Janice Dickinson Sues Bill Cosby For Defamation

Just a quick bit of background: Back in December, Tamara Green – one of Bill Cosby’s original 13 accusers from Andrea Constand’s civil suit – sued Cosby for defamation after his attorney publicly called her a liar and a “wrecking ball.” Jump to this weekend, where a legal expert told PEOPLE that Cosby’s attempts to have the suit dismissed probably won’t work. No scuttle for you!

“He has the right to defend, he has the right to self-defense, but I don’t think he’s going to get out on a motion to dismiss,” says Wilson. “I think it’s going to be a material question that would have to be litigated. Usually when you have a motion to dismiss, you say the other person has no grounds on whichever to recover, but if there’s a statement by him and she says that it injured her, it’s hard to see how you can get out on a motion to dismiss and cut off the jury entirely.”

Which brings us to Janice Dickinson who just filed her own lawsuit in response to Cosby’s lawyer calling her a liar after she went on Entertainment Tonight and accused Bill Cosby of rape. CNN reports:

I want justice done. I want Lisa Bloom (her lawyer) to depose Bill Cosby, get him on the stand and in front of a jury and let the law decide.”
Bloom also weighed in.
“Calling Dickinson a liar is a defamatory statement under the law … and that’s the mistake Bill Cosby made,” Bloom said.
“It was too late to for her to sue for rape or for drugging, but once he through his representatives called her a liar she had a fresh claim for defamation and that’s the lawsuit that we filed today.”
Bloom said they asked Cosby to retract his claim that she lied, but he refused.
She said Cosby’s team has 30 days to respond to their lawsuit and they plan to seek his deposition “as early as possible.”

Whether or not this helps or hurts these types of cases could honestly go either way because I’m not naive enough to think Janice Dickinson won’t fuck this all up because she’s Janice Dickinson. However, and I’ve said this before, but it should probably be taken under careful consideration that the reason Janice Dickinson acts so batshit is she was once a struggling young model with a drinking problem, and America’s dad capitalized on that by raping her “allegedly” because his entire M.O. was picking victims no one would believe. Which worked out really awesome for him at the time because that meant anyone with a vagina. And by at the time I mean still today in the year 2015. “Ah, to have a young man’s pudding pop,” Bill Cosby probably bozzums into the bizzums.

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