The Bill Cosby Shitstorm With Special Guests Glenn Beck & Donald Trump

And now for today’s onslaught of Bill Cosby news which brings two more accusers on top of yesterday’s Therese Serignese and Lou Ferrigno’s wife Carla for a grand total of four woman in the past 24 hours and presumably more the second I hit “Publish.” But before I begin, let’s reiterate what we know about Bill Cosby’s alleged M.O. just from the lawsuit that included 13 accusers who came forward to support Andrea Constand’s civil suit after prosecutors decided to not go forward with criminal charges. Or if you ask shitbags in our comments, she skipped the police and sued him for money like a whore while all the other whores jumped on for whore money because where were they during the criminal investigation they had no idea was happening, those whores? But I digress:

Cosby’s Alleged M.O.

If you read the victim’s accusations and back stories over the past decade, Bill Cosby allegedly had/has a very specific process of not only grooming these women with promises of stardom, but of choosing ones prone to drugs and alcoholism which makes them even less credible than they already were in the early 70s and 80s just by being women. On top of that, he was a powerful Hollywood actor, and in almost every allegation, he enjoyed tossing them money for a cab to get out of his sight and making it very clear that no one would believe what just happened. After about 17 (18?) of these, you start to get the picture that that’s what Cosby “allegedly” gets off on the most. Not just the power of rape by itself, but that he’s goddamn untouchable to do it as much as he wants. Which is also why rape experts believe there are still more victims out there because once a serial rapist learns he can act with impunity, they usually don’t stop.

Louisa Moritz

Actress Louisa Moritz claims that in 1971, Bill Cosby literally shoved his dick in her mouth while she was in the green room during The Tonight Show and basically dared her to say something about it. TMZ reports:

She was at the NBC studios in New York in 1971, waiting in the green room for her appearance on the show. She says there was a knock at the door, and it was Cosby, who she says walked in and said he was impressed with her work and “implied that he was going to see to it that I will become a major star through his direction.”
Moritz — who also played a cop in Cheech and Chong’s “Up in Smoke” — says Cosby “suddenly approached me and took out his penis, which was now in the line of my face [she’s 5’0″] and pressed up against it.”
She goes on, “He took his hands and put them on the back of my head and forced his penis in my mouth, saying, ‘Have a taste of this. It will do you good in so many ways.'”
She says as Cosby walked out he turned and said, “Now you don’t want to upset me and the plans for your future, do you?”

Cosby’s lawyer claims Louisa Moritz can’t be trusted because she was ordered not to practice law by the California Bar Association which TMZ discovered was simply because she failed to file quarterly reports. So just a heads up, ladies, if you screw up at your job, don’t try and take your rapist to court. You’re automatically a liar and probably had it coming.

Angela Leslie

Model/actress Angela Leslie is the latest to come forward with claims that Bill Cosby tricked into her an audition in a hotel room in 1992 which, coincidentally, is around the same time he got shitty with a female AP reporter and mailed her a dead apple despite never having a contentious relationship press who constantly blew him. Anyway, during the “audition,” Angela Leslie claims Bill Cosby unsuccessfully tried to drug her before masturbating with her hand then kicking her out of the room because I mentioned the drug part didn’t work, right? The NY Daily News reports:

“If you want to act, show me what you’ve got. Pretend you’re intoxicated,” she recalled he demanded.
The egotistical comedian then poured Leslie a stiff drink and told her to act like she was blasted on booze.
“I couldn’t drink it,” she recounted. “I tasted it and put it down. Then he asked me to go into the bathroom and wet my hair. . . . I walked back out, and he had removed his clothing and gotten into bed.”
Cosby began rubbing against the actress before pouring lotion into her palm and pulling her hand under the blankets.
“With his hand on top of mine, he had me massage his penis,” she said. “He masturbated with my hand. I wasn’t pulling back. I was in shock.”
She now assumes that the cocktail was probably dosed with something to knock her out.
She recalled that Cosby quickly tired of her — “I didn’t drink the alcohol, and maybe since I didn’t pass out, he decided to get rid of me.”

In before Don Lemon asks, “Well, why didn’t you rip his dick off?” Cosby’s lawyer has yet to respond to these allegations, so I’ll let commenter cajunhawk take it away and drive home the point about why these women have waited so long to come forward:

16 women trying to fuck their way to the top…and they failed. Rape allegations is the ace in the hole. None of these trollops have any proof… or any money. That’s why they are on TV right now… trying to sell that pussy one last time.

“Trying to sell that pussy one last time.” Powerful words from a powerful man, and by powerful I mean incredibly able to make Glenn Beck somehow look like less of a shitbag asshole while accusing the media of being the ones raping Bill Cosby. Yup.

Glenn Beck

Here’s Glenn Beck bitching about the AP airing the footage Bill Cosby asked them to edit out even though they made no such agreement. But according to Glenn Beck, that’s the real rape here. Via Death And Taxes:

“You want to talk about rape? That’s media rape, right there. You said you would not do that. Since when does your ‘no’ mean ‘yes’? Do you know the definition of ‘no,’ sir? You’ve just raped Bill Cosby. You said you wouldn’t do it. You just did it and then you blamed it on him. My gosh, maybe we should have a lesson on rape.”

Was Bill Cosby physically forced to have oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse against his will because he was drugged? Then probably shut the fuck up about rape unless it’s that. If that’s not too liberal for you.

Donald Trump

After Glenn Beck and “Selling that pussy” man above, Donald Trump comes off by Monday morning quarterbacking Bill Cosby’s PR team because that’s the important issue here: Why aren’t they making this all go away better? That’s the whole point of being rich. E! News reports:

“Well, I think it’s very sad and frankly I don’t think he’s handling it well,” Trump leveled with E! News last night at The New York Ball: 20th Anniversary Benefit for ESE when asked if he had any take on the Cosby situation.
“He should say something,” Trump added, “because he’s being accused of terrible things—and to have absolutely no comment, I think, he’s getting very bad advice from a PR standpoint, and he should do it differently.
“He’s not doing a good job of handling it.”

Or is he?

Temple University

Temple University will still keep Bill Cosby as a trustee which makes sense because Fun Fact: Andrea Constand, the woman he settled with, a former Temple employee. Why stop backing him now? On that note, if you’re a Temple alumni with a vagina, maybe stop giving them money because you should be honored to be drugged and raped by Dr. Cosby. Oh, and by the way, that whole doctor business? A complete sham.

Sham Degree

In a report about Bill Cosby being a complete fucking asshole by humiliating Notre Dame football player Dean Brown and making him cry at a graduation celebration for black graduates in 1989 which plagued him for decades even while becoming a successful educator who gave back to the community, Deadspin points to People article from 1985 that takes apart Cosby’s honorary degree from UMass after he dropped out of Temple while majoring in physical education. (Bill Cosby majored in gym. You just read that.)

A member of Cosby’s doctoral committee for five months, Damerell claims that in that time the only full board meeting on Cosby’s dissertation took place during a sumptuous meal at the entertainer’s Massachusetts home. Damerell says Cosby took the group on a tour of his 16-room, 135-year-old restored farmhouse, including an admiring visit to a closet filled with fur coats belonging to his wife, Ca-mille, and drawer after drawer of Cosby’s shirts. “It was a scene right out of The Great Gatsby,” notes Damerell. “We did not discuss education.”

After being awarded the honorary degree, Bill Cosby dickishly demanded everyone refer to him as “Dr. Cosby” because we’ve already established his drug of choice is power and the ones he puts in women’s drink. “Allegedly.” “Allegedly.”

And that catches everybody up to speed. However, it is Friday, so I’m pretty sure something will be dumped later today and unless it’s Bill Cosby photographed wearing a drugged woman like a fanny pack and yelling, “No one will believe you!” at her, I’m not touching that shit until Monday. RUDY!

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