Bertney’s Smokin’ In Her Berkini, Y’all!

Posted by Photo Boy

Since I’m admittedly clueless about video games and ultimately just Fish’s coffee bitch peon, I had no idea what the hell ‘BioShock’ was or that it came out at midnight last night to long lines of people I’d call nerds if I didn’t work for them and/or silently fear that they’ll one day operate the drone that takes my life. Naturally, Fish snagged his copy this morning and is planning a review for later, so he threw a bunch of Britney Spears smoking cigarettes in a bikini pics at me and ran off squealing like a little girl. So enjoy, if you can, because apparently these were taken from the Curiosity rover, which makes sense if you think about it. Since Mars is America’s next frontier, they’re almost definitely building a KFC up there already.

“Space chick’n!” Britney shrieked, followed by “Gimme ‘nother skinny stick daddy, them’s make mah head dizzy-good.”


Photo: Fame/Flynet