Beyonce Only Wants You To See Beyonce-Approved Photos of Beyonce

Shortly after the Super Bowl, Beyonce’s publicist literally thought she could edit the Internet by asking sites to remove unflattering photos of her client because apparently it’s everybody’s job to make Beyonce look good. So not only did this not work, it backfired so bad it became a massively popular meme that resulted in way more people seeing the pics than had they just let the whole thing go. Except here’s where it gets even better. Not only did Beyonce not fire the publicist who made her the laughing stock of the Internet, she tasked her with doubling down on stupid by banning all photographers from Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour. Via Fstoppers:

Beyoncé’s publicist, the same one who emailed and asked websites to remove images she didn’t like few months back, decided that this time they wouldn’t allow photographers to shoot her shows. Instead, they would provide 3-5 pre-approved images their own photographer shot for the media to use after each show. They wanted to control what images the media had access to. But we all know how media works – they will do anything possible to get images that other publications don’t have. If they can’t send a photographer to give them original photos, the next best thing they can do is buy photos from fans in the front rows in the arena (cameras were not allowed, but no one can take away phones). It’s the next best thing for them, and a huge nightmare for Beyoncé and her publicist.

Just to show how well this plan is working, we already posted an entire gallery last week of Beyonce looking like Michael Jordan in a nipple suit and added a bunch more to the post you’re reading. So now might be a good time for somebody to sit Beyonce down and let her know that she’s been a professional performer for over a decade now and should already know that 75% of her stage faces look she walked in on Jay-Z on the can. (Or herself which is apparently part of the show.) You gotta love you for you is all I’m saying.

Photos: Splash News

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