Billy Corgan Is The New Face Of Pissy Old White Guys Afraid Of SJWs

“I’m a pile of laundry who’s mad about stuff! MLEH!”

As of this post, the term social justice warrior, or SJW, has festered into meaning anyone who even acknowledges that racism might exist, which has already netted fucking right wing former-Breitbart shitbag Ben Shapiro, so clearly things are getting out of hand amongst the man-children on the internet pissing themselves in fear of a society that’s passing them by/really not going to touch their dicks now. And to really help their cause, Billy Corgan decided to dress up as a homeless person and go on a radio show that claims the government is behind 9/11, Sandy Hook, and tornadoes whenever it’s not shilling Alex Jones’ personal brand of boner pills. Not even a joke. So congratulations, sexless neckbeards, this is the state of your movement now, and here’s Jamie Peck doing yeowoman’s work with Billy’s bullshit. As for why I didn’t do the same, Wednesday is comic book and burrito day. Why are you always on my dick?

Billy Corgan Goes Off On ‘Social Justice Warriors,’ Compares Them To The KKK – Death and Taxes

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Photo: Stereogum