Bill O’Reilly Stopped By ‘The View.’ Guess How It Went.

October 14th, 2010 // 140 Comments
Bill O'Reilly on The View

Bill O’Reilly was on The View this morning where heated discussions on the “terror mosque” are apparently still happening. I’ve already made my views known on the subject, so I’m basically going to stick to how everyone looked like asshats in this whole ordeal because television punditry is entirely theater. Via Popeater:

“Listen to me because you’ll learn,” he exclaimed, adding that he believes President Obama’s numbers are falling because of his unwillingness to comment on “the wisdom of” building the community center.
“You’re saying that Americans are not smart enough to recognize that while it is part of our Constitution to say freedom of religion and freedom to worship and there were 70 families who are Muslim who also died in that building. So you’re saying that his saying that they have the right to do it and not saying anymore is why his approval ratings have gone down?” Goldberg questioned.

At that point, O’Reilly responded “Muslims killed us on 9/11,” prompting Joy and Whoopi to storm off set because that’s how rational adults handle arguments. Granted, I agree with them, you’re not doing anybody any favors by leaving poor Barbara Walters sitting there like the confused grandmother at the bus station you forgot to pick up. And to her credit, Barbara scolded everyone for acting like children before demanding more Vaseline on the camera lens. “I said, make me look like Vivian Leigh not Janet Leigh, you nincompoops. I had tea with Ghandi!”

NOTE: For those of you on the right enjoying the sampling of red meat, here’s more liberals acting like idiots when Chez Pazienza tries to make a rational argument about abortion that doesn’t involve zygotes raping women from the inside because they’re chauvinist aliens from the planet You Deserve Less Wages-Tron. (Full Disclosure: This is what happens when I’m reminded Jane Hamsher exists.)


  1. Anon

    Janet Leigh was sexy, so I don’t get the stab against her.. Besides that, I hate Whoopi Goldberg. What a failed excuse for an influential person.

  2. Go O'Donnell Yourself!

    Republicans won’t be happy until they create a second great depression. Which will happen almost immediately after they take over congress this fall.

    • dude!

      Yeah, and you lib-tards would just like to t spend, spend, spend, then tax, tax, tax. Where is all the money going to come from to fund all of these social programs, moron? Your pocket and mine. I work hard for my money. I want to spend it like I want to. I don’t want to fund some lazy-assed person to sit around and watch The View or Oprah all day, then wonder where their next check, or meal is going to come from. Read, listen to multiple sources, not just the lame stream media.

      • nothing

        Hey right wing tard! How are we affording this monster military asswipe? Almost a trillion dollars goes to supporting the Globalists Dream at our expense and we get nothing in return. We are fighting people off their land so global corporation can feel safe to hire foreigners because greedy Americans want to much I guess. Is that how you assholes see it?

      • Go O'Donnell Yourself!

        Acknowledging that Republicans are angry, ignorant, intolerant, plutocrats doesn’t make me a liberal. I’m just stating the obvious. I didn’t hear you complaining about spending when the last administration started two unnecessary wars. Republicans created the mess we’re still trying to climb out of. Also, why shouldn’t we strengthen our infrastructure? It creates jobs, and makes the United States a better place. You should try being calm and rational.

      • Jim Jones

        What an idiot. Where were you when Bush increased this country’s debt from 4 trillion to 10 trillion? You bitch about spending on social programs that benefit fellow Americans, but don’t say a damn thing about the trillions we’re spending on nation-building in some far-flung countries. So it’s OK to try and rebuild their infrastructures while ours continues to crumble? Christ you idiots need to wake up and open your eyes.

        Fact: Government spending and deficit spending increased under Reagan, Bush, and Bush Jr. It decreased under Clinton and Carter. Look it up. Go figure, the “liberals” who like to tax and spend are the fiscally responsible ones. (It should also be noted, Reagan also presided over a government bailout of financial institutions that he was directly responsible for, dubbed the savings and loan scandal, as well as raised taxes to their highest rates in at least the past 30 years.)

      • You fucktard, I’d rather have tax and spend than spend spend rebate borrow spend borrow and spend – which is what the GOP has done in every fucking admin since Reagan. You can’t spend what you don’t have, and giving back a piddling “rebate” on everyone’s taxes so you can demonize those mean ol’ taxing Dems while you financially auger the country into the ground only fooled idiots like you that were easily bribed to drink that Kool-Aid. The Repubs are not financially responsible, and don’t delude yourself that they are. Eisenhower would be whirling in his grave if he saw what the GOP has devolved into – Reagan’s prime objective was enriching the top 1% of the wealthy in this country at the expense of the middle class – and look how great that turned out.

      • Greg H.

        Moronatard Jim Jones- Spending doesn’t have a whole hell-of-alot to do with who is president at the time. All spending originates in the House of Representatives. Why don’t you look at those years you talked about…Who controlled The Senate and House? There’s your answer douche-bag.

        GOD our public schools are f*cked up, you turd burglars are products of failed liberal policies.

      • dude!

        Yeah, right. We’ll see. Keep your eyes and ears open and your hands on your wallets, you lib-pukes. We’ll soon see who is “tarded” here.

      • joe blow


      • Irony Knocking

        “I work hard for my money.”

        So hard that you’re posting in a thread on a celebrity gossip sites during working hours (2:25pm).

      • Liberal A. Hole

        I totally agree…I´d gladly pay taxes if teh money goes to defending my country against foreign nationals trying to take it over…It´ll be a cold day in hell before I let my daughter date some spic named PACO or a raghead named Ahmed…America is for Americans…

        Now if you´ll excuse me…gotta go pick up my White Hood at the cleaners…

    • ppl

      both parties suck balls. Fact, most politicians are career politicians who are in it for themselves. They are the same breed as lawyers and salesman. Sleeeeezy. You don’t see any engineer/doctor/scientist politicians. Why, because, they have integrity, intelligence, and honesty. Any the dumb public are easily deceive by fancy talks (ie Obama). Have voting rights a granted privilege and not an “all men are created equal”, and you will see a better class of politicians and policy making.

      • Really? Oh, you mean like voting rights in, say, Iraq under Saddam? Kewl, let’s roll with that and bring in the better class of pols! Because based on the severly flawed logic, poor grammar and multiple typos in your post, I hereby declare that you’re not my equal and therefore not intelligent enough to deserve the privilege of voting, so you’re excused – we won’t be having your input in future. Yup, works for me.

        Oh, you have a problem with that? Yeah, that figures. That’s because – oddly enough – assholes like you always expect to be among the “privileged” when you lot propose shit like this. And that’s because you’re no better than the politicians you claim to despise who’re (or whore, get it?) in it for themselves.

        Or is this brain-dead “solution” what passes for “integrity” and “intelligence” in your world?

      • dude!

        Hey, Irony: I am self employed. I sure as hell don’t have to answer to the likes of you. I work when I want to / need to. Capitalism is great, isn’t it? Last time I looked this is a free country, and I sure as hell can do what I want, when I want as long as it is legal. And yes, I do work hard and don’t want to fund the lazy in this country.

  3. This has to be clinical proof that O’Reilly is stupid. There was exactly 0% chance this was going to be a mature and intelligent exchange of ideas or opinions. what possible good was ever going to come from his appearing on this show?

    • Master of the Obvous

      Because it probably would jack up the ratings.

    • m

      the good it does him is the fact that everyone will conclude that the WOMEN are the ones being immature and unreasonable by leaving the stage when he starts to stereotype Muslims and murderers. He will walk away from this scott free and everyone will bash the women involved in the argument. Meanwhile, he was ridiculously condescending in his “listen and you will learn” comment to Joy. I don’t care that she was being rather hot headed, she is an adult and deserves respect during the conversation.

    • dragonslair

      you may call him stupid but he is saying what a lot of americans are feeling!! The other thing is you have these women on this talk show who bash everyone they want and then take offense when someone says something they dont like FIRE the walkoofs and everyone else on the show, they do not contribute to anything in America or its core values. I have served in the military as well as my father, his brothers and almost all my male cousins. It’s easy to make decisions when you are not on the front line!!

      • dragonslair

        BOYCOTT THE VIEW!!!!!!! When their ratings drop to the floor and these women have to get real jobs because the ads are no longer there to support there salaries we will see how they react.

    • See both sides

      I’m wondering if O’reilly would blame all Catholics for the Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh?

  4. Autumn

    I wish Barbara Walters was my Grandma.

  5. It's Still TAB

    Look up the definition of the word ‘asshat’ and there you will see under it a picture of the following people in no order:

    Bill O’Reilly
    Paris Hilton
    Lindsay Lohan & family
    Kanye West
    Heidi & Spencer Pratt

    Anyone else want to add?

    • Foxhunter

      Glenn Beck. He of the apocalypse fanatics.

    • me

      Sarah Palin
      Nancy Pelosi
      Dustin Diamond
      Tia Tequila

    • Elaine Dickinson

      yea, you left out:

      1) It’s Still TAB
      2) Anyone that voted for Obama
      3) Foxhunter
      4) Anyone that still thinks Obama was a good idea
      5)Ariana Huffington
      6) Anyone that watches the view
      7) Anyone else that thinks dumborats can do anything that makes any sense.

      • andris

        republicans are bar none the most ignorant, under-educated, gullible and selfish group of people in the world. It’s so easy to manipulate a god fearing republican with the usual socialism, and terrorist scare tactics. Keep suckling on Fox News’s teets you dumbass sheeple.

      • TC

        OH. dont forget THEIR idea of real journo-listers:

        ya know, when they get their ‘political news’ from :cough: comedians, they forget the rest of the world will laugh at them when they try to push it out as fact.

      • Go O'Donnell Yourself!

        Barack Obama is doing great job considering what he has to work with. FUCK YOU!

      • It's Still TAB

        WoW! What a judgment call for someone that hasn’t even met me…Gee, I might as well count out your list..

        Perhaps, if you had any originality you might be able to come up with your own snarky post like the rest of us.


    • chunkysalsa

      barak obama
      joe biden
      harry reid

      • TC

        and now you have to add

        just for the baa baaa – apparently andris listens to the main stream morons as well and it shows

      • Bow Down Assholes

        You call yourself an American with a name like chunkysalsa? Someone call the INS! Hope you live in Arizona pal, because that south of the border shit doesn’t fly there! Yeah and sayin’ you just like the taste won’t help you one bit you commie leftists socialist pinko commie commie! That stuff might fly in Meh-hico city, but not here! Change that name to something American, OR GET OUT!

      • Jess

        wow that was really really mature. you just made chukysalsa look like a respectable person next to you. And thats coming from someone who completely disagreed with their comment, shots at race are loowww

    • Lady Blah Blah

      Yeah, add Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, the Gosselins, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Elaine Dickinson, Gloria Allred, itsme, chunkysalsa, and TC.

    • jamaican

      u guys forgot to add
      the situation
      paris hilton
      ALL politicians

    • Cock Dr

      Jar Jar Binks

    • Joe

      The majority of the congress, wait they are already on the list to be replaced.

  6. Foxhunter

    Solid Hamsher reference. Natural Born Killers notwithstanding, she’s a one woman circular firing squad for the left.

  7. wtf

    Racism continues in this country because people continue to define themselves, and demand to BE defined by their skin color.

    Muslim terrorists attacked the WTC in the NAME of Islam, in order to strike against what they believe is the infidel that oppresses their person and their religion.

    Tim McVeigh attacked because of Waco and Ruby Ridge. As usual, Whoopi is a complete idiot.

  8. Zach

    You know… the mosque on 9/11.

  9. Hipster glasses

    I vote Independent. :puffs on Gauloises, exhales, changes Shins song on iPod: that’s IF I vote.

  10. strit

    i love you and your “balanced showing of both sides”. i would have teh sex with you right here on this website.

    • Anon

      I’m guessing he only even bothered to post the “other side” because of all the uproar from a huge segment of his readers he gets every time he posts a political news story that is practically a love letter to Obama. His boss probably told him to knock it off.

      • Allow me to shoot Anon’s theory down right here: I’m my boss. Fuck Republicans.

        “Huge segment of his readers.” You people crack me up.

      • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

        Fish: As George C Scott said: FISH! You magnificent bastard….I READ YOUR BOOK! Let’s face it – every so often you get tired of posting a great ‘bit’ that only a handful of readers respond to. So….you post something like this and then sit back in your Sybian and watch the sparks fly. Obviously, posts like this one get all the libs and all the cons rarin’ to burst out of the chute like Gavin Rossdale after a penis.

        While I love you best when you are posting pics of my beautiful Heidi and her bountiful breastiage I will give you this one as I know it is intended for one purpose: To amuse yourself. Otherwise it is totally useless exercise because talking about anything political here when we could be spending quality time ogling Heidi and Christina A and Christina H breasts is akin to my spending time talking to my marriage counselor when I could be locked in my bathroom squeezing off a few rounds whilst staring at Lisa Rinna’s Playboy spread.

        A suggestion: IF you’re going to make posts like this one a regular feature next time can you also post accompanying pics of Lesley Stahl….doing anything….she IS hot.

      • IAmWithFish

        Yeah. You go Fish. Fuck Republicans! What can they do? Nothing they are evil, right! Too bad I can’t find a job outside education and entertainment by anyone who is a democrat.

  11. The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

    It’s about selling shit: O Reilly appears on the show to sell his shit. Anyone who takes any of this BS seriously should also wind aluminum foil around the inside of their beanie and around their testicles.

    Speaking of which: I STILL want more pics of Heidi Montag’s tits that I could squeeze off a round to and another gay shot of Gavin Rossdale mincing it up whilst wearing gay white bell bottoms that I could mock would be greatly appreciated right about now Fish if you’re done with your Arianna Huffington impersonation FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • An Independent Voter

      Hmmmm. For a very stridently proclaimed straight person you seem very interested in Gavin Rossdale & his garb.
      Methinks you might have some shades of pink & lavendar in the pretty rainbow of human sexual orientation and just don’t know what to do with.
      And that plug for FranknHeidi……Spencer, are you fucking around on the gossip sites again?

      • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

        Naw – I just find the whole Gavin Rossdale proclamation funnier than shit – it’s even more funny having seen the news that he told the magazine BEFORE he told his wife and then begged the mag to not go with the story….

        “Oh….uhh…ya mean…I never….uhhh…told you I sucked cock before…..?”

        “Come on honey……sure I did…..Remember back in 2006….? No….? Uhhhhh 2005….? I’m CERTAIN I mentioned that when we were watching that gay porn flick….”

        Sorry man I just find that whole thing the funniest freaking story of 2010. Hands down.

        And the pic of Rossdale trotting gayly in the white bell bottoms….? Come on – that is CLASSIC Fish.

  12. Butters

    Whoopi continues to show why she is in the top 10 of stupidest people alive. She was a total disgrace in that clip.

    Good job Bill, keep telling the truth, no matter how much it hurts them.

  13. eatme

    Hmmmmm. There is no question that these 2 sides would not get along. That was certainly the point of this paring. And so, don’t you think the women should have before hand decided whether they would storm out or not? Do they think that far ahead? They basically just made fools of themselves and “Liberals” (ie. people who believe that people are basically good and had rights) by making them out to be irrational babies. O’Reilly clearly “won” and this encounter did nothing more than further divide the right and left: good job ladies.

    • itsme.

      Liberals believe people are basically good and should have rights? Then why do they keep trying to take mine away?

      • TC

        stop making sense, would you? you dont lean their way so you have no RIGHTs. get it now? now go blend in at the food stamp line and maybe you’ll get some of the ‘stimulas’ BO is handing out.

        remember to lean now!

      • eatme

        take away your rights? the only right they take away from you is seemingly your “right” to take away other people’s rights…that and, of course, your money to finance other people’s “rights” (so you COULD argue that you have the right to your own earned money over other people’s “rights”, agreed). Having said that, the Republicans unquestionably have taken more of your civil liberties away over the years (most notably, and ironically, BECAUSE of 9/11).

      • itsme.

        Democrats voted for the Patriot Act too, genius. All the politicians are evil, and I’m deeply offended that you think Democrats are pure because of the way they choose to spend the money that is stolen from me.

      • eatme

        I never said they were “pure”. And there is a big difference “Liberals” and “Democrats”. Strange that you equate them to being one and to same. Besides, I would rather spend our American tax dollars on helping out fellow Americans and getting our economy back in check than continue spending the same amount on “defense” programs that the rest of the world combined spends (that is a fact). If you want to go over there and shoot yourself some “Ayarabs”, do it on your own fucking time, on your own fucking dime, and face the consequences yourself.

  14. itsme.

    They should both be fired for walking off the set of their show. Assholes. Fucknuts. Liberal pieces of shit. Cunts. Whores. Did I leave anything out? No, I think I covered it.

  15. me

    He’s just telling it straight up. Look, you got your Libetards and Republican’ts. They are all entitled to say “how it is”. Bill is right. Obama’s ratings have fallen since this entire Mosque at ground or near ground zero incident. He failed by not standing by the majority of Americans. And NOW Obama is parading “Look at me, I’m a Christian” and failing miserably at it. He showed his true colors and this is what Bill is talking about. So 70 Muslims died that day? What about the other 3700 people that died? Since when does 70 have the majority over 3700??? This is why they say “Libertard”.

    • eatme

      A few fanatics committed 9/11. 1/5 of the world is Muslim. you going to blame them all? Agreed, in recent history “terrorism” based mass killings have been committed in the name of Islam more so than any other religion, but really you are just arguing semantics: BUSH committed state sanctioned atrocities effectively in the name of Christianity, which is even worse. American Muslims have rights. They are Americans. THAT is what this country is about.

      • eatme

        …some CNN poll says that 68% of Americans (although only 31% of the Manhattaners who matter) oppose the building of the Mosque. Hell, I do too if I could stop it. But do those same 68% oppose the right of Americans to be free to do so, even though in “poor taste”? Not the same question, and it’s all in the way the question is asked.

      • Billy Seatsniffer

        A few fanatics committed 9/11, that is correct. However, a SIGNIFICANT portion of the muslim world DANCED IN THE FUCKING STREETS in celebration of it, and to this day it’s almost impossible to find a Muslim leader who will publicly condemn 9/11 or other acts of violence.

        Islam is an unreformed religion. that means its doctrine has never been modernized and is still adhered to like it’s the year zero. If you don’t think it’s a problem that people with babylonian sensibilities are living in a world with nuclear and biological weaponry, then you have your head in the sand.

        Reasonable and modern Muslims bear the responsibility to reform and modernize their faith. As it is now, the Islamic faith is like a family living inside a walled compound hiding their serial-rapist uncle from the police, saying “we don’t know where he is”.

        All of Islam is complicit in the crimes of islam so long as they refuse to condemn, and even support those crimes.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        Hey William Seatsniffer, you mentoin that a significant portion of the Muslim world danced in the streets in celebration of 9/11. I’m curious if you (or anyone here) is aware that 5 Israelis, who were arrested on 9/11, also danced in celebration of 9/11 while watching the towers collapse from New Jersey? I don’t know what this means if anything, but I bet it means something but the facts have been covered up. A Fox reporter named Carl Cameron did a whole report on this and on Israeli spies in the US who were apparently tracking the 9/11 attackers before 9/11, and his report was pulled from Fox programming and from their website (though it can still be found on sites that archived it). Something fishy going on if you ask me. Don’t know what, but something we’re not being told.

      • Anon

        Ah, great, it’s about time a conspiracy theorist came to enlighten us. Bravo, Lady Blah Blah.

      • eatme

        …right, I do agree that there were many Muslims worldwide who cheered, at least enough and visibly so to make it appear that a significant portion did. Maybe it was. Maybe it was most. But it doesn’t matter: what matters is what AMERICAN Muslims did. And those AMERICAN Muslims who cheered should have been rounded up and deported. Or maybe it is their right to cheer once they are in. Isn’t it? Tough call. I know that almost all of us would LIKE to say no. And perhaps even if their right we as Americans might stone them anyway, but it’s a tough call.

      • Lady Blah Blah

        What conspiracy did I bring here? The incident I referred to is a fact. I don’t draw any conclusions from it other than that something is being covered up, maybe something innocuous. You leap to conclusions about what I think.

      • itsme.

        State sanctioned atrocities? We call that stuff a walk in the park. A couple of Ayrabs died in a fire fight. BFD. Keep blaming America, it’s a lot more fun than pointing out the truth.

      • eatme

        “A couple of Ayrabs died in a fire fight”?
        Huh? In Afghanistan alone, thousands of civilians have been killed and even more wounded, in addition to the combatants who could easily be described as simply defending their own country, never mind the damage to their buildings and infrastructure, way of life, and ability to earn a living and raise a family in peace. And all this in our “mission” to bring them democracy and peace. “Truth” is something that you seem a little misinformed on.

      • me

        I respect you think everyone should be treated equally. I wished we lived in a world that could be practiced. However, Muslim Americans do not believe the same. Just ask them, if you know any. Ask this question: “Is it your belief that non-believers of Islam should die?” I think you will change your mind about “muslim americans have rights too”. To me, any religion that thinks all non-believers should die RIGHT NOW is an Extreme religion and should be banned just for safety. I can’t even stand seeing a woman in a bhurka walk into Chucky Cheese because I know she believes she is amongst infidels and we all should die. That freaking scares me to stand next to a person that thinks I should be dead right now. In my mind they’re mislead in their beliefs and wish they would think differently, but in their mind they are right and there is no room for change and I am scum to them.
        This shouldn’t even be Christian vs. Muslim because no war that America has fought was declared a Christian battle. We never said “This is in the name of Jesus Christ that we attack Viet Nam, Germany, Japan”. All wars are political in nature and yes, they rile up every walk of life to get folks to fight and politicians will use “God is on our side”, but never has any killing been done in the name of a Christian God (on behalf of the usa). Killing is against the Bible and that’s why you have so many soldiers who are messed up because killing is against everything they stand for and our government passes it off as a mission to protect our freedom. God and country. Islam will win because they’re all for killing for their religion and the rest of the world is ready for peace. We back down and want to shake hands and smile and they are plotting our death. It’s such a catch 22. There’s no such thing as peace as long as we are surrounded by people that believe God wants nonbelievers to die.

    • jeremy

      A lot of Christian Americans dance in the streets over the atrocities committed in Guantanamo or the actions that have lead to hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis/Afghanis and millions more displaced. Should Christian Americans not be allowed to build Churches where they want because of the actions of a fraction of the global Christian population?

      • me

        Where are these Christians dancing in the streets?? It’s like saying the group that Timothy McVeigh belonged to should be allowed to open an office next to the Federal building in Oklahoma. Are you kidding me? That wouldn’t be allowed and the only reason why this is an issue in NYC is because they’re hiding behind freedom of religion and most Americans hold that belief dear to their hearts.

      • me, a lot of Christian Americans, if asked, would tell you that abortion doctors and gays – American citizens all – should die RIGHT NOW. And a great many of them have gone so far as to act on that and pull the trigger for their religion, perfectly convinced they were doing God’s Will. Because, you know, the Big Guy couldn’t do the job hisself without their help and these non-believers and non-followers of God’s Law should be stopped. So I guess that makes Christianity an Extreme Religion and it should really be banned for our safety. This is especially true for all innocent bystanders if these guys are not all that when it comes to aiming and the Lord is distracted, or whatnot. Now to my mind they’re misled in their beliefs and I wish they would think differently, but since they totally freak me out and I can’t stand being next to someone that’s wearing a cross around his or her neck in Chuck E. Cheese knowing they’d snuff me out in a New York minute for blaspheming and being pro-choice and all, that’s it. Christianity needs to be banned to protect us all.

        Oh, btw, “killing is against the Bible”? WTF? Did you just get the Reader’s Digest Version and skim that in ADD style? Because the Bible is so crammed full of righteous smiting, slaying and eye for tooth vengeance that it makes a Quentin Tarentino filmfest look like a fucking Disney retrospective. I know for a fact you aren’t familiar with the NT part of it, because if you were that means you completely missed that bit about treating other people as you’d like to be treated yourself. That also means you’re officially on God’s shit list and probably bound for hell, heh. Well, Extreme religion tends to work that way, dontcha know.

        FYI, if anyone truly believes that killing is “against everything they stand for”, that person ain’t in uniform. There’s no draft, no one is forcing True Believers to break faith with their tenets or making killers out of pacifists – war generally ends up making pacifists of people who were willing to go to war and kill in the first place.

        While there is no such thing as peace when we’re at war with fanatics who believe their religion is the only one and will gladly kill all nonbelievers – as well as plenty of incidental members of their own faith – to prove it, banning that religion here because of the insanity of those extremists won’t stop them any more than the abuses and violations of HUAC put an end to communism. People who are persecuted, for whatever reason, never forget and they rarely forgive, and the one thing they invariably learn from it is to hate the people who are doing the persecuting. If none of your neighbors is harming you and letting you live as you please, it gets harder to hate those people who are letting you live in peace and easier to resent those who are endessly exhorting you to kill them.

    • Bob

      eatme, your numbers are way off. I just got back from Afghanistan and can assure you thousands have died. You might want to check that as it is under the hundreds mark.. This is the number one thing they push. We can’t engage until engaged and then we are still supposed to try and get away without engaging. Maybe you will come with me on my next tour in a few months and see how long you believe those lies!

    • Look, guys, it’s very simple. It’s immaterial how many Muslims vs, Christians died on 9/11 or whether the majority of Americans hate Islam or whether you still hate the Jews for killing Christ more than you hate anyone.

      We either have religious freedom in this country or we don’t. End of story. If we don’t, then we’re really no different from fucking Saudi Arabia. We’d be minus the public beheadings and hand loppings, but that “land of the free” bit will have to be shitcanned. So choose.
      Because you can’t make it conditional on whether you and the majority you feel you belong to finds a certain religion obnoxious or you all decide the location of a center or house of worship to be insensitive and prevent it from being built on those grounds.
      Because once you start making exceptions like that someone, somewhere, will always come up with a fuck of great excuse why someone’s rights should be shitcanned – and once that happens, no one is safe. No matter how much you think you’re personally secure by being in some sort of protected majority, that sort of smug certainty will always come around to bite you in the ass.

      The majority of people in this country were behind the concept of taking away the rights, property and liberty of US citizens of Japanese descent because people of that same nationality bombed Pearl Harbor. Yeah! Take that, Japs! And that still doesn’t make it right all these years later.

      On the other hand, it’s also probably too much to expect Bill O’Reilly to realize if he’d deliberately set out to be Al Quada’s pinup boy for the year he couldn’t have done a better job. They must be creaming themselves while they play the fuck out of this thing for the next batch of would-be jihadists. Pass the falafel and the Kool-Aid, Bill.

      • Doesn't matter

        Best comment on this entire thread. Where’s the rationality in people now? It’s all about political lines. You people sound like your all brain-washed by a “political party”, instead of the core issue at hand. Justifiable hit the nail on the head.

  16. TC

    behar & whoopi do NOT like being challenged in ANY form. o’reilly WILL push buttons and he does it well. people do not like him. he isn’t loosing sleep over it.

    he did NOT say anything that THE donald himself has said, and several times. BUT donald called many on their crap and they won’t say boo back. donald called the ‘owners’ of the mosque on their crap and their TRUE reasons for wanting to be there: it is because of the proximity to what used to be the beloved NY landmark. once he said he WOULD buy their building, they demanded MORE $$ – donald point blank said: he will NOT buy for that price because he is NOT funding some group and has NO idea where the money will go. besides the very SIMPLE fact: the property is NOT worth what they demanded. and they knew that they would be able to slip past the whole thing, and keep their knife in america’s backs. (look for it, he said while interviewed on morning joe and a very hard core lib tried to chide donald for NOT being willing to pay their price, and donald – who is very liberal as well – made it clear: dont be stupid. this is all about their wanting to push this IN the face of the people)

    i quit watching the view when rosie – the other white meat :oink oink: – was on and but that said: she’s another one who got upset when confronted about what she considers HER right to have HER opinion heard and do NOT question it. she whee-whee-whee’d all the way back to her pen. now O went and gave her another place to pee in. great.

  17. Rough, for the ethical treatment of dominos

    Did Sherri understand the topic? why didn’t she follow suit…

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      Once her ass settles into that seat, she’s done for the hour. Once the show is over, she begrudgingly gets up to have lunch.

  18. Lady Blah Blah

    Bill O’Reilly and The View and the women on The View are part of the media entertainment establishment which exists to serve corporate interests and to DISTRACT (don’t meant to shout; I’d use italics if I could) people from reality. What reality? The reality of peak oil (it’s gonna run out and short of a miracle nothing’s going to replace it and the world is going to sink into a Great Depression), the reality of the constant killing and maiming of people for geopolitical reasons (whether we refer to this killing and maiming as war or terrorism is only relevant to those who want to control how people think), the reality of the W I D E and ever-widening gap between rich and poor, the pathetic lameness of the corporate owned and controlled two-party system, etc.

    • Yikes

      Bravo. Division is their diversion. If we continue to toe our party lines we deserve to lose our freedom. Wake up, we are getting screwed by our own goverment on both sides, people. It doesn’t matter which side you are on anymore, both sides are selling us out.

  19. so…they stormed off the set on their OWN show?

    Not only is that stunningly immature and unprofessional, it’s hilariously stupid in execution. Is this how the little liberal ladies stand up for themselves? They turn their show over to the person they disagree with and march off in a huff?

    well done, you showed him…

    • sobrietyisacrutch

      100% agree!

    • E

      As opposed to Elizabeth Hasselbeck, who starts crying hysterically when someone disagrees with her, or better yet sits passive aggressively pouting in the corner and refusing to participate in the conversation?

      The fact is that ALL of the women on the view, with the possible exception of Barbara, have had their impressively immature moments. Its not that they’re liberal or conservative that makes them childish, its the fact that no one would tune into the view if it wasn’t chock full of self righteous drama queens. Reasonable, mature people interested in polite and constructive discourse are no fun to watch.

      Quite frankly it behooves to act this way; after one of them behaves poorly thousands of people who would never tune into the view watch the clips on youtube comment on blogs like this one.

  20. El Dukeh Picante

    It was on that very show where Rosie O’Donnell said “…radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.” So I guess we can safely say that The View is not in line with the opinions of most Americans. O’Reilly schooled them bitches!

    • eatme

      “As you may know, a group of Muslims in the U.S. plan to build a mosque two blocks from the site in New York City where the World Trade Center used to stand. Do you favor or oppose this plan?”

      Does this look like an unbias question to you? I am surprised that 100% of the only 1,009 people polled didn’t oppose it. Seriously, did you even know the question that was asked? Or the number of people asked? Or where those people who were asked live? Maybe you should do some research before you start talking about the views of “most Americans”.

      • El Dukeh Picante

        The answer is yes, that question appears unbiased. Please give me a version with less bias, or at least explain why it’s a loaded question.

      • eatme

        “Do you support the right of the American people to practice the religion of their choice (whether Christianity, of Judaism, or Islam, or Mormon, etc) and their right to build places of whorship and congregation without prejudice.”

        End of question

      • eatme

        …while that question is unbias, it admittedly skirts the issue, but does so intentionally: the “where” should not be in question, aside from zoning laws and whatnot, any more than a Christian church. It is their right as Americans as much as any other American.

    • Johnny Cage

      And the worst part was all those Sex in the City watching desperate housewives applauded when that fat ass Yeti Rosie O’donnel said that comment. However now her two fellow broncos suddenly left the show in outrage because O’reilly just counter trolled those bitches.

      Bill Oreilly F’n rules! I hope next time they get Mike Savage on there.

  21. Elephonky!

    Everyone with their annoying political views on this comment page needs to quit bitching, get off your lazy asses and do something about it! sitting on a computer complaining about what someone else is doing is just sorry. You little bastards cry more than a new born baby. Want to make a difference, get out there and do it! …. otherwise shut up!

  22. El Dukeh Picante

    What does O’reilly expect, when he points out how badly Obama screwed the economy with the stimulus, followed by mentioning Barry’s totally unforced error when he commented on the mosque? You can’t win an argument with a desperate woman, Bill!

    • Harpy

      With stimulus? Is that why we are in such trouble right now? Because of stimulus? Wow. Stimulus you say? Wow.

  23. Republicrats or Democans

    It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, our leaders in government continue pit us against eachother for their own selfish gain . . . stop buying into their bullshit.

    • Yikes


      When are we going to realize that if we are making under 250,000 a year that we are expendable to this government? Rep and Dems. Same difference.

  24. GrandDragon

    i want to fuck elisabeth hasselbeck


    • Ivan

      I too would like to make the fucking in her, a hot American broad.

      • Johnny Cage

        Sorry Ivan she’s taken, you have to settle for getting humped by Whoopi Goldberg instead.

      • Ivan

        Johnny Cage, I am aok with making the fucking in the black woman too, I even make tapping on the old Barbara Walter

      • Johnny Cage

        You get ONLY the black woman “Whoopi” Ivan.

        But Hasselbeck and the other are mine! Case closed. I can use the others as chamber maids.

      • Ivan

        ok Johnny Cage, I take only the black Whoopi is fine, she has many holes for me to do the tapping in.

    • The ONLY Hetero in this Joint

      THANK YOU for getting this site back into its wheelhouse.

      • Johnny Cage

        Hey my pleasure Hetero, it’s just a shame Betty White ain’t amongst The View cast. I’d totally take her too. I sometimes lay on my back in bed at night and imagine getting tag teamed by Betty White and Rachel Ray.

        Can you all excuse me for about 15 or 20 minutes?

  25. Frank

    He’s right. Tacky to build it there.

  26. læl

    70% of the american people dont want that mosque he claims.
    Alas its considered unconstitutional to deny them their right to build this mosque.

    The land of the free?

    mmm.. no, the land of opression, ignorance and arrogance.

    Obama has done a hell of a job for your country. Its just amazing you cant see it.
    But meh, im sure youll get another president to mess it up for you soon enough.
    And even added bonuses like more wars, more civilian killing and oil snooping in countries you shouldnt be in at the first place.

  27. tk

    Man if that’s all it takes to get those to dumb asses to leave in a huff, I hope everyone that comes on the moronic show says something similar, hopefully they’ll stay off. Baywhore is possible the stupidest woman on tv these days!
    Go Bill O!!!!

  28. joe blow

    The only thing Bill O’Reilly did wrong was NOT jumping up and decking Behar with a hard right uppercut.

    And not punching Goldberg right in her fucking teeth.

    “The View” Bah… should be called “The Spew”.

  29. I like Hamms

    That fact that anybody would stand up for Republicans or Democrats (or either parties president/talking heads) is hilarious to me, especially on this website.
    And I love the Fish stirring the pot so I can read all this stupid shit…
    *it makes me giggle*

  30. Virgodoll

    well Muslims are terrorists, wats wrong with that statement?

    • devilsrain

      Because it should read most Muslims are terrorists. Not all, just most.

      Most were cheering on 9-11.

  31. Burt

    Take it from a foreigner: those who oppose the building of the cultural centre are harming your country’s image abroad.

    Truth is, there is already a worship area inside that building, has been one since the mosque a few blocks away was damaged during 9/11. Furthermore, its imam is was handpicked after 9/11 by the Bush government to promote the notion to Muslims abroad that the US doesn’t hate Islam. On top of that, the developer who wants to build the cultural center is a Polish-Muslim New Yorker who got the idea for the center from the Jewish cultural center where he’s a member. In other words, it will be owned by a very open-minded and tolerant Muslim (as most are in my experience) and run by one of the most pro-American/pacifist imam you’ll every come across.

    But, it must be wrong if O’Reilly says so, right?

    • devilsrain

      Stay in your third world country terrorist.

      To build a mosque near ground zero represents a victory to radical islam. Its a flat out insult to the families and deceased of 911. Anyone that says otherwise is brain dead.

      • Burt

        Third world country? I’m Canadian. Last time I checked, our dollar was worth more than yours.

        “To build a mosque near ground zero represents a victory to radical islam. Its a flat out insult to the families and deceased of 911. Anyone that says otherwise is brain dead.”

        You’re certainly not one to speak. Once again…Explain to me how it can be a victory for radical Islam if the imam is a progressive who was handpicked by the Bush government to serve as its ambassador of peace in Muslim countries?

  32. JungleRed

    Fish likes to stir the shit. I’m suprised no one headed straight for the abortion clusterfuck. Thankful, but suprised.

  33. Darrin

    Behar is an utter clown – if someone has the temerity to out-think and out-maneuver her, she has her little hissy fit and storms off.

    Unprofessional twat.

  34. eatme

    No, I was talking about the OVERALL body count, bob, not YOUR own personal tally.

    “”UNAMA documented 3,268 conflict-related civilian casualties, including deaths and/or injuries of Afghan civilians, from 1 January to 30 June 2010, a 31 per cent increase compared to the first six months of 2009. ”

    “”Almost six civilian people were killed and eight were wounded each day in conflict related incidents from 1 January to 30 June 2010″

    …etc. do you need more newpaper quotes? or are these lies? you tell me, you were there.

    • Bob

      “”UNAMA documented 3,268 conflict-related civilian casualties, including deaths and/or injuries of Afghan civilians, from 1 January to 30 June 2010, a 31 per cent increase compared to the first six months of 2009. ”

      Yes, Al-Qaeda doesnt care if they kill civilians so there are a lot of civilian inceidents. That report doesnt say who was causing the damages. Just like Stalin, killing your own is bad too.

      They weren’t lies, the numbers seem accurate from what I have witnessed and heard. Just remember it is the US soldiers causing it is the issue.

      Also, most UN stuff is garbage. I love how they come and inspect us to make sure we are compassionate to locals yet their higher ups go to Africa and rape kids with no recourse.

  35. eatme

    “Is it your belief that non-believers of Islam should die?”

    Wow, maybe the fundamentalists think that, but shit, I know Muslims (yes, personally and professionally both) who are totally cool and who don’t take all that religion stuff as seriously as you think. Shit son, read the bible through, take it literally, and tell me that Christians are violent mother-fuckers. And yes, I know LOTS of Christians who don’t want me to die, but “PS, you’re not getting into heaven either and so will have to live in Hell for eternity, sorry”.. Watch the movie Jesus Camp and don’t tell me that that Christians can get pretty freaky: I’d rather take my chances outright with someone i know is going to kill me.

    Anyway, I absolutely know Muslims who are cool and who don’t want me to die. No they wouldn’t want me or you dead, but they might think that you are a little slow. Mean spirited too.

    And I want you to really think about this one. Just think about it for a minute. Seriously. Who goes to church (at least one that will be as scrutinized as that one would be)? Fanatics? Do you think they are that stupid? No, they will be making their bombs in their underground bunkers. Regular religious people? For sure. Others? Don’t lots of people get married in churches? Don’t we use churches for that? Aren’t their communities of people built around churches, religious or not? Don’t these groups usually help each other and the community?

    And best of all, isn’t the Mosque more of a community center proper, complete with basketball courts?


    “This shouldn’t even be Christian vs. Muslim because no war that America has fought was declared a Christian battle. We never said “This is in the name of Jesus Christ that we attack Viet Nam, Germany, Japan”.”

    Hmmm let’s use an example that is pertinent:
    George W. Bush proclaimed June 10, 2000, “Jesus Day” (not a fucking lie).

  36. Pangulin

    Is this The Superficial or did you somehow switch servers with the Comedy Network? This has been an entertaining 30 minutes reading all of the “educated” and “well thought out” posts of a bunch of raving lunatics.
    The fact is many of you sound exactly like the cry-baby broads on “The View” . You go around chastising them for their actions, call them out for acting like spoiled children and then turn around and resort to name calling of individuals who don’t agree with your opinion. WOW, how adult of you!
    Thanks for the laughs,Fish. It has been real! Now could you please get back to posting the naked broads for us to ogle? Thanks!

  37. Foxwood

    The Inquisition? Christianity does not torture today! Islam to this date as prescribed in the Koran, practices child molestation, beheading and stoning.

  38. Eric

    It’s about time somebody spanked those two old cows. Score one for O’Reilly.

    Worse then them was the sycophantic studio audience who CHEERED IN SUPPORT when those two fat queens walked off.

  39. Armando

    What happened to the fucking balls Americans used to have? Alot of people here have become to transgendered and have become half faggots. You make not suck cock but you sound like you want to. O’Reilly was 100% correct in his statement that MUSLIMS were the attackers on 9/11. WOW what a shock to Behar and Goldberg, who were sure it was Swedish Christian Grandmothers. Wake the fuck up cowards because if you think I wasting my ammo to stop your head from being sut off your wrong. My ammo is for those who fight on their feet, not beg on their knees.

  40. lol

    Did they ask him about his vibrator that he uses on himself wihle on the phone?

  41. MyOpinion_NotYours

    It is in my opinion, that before anyone slanders and goes on a rant and starts to resort to name calling… Perhaps you should do the leg work that will support factual claims that will bring MERIT to your arguments.

    I can not, CAN NOT in good consciousness blame everyone else for what I am now currently responsible for. I can not walk into my place of work and say that it was the guy they fired that caused all the problems that are currently happening. That’s not what I was hired for, I am hired to fix it. If I then fail on my own ability to fix this problem I am now responsible to admit that what I have currently done has not worked.

    This same logic applies to any situation. In order to have a respectable nation, our leaders have to take responsibility. They can not play the childish cards that have been played to boast their own agendas. As an adult and as a leader of an entire nation, someone in charge has to take the responsibility and admit to the problems that face us and admit when things have not worked, NOT BLAME OTHERS.

    Thank you.

    • joe blow

      You should walk into your place of work with a couple of loaded Glocks and maybe even an AK, and show them what the problem is.

      • MyOpinion_NotYours

        That would not solve anything and would only make me the terrorist. I have no want to extinguish the lives of my co-workers.

        Your statement as some sort of joke and sarcasm is part of what is wrong with people in this entire world, not just a single nation.

        Also if that is not a joke, I would suggest that you seek mental attention IMMEDIATELY.

  42. Bob

    All you who think you know moderate muslims, you are wrong. There is no such thing as moderate muslims.

  43. wopudujavi

    When you play the lotto with a pool of people require everyone to sign a Pooling Agreement. That is actually possible by you joining a lottery pool. Since keno is a game of pure chance, there’s not a real strategy that can help you win.

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