Baylee Curran Is The Woman Chris Brown Allegedly Waved A Gun At

After writing three posts about Chris Brown throwing a bag of guns at the cops and somehow being arrested alive, you’ll have to excuse me for only just now getting to pics of Baylee Curran, the woman he allegedly threatened with a gun. Which I probably should’ve got to sooner because right now #TeamBreezy is filling up her Instagram with shit like this:

Country ass honky whore!!! Your mother should’ve swallowed your fathers nut that created your hideous ass!!!! Hope your ass falls in a cliff filled with piranhas. You ugly cunt whore ass slut!!!! Fucking hang yourself bxtch!!! No one gives about your plastic no body having ass!! You’re a slut, a thief, a whore & bastard!!!! You brought it on yourself trailer trash!!!

On top of that, TMZ probably isn’t helping by chipping away at Baylee’s credibility after spending all day yesterday ramping up her story. The important thing is we can all look at her in a bikini and stop questioning whatever it is that just happened here. Learn from Ryan Lochte.

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“Purty mouth…”

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