Ben Affleck gets drunk; picks up TV host

In this super bizarre interview with Montreal TV host Anne-Marie Losique back in 2004, a drunk Ben Affleck does stuff us mere mortals would typically be arrested for. Some of his highlights include:

“They would like it better if you did the show topless.”

“You usually show a lot more cleavage than this. What’s the story, why are you covering it up today?… It’s Sunday morning? That never stopped you before from getting the titties out. Who’re you trying to fool, it’s Sunday morning. You could be in church you should have that rack on display… You know you should work at Fox in LA. You’d blend right in, they’d love you. Fox LA they have a pole that they dance on.”

“These breasts are very firm. Suspiciously firm I have to say. They are like two giant stones.”

“I take lover like I take shower: once a week! Oh, no, no. That’s the French.”

“Should we do a Janet Jackson thing? Are you wearing your nipple ring?”

And at about 3:40 he looks like he’s this close to accidentally killing her like Lennie from Of Mice and Men. I pull this shit and the cops are on me like I was asking a twelve year old boy to hit the gym shower with me. Ben Affleck does it and he gets a few girly giggles and maybe a handjob when the cameras are turned off. I guess it’s time I looked into making muli-million dollar blockbusters and growing a butthole on my chin, because obviously whatever I’m doing now just isn’t working.

Thanks to Didi for the tip, and for remembering how much I love that dreamy Ben Affleck.

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