All The Shit Happening With Bill Cosby

Instead of writing 27 different posts about Bill Cosby like I did yesterday, here’s everything that’s happened since his lawyer called Janice Dickinson a liar in one handy post even though at this point at least three more accusers will probably come forward along with footage of Bill Cosby walking out of a pharmacy with a red Santa bag full of pills before I even finish this sentence. Let’s get cracking.

UPDATE: So no joke, two women, one of them Lou Ferrigno’s wife, literally came forward while I was writing this post. THIS REALITY BENDS TO MY WHIM!

The AP Video

On November 6, not long after Hannibal Buress calling Bill Cosby a rapist went viral, the Associated Press interviewed Bill Cosby and his wife about an art exhibit in Washington D.C. During that interview, the reporter surprisingly did his job and asked Bill Cosby about the rape allegations. This was his response. Via Gawker:

“No, no, we don’t answer that.” The reporter pushes him, and he says, “There is no comment about that and I’ll tell you why. I think you were told, I don’t want to compromise your integrity, but I don’t talk about it.”

With the camera rolling, and the interview questions over, Cosby then tells the reporter to “scuttle” the footage which you can also watch above:

After the interview wraps up, Cosby brings up the issue again: “Now can I get something from you, that none of that will be shown?” The reporter says he’ll check with his boss, but notes, “you didn’t say anything.” Cosby responds:
I know I didn’t say anything, but I’m asking your integrity that since I didn’t want to say anything, but I did answer you in terms of I didn’t want to say anything, what value would it have? I would appreciate it if it was scuttled. I think if you want to consider yourself to be serious, that it will not appear anywhere.

Turns out, Bill Cosby didn’t think the AP would have the balls to ask him about the allegations because that’s what he’s been accustomed to his entire life, but we’ll get to that in a second. Via Mashable:

“We thought, by the way, because it was AP that it wouldn’t be necessary to go over that question with you,” Cosby said. “Tell your boss the reason why we didn’t say that upfront is because we thought AP had the integrity to not ask.”

Now here’s the fucked up part, the AP actually did edit out the footage, but then decided to release it yesterday in light of Joan Tarshis and Janice Dickinson’s allegations because it didn’t make any promises to Cosby, but just bowed to his wishes because that’s how we’re in this fucking position. According to the Columbia Journalism Review, journalists have basically been giving Cosby, and other celebrities, a pass by not asking them about serious allegations and even bending over backwards to keep them in a positive light. Which is why you still have large portions of America who can’t, and in some cases flat out refuse to reconcile Bill Cosby alleged serial rapist with Bill Cosby’s America’s beloved doctor dad with the pudding pops and the kids all saying the howsa wassit with the darndest things.

On Giving Janice Dicksinson The Benefit Of The Doubt

Here’s Janice Dickinson telling Howard Stern in 2006, eight years before of any this mess, that Bill Cosby is a bad person who preys on women in rehab and that Harper Collins was afraid of his lawyers. Basically the exact same story she said on Entertainment Tonight. Via The Frisky:

Bill Cosby was the only guy I couldn’t write about in the book [No Lifeguard on Duty] because [HarperCollins was] afraid of lawsuits… wouldn’t touch that one. And I don’t want to get near that because I don’t have the shekels that you do or that Cosby does … The guy’s a bad guy. Let me just say that. He’s not a nice guy. He preys on women that just come out of rehab. I’ll just say that.

And here’s the audio:

Keep in mind, Janice Dickinson wasn’t sued by Bill Cosby, or Harper Collins who, again, is staying silent like a shitbag, for making these claims. However, that hasn’t stopped Cosby’s lawyer from threatening Buzzfeed for reporting Janice Dickinson went on TV and accused Bill Cosby of raping her. Which is a fact. Not the rape, but that Janice Dickinson went on TV and made allegations. That happened in reality. You can’t sue websites over that. Her, definitely. The media, not so much, but you can try and scare them like it’s still 2002, I guess. Via The Washington Post:

“We caution you in the strongest possible terms to refrain from disseminating the outrageous false story,” the letter continues. “If you recklessly publish the story instead of checking readily available information demonstrating its falsity, all those involved will be exposed to very substantial liability.
You proceed at your peril,” it concludes.

Now, as many of you have pointed out, Janice Dickinson is fucked up. And even Janice Dickinson will be the first to admit Janice Dickinson is fucked up. Except you know what sort of thing will fuck a person up to the point where they get plastic surgery after plastic surgery and drown themselves with pills because they don’t like who they see? Being raped by Bill Cosby. “Allegedly.” I’ll buy that. As for why she didn’t come forward sooner which is the goddamn stupidest position to take in this whole debate, it’s 2014, Bill Cosby has already been accused of rape by 15 other women, and people still don’t believe her. Now imagine doing that in 1982 when Bill Cosby was a goddamn king on the precipice of launching one of the most landmark sitcoms of all time that turned NBC Thursday nights into an institution. Which is why the other accusers didn’t come forward because they were laughed out of the room by the police or their own lawyers.

But say Janice Dicksinson is a liar. Let’s suggest she’s making this all up. That still leaves the 13 other woman who came forward – independently with no monetary claims or press – in Andrea Constand’s lawsuit that she filed after the police wouldn’t take her seriously and settled for an undisclosed amount that, as we saw earlier this week, prohibited Cosby from calling her claims “discredited.” On top of that, you have Joan Tarshis.

Joan Tarshis

While Cosby’s lawyer couldn’t move fast enough to call Janice Dickinson a liar – a claim which anyone could’ve seen would garner him numerous backers – not a single response has been given to Joan Tarshis, the 15th accuser who came forward over the weekend and as of yesterday was still giving interviews like this one to PEOPLE:

“I just really thought it was time for me to come forward and support the women who have come before me – for the people who don’t believe them,” she says.
“For the people who believe his image, that he’s Dr. Huxtable, America’s greatest father,” she says.
“And if there’s other women he’s still contemplating doing this with maybe they’ll read this and not think, ‘Oh. This will never happen to me.'”

Not a peep.

The Dead Apple

Finally, there’s this fucked up story from a female AP reporter who interviewed Bill Cosby during the final season of The Cosby Show and ends with him mailing her a dead apple. Yup. Via Raw Story:

“Tell me what you want to ask and we’ll see how it goes,” he told me, speaking slowly and measuring his words. “If it doesn’t go well, I’ll give you a piece of fruit. I’ll give you an apple or pear and you can be on your way.”
My questions apparently passed muster, although as I wrote, Cosby “controls the interview by stretching each answer into a lengthy soliloquy.”
The interview was so unusual and uncomfortable that it seeped into the article I wrote. It’s hard to know how else I could have written it. The substance of what he said took a back seat to the atmosphere Cosby created between us. He was a very scary guy.
Less than a week after the story was published, I received a package at AP’s world headquarters, which was then at 50 Rockefeller Plaza. This was years before 9-11 so of course I opened it without trepidation.
Inside was a sheet of paper with three typed words: “Here’s your apple.” The signature in black ink read “Bill Cosby.” And wrapped in a paper towel was indeed an apple, dried and withered.

And now for the part where the comments fill up with how sluts are liars, the Duke Lacrosse team, Bill Clinton, and stupid SJWs are pussies just trying to get laid because that’s the only reason anyone could possibly care about any this. Make me proud to be a man, boys.

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