BEST OF 2010: It’s Called ‘A Snooki’

December 29th, 2010 // 25 Comments

6. Snooki

Posted: 1.19.2010

Snooki made her The Superficial debut on January 11, 2010. A little over a week later this post hit catapulting Snook into just shy of the Top 5 and locking me into forever torturing you with pics of her because apparently you’ll click on them like crack addicts trying to get a food pellet. Now, I say this as friend, but you people should really see a psychiatrist. This is honestly worse than cutting yourselves. Courtney Love doesn’t even hate herself this much.

Original Post: Snooki’s Ass, Anyone?

Photo: Splash News


  1. Carolyn

    What’s that smell?

  2. shorty

    This is agonizing. Yet I keep coming back for it.

  3. Having left her mark on his right knee, the aggressively territorial Snook Snook moves on to her mate’s other knee.

    And wasn’t Heidi pissed that Spencer was faking heterosexuality with not just another female, but a female troll at that?

  4. Cardinal Fang

    I am prejudiced against Orangefricans-Americans

  5. Bodacious B. Hind

    Smoosh-smoosh, baby!

  6. GravyLeg

    That poor dude… His casting call for “Flubber 2″ looks brutal.

  7. Compound9

    I hear she coined the name snooki herself, its what happens to her when she gets fucked in ass then everytime she farts a little shit comes out.
    A “Snooki” as its now called.

    She’s nasty.

    Hey G.W. We only click because you post it. What else are we supposed to do when you drag out pics of “stars” from MTV’s latest televised abortion. Do they even do music anymore or just promote a lot of fucked up orange people?

  8. McFeely Smackup

    Fish, you really missed the opportunity to put together a photo montage, showing snooking growing ever fatter and fatter over the course of the year.

    But then 3 of the 5 photos for the Snooki “best of 2010″ entry don’t even have Snooki in them, so I guess a Pulitzer prize wasn’t really the goal here anyway.

    • mud butt

      LOL indeed. After all the public dry-humping, pickle fellation, pretend lesbianism, knicker-less cartwheels…this is all he could muster? Two lame photos. Are we sure that’s actually her in the first two?? Seems like those legs and arms would be a lot flabbier…

  9. burton

    gross…this woman is gross.

  10. yoursisterscounty

    That meat is gamey, definitely tainted dumpster beef.

  11. Little Pig

    She is the fattest thing I’ve ever seen. FAT! FAT! FAT! SOOOEYYY! PIG!

  12. Gary B

    If Demi Lovato punched Snooki, instead of that back up dancer. Disney would have given her a medal instead of sending her to treatment.

  13. kerri

    my sister gave me a ‘i’m in miami bitch’ tshirt for christmas (for a joke…she had a stopover and we both have had secret jersey shore marathons). a year ago i thought she was an annoying troll. now i think the same but in a funnier more tolerant way : )

  14. pooter

    snail trail on the dude’s right leg… yum

  15. wim


  16. Too exposed the not?

  17. Snooki
    Commented on this photo:

    NOT COOL!!!

  18. Sasha

    not bad photographer made a picture

  19. Mungbean

    If she was a thin girl, you’d be able to see her snatch. Her leg flab doubles as a shot-blocker.

  20. Jazzy


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