing a load

  4. Deacon Jones

    (Homer Simpson’s voice)


  5. Jimbob

    I don’t get her. She is not a classic Hollywood beauty by any stretch of the imagination. No compelling eyes or kissable lips or fab cheekbones–no really great or interesting bone structure in her face. She is young and kinda pretty with fake tits and not fat, but what is there about her that is special? She’s the girl at the kiosk in the mall selling cell phones.

  6. Morgan

    Don’t these actors have anything better to do?

    Fucking ridiculous.

    • anonymous

      What is ridiculous about a date? How would you ever find a mate if they don’t date? And this does not mean Sex. Nobody but the 2 of them knows what happens in their bedroom. America is so obsessed with these people sex lives because they are bored with their own. One photograph of them together turns into an image you cannot get it out of your head. He is a handsome well built guy and she is beautiful woman so if this were you …this maybe what you would do. Remember these people see each other as friends and co-workers. So if something happens it will be the same as 2 McDonald workers who go out a date, the only difference is they can do this anywhere in the world

  7. Mr Nice Guy

    Ryan for President!
    Scarlett Johansson back when she was hot; now Blake Lively.
    Now that is leading by example!

  8. Cock Dr

    The blogger had better get used to this C grade starlet being mounted by a different Hollywood player every month.

  9. Blake Lively, the star star-fucker.

  10. Liz

    I’m getting some serious gaydar off Reynolds. None of his romantic relationships seemed real – he and Johannson never seemed to be together. Am I way off? Because hot dang, he really strikes me as gay.

    • agreed, the way he’s dressed is right out of GQ and thus gayer than happy hour.

    • Joys of roughing

      “murder liz-wrote”

    • somethingoriginal

      i think i’m going to have to screw him a few times to answer you properly. you know, for science.

    • Martin

      I also believe he is gay. The women are his beards.

    • anonymous

      You are way off. Scarlett Johansson is no dummy and no push over. This girl is tough as nails. She is only star caught nude and stands her ground , admit it is her picture and go after the people who hacked her phone. Neither is Alanis, so until Ryan Reynolds tells the world his preference whatever strikes you is dead wrong.

  11. bdog821

    Whats up with the “Mom jeans”?

  12. Stuperficial

    Hollywood is a weird place. Everyone has banged everyone else. You get married, go to a party, half the guest list have had sex with you and the other half with your spouse.

    • anonymous

      Are there pictures to prove any of these acusations. Why go around trashing these people based on “In Style”, In Touch, Us Weekly and the likes. To prove how silly these stories. Sandy and Ryan planning a secret Texas wedding next day Ryan dumps Sandra for hot date with younger Olivia Wild, all the wild courting his ex Scarlett and he still had time to win Blake from Leo. Inbetween being on the set everday filming, He would never get in rest. Olivia in the meantime has been with Justin T, Jake G, Ryan G., Chirs Pine, Bradley C. and Ryan Reynolds. Get a life .. We need to get more soap operas and give these people a break!!

  13. Wait a second, I thought Reynolds was marrying Sandra Bullock? I was standing in the checkout lane and decided to pick up a copy of Star and they said it was so.

  14. podzol

    It’s not like the Green Lantern DVD hits the shelves soon (next week). No, this fauxmance has nothing to do with it … what, no boob shots?

  15. Steelerchick

    Ah why not??

  16. whiskeyafternoon

    for a “hot chick”, she sure does wear a lot of old woman gear (granny panties post a while ago, the mom jeans here, etc.)

  17. monk

    Yes, everyone said about Bar it’s faked… looking for fame dating with that Leo municipal bull-fucker and she stay with him some fucking years….. what about that Blake garbage ???? I think blake and leo deserved each other, both scum

  18. Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds
    Commented on this photo:

    major junk in the trunk

  19. homosapiens

    christ did you pick a fetching photo for this story. black empty pits for eyes, colorless lips, and not a redeeming, feminine feature on her face.

  20. Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds
    Commented on this photo:

    Craft service finally relented and added several controversial items to the menu… not to mention whatever Blake is eating.

  21. Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds
    Commented on this photo:

    wow she got thick thighs

  22. Jessica

    I work in boston saw them and said wow how inappropriate. They acted like a couple of horney teenagers.

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