Justin Bieber’s Probably Dating 19-Year-Old Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Palvin Already

Friday night the world mourned as news of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s break up shattered any hope of love and optimism for lowly mortals who aren’t cherubs sent down from heaven to bang. But, alas, yon Bieber has already found himself a new angel, almost literally, and it’s 19-year-old Hungarian model Barbara Palvin (above) who’s already denying their relationship because just the mere, cursory knowledge of it would cause “our frail human hearts to explode into cotton candy,” First Maple Syrup Chronicles 8:17:

last time im saying it. please calm down.there is nothing going on w him.i met him and did a pic w him. wouldnt u do the same?:)

In the meantime, Justin performed “Cry Me A River” in Boston Saturday night which we’re all supposed to take as some sort of cryptic message to Selena Gomez because apparently she’s Britney Spears now which is ridiculously insulting considering Selena Gomez can dress herself and knows what year it is. How dare you?

Photo: Getty, INFdaily, Splash News