Bill Cosby Accuser: ‘He Made Me Smear Oatmeal On My Face’

Let’s have a quick refresher on this Bill Cosby rape business: In 2005, Andrea Constand filed a civil suit against Cosby after the City of Philadelphia refused to pursue claims that he drugged and raped her. Twelve other women ended up joining the suit in the interest of finally having their stories heard and bringing down Cosby without any claims to financial compensation. Except realizing he was fucked, Cosby quickly made a move to settle with Constand for what had to have been an astronomical amount, but also an agreement that he can never say he didn’t rape her which years later caused his attorney to walk back a denial after Hannibal Buress pulled the accusations back into the spotlight after they’d been swept under the rug for almost a decade because we suck as a society. Which brings us to Patricia, one of the Jane Does in Constand’s lawsuit, who’s come forward to Buzzfeed with her alleged encounter with Cosby, and surprise, it involves acting lessons and rape:

When Bill Cosby invited 22-year-old Patricia to a dinner party at his family home in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, in 1978, she assumed she would be dining with his wife as well. Instead, Cosby was the only other guest. He led Patricia to two place settings on a coffee table next to his fireplace.
“I felt alarm bells go off because it did feel intimate, but I was trying to be so grown up and mature,” said Patricia, now 58 years old. The Cosby family photos that lined the walls made her feel more at ease. She accepted the drink Cosby mixed her, along with his bizarre acting improvisation directions: Cosby wanted Patricia to pretend to be an elegant queen with oatmeal dripping all over her face.
“It was so creepy,” Patricia said. “He told me to convince him that I could remain regal and queenlike no matter what I looked like. I would leave the room and walk back in, pretending to be a queen with oatmeal on her face, and he would tell me I was doing it wrong and to go back and try again. Then, I started to feel weird from the drink. And then I don’t remember much.”
Patricia blacked out and then came to in Cosby’s guest bedroom, she said. She was naked, and Cosby was standing over her in a bathrobe. He told Patricia she had thrown up and passed out and that he’d had to wash her dress. He was even nice enough to offer her a toothbrush.
“I believed him,” said Patricia, who is speaking for exclusively to BuzzFeed News (her last name is withheld to protect her privacy). “I was deeply ashamed.”

So convinced by Cosby’s version of events, Patricia visited him again and only after a second alleged rape would she realize what was going on:

The last time Patricia saw Cosby was in 1980 at a live taping of the Dinah Shore Show, she said. Cosby had an unusual request: He demanded that Patricia style her hair like Queen Noor of Jordan.
“He was obsessed with her,” Patricia said.
Cosby even sent Patricia a photo of the queen with her hair up in a teased bun so that a hairdresser could replicate the look.
After the show, Cosby refused to talk to Patricia unless she agreed to take some pills he offered her that he said would “relax her,” Patricia said. So she took them. She still didn’t realize Cosby was interested in her sexually, she said.
She awoke the next morning naked, with her hair and makeup a mess.
“I was very sick and knew that someone had penetrated me,” she said. “Finally, I realized what was happening.”

Patricia never went to the police because in those days “powerful men were not challenged by women,” and she didn’t think anyone would believe her. Which still happens now in 2015, and ten years ago when Andrea Constand went to the police, but why cave into these sluts and admit this country has a rape problem when it’s easier to just call an elderly woman a gold-digger looking for attention? “That seems like the reasonable thing to do,” a bunch of your minds are about to say before actually acting upon that thought because these whores aren’t going to get away with it. Stupid bitches won’t touch your dick, you’ll show them! Now, who wants to point me in the direction of the giant plug that powers the Internet? I promise I won’t yank it out of the wall and piss in the socket. That happened one time.

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