Beyonce ‘Never Genuinely Liked’ Kim Kardashian, Here We Go

Last week, we learned that Jay Z can’t fucking stand Kanye, and now the floodgates are wide open because Page Six is reporting what almost anyone with eyes could’ve guessed: Beyonce doesn’t want a goddamn thing to do with Kim Kardashian.

After Page Six reported that Jay Z is tired of wild West’s “nut job” shtick, a source exclusively adds that the rappers’ feud “stems right back to Beyoncé’s dislike of [West’s wife] Kim [Kardashian] and that’s why Blue and North have never had a play date.”
Said the Kardashian source: “Beyoncé has never genuinely liked Kim. She’s mostly tolerated her because of their husbands’ friendship and [their] mutual friends, like Jennifer Lopez. She is always a little icy to Kim. The last time they hung out, the minute Beyoncé could leave the conversation, she did. They always have lots of awkward pauses” when they speak.

But, wait, it gets better. Apparently, Beyonce rags on Kanye whenever he appears on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. There is a Jesus in Heaven!

Meanwhile, multiple sources have told us that Jay Z “misses the old Kanye,” and both he and Bey prefer to keep a more low-key profile than West and Kardashian. West sometimes appears on his wife’s reality show, to the dismay of Queen Bey.
“[She] always gives Kanye a lot of grief whenever he’s done anything for the show,” the source said.

Is it weird that I’m licking my fingers after copying and pasting that? Because I’m gonna be awhile. Mmmff… ummmff… tastes like keyboard… mmff…

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