Bar Refaeli: 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

February 10th, 2009 // 237 Comments

That was fast. Bar Refaeli made the cover of the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue which hits newsstands today. The news was announced last night on Letterman, and word on the street is Leonardo DiCaprio was silently campaigning for Bar to get the coveted cover. Sometimes he just likes to remind the world he bangs hot women. To which I say, how many trees died making this issue, Mr. Environmentalist? I’m pretty sure the pages of SI aren’t made of love and pixie dust. – - Except maybe this one. Damn your infallible logic, DiCaprio!


  1. OJ's Mom


  2. FIRST


  3. sushi

    Why would she date Leonardo that fat ass. She’s hot. Much hotter than that fucking plastic embalmed trailer trash Megan Fox.

  4. Millicent Jones

    This just screams: “Validate Me!”

  5. justine

    whats with her fat chunky freckle face lmfaoooooo

  6. boli

    airbrushed nipples…sick!

  7. Tuesday

    ok, nice!

  8. Nigger President = Hairless Ape

    She’s definately hotter than the First Monkey, Michelle Oboomba.
    And does anyone buy that her name is “Michelle”…?
    That hood rat is definately a Shaniqua or a Kadeesha…..straight outta Locash….100% ghetto nigger. Put a crack pipe in her hand and she could star on “Cops”…..

  9. justine

    almost looks like a not so hot lindsay lohan

  10. OH

    Shes a butterface!

    Freakin manly ass beeyotch.

    Why do people think trannies are hot?

  11. Newcastle


    #8, get the fuck out

  12. J-Con

    Amazing real tits. She looks really really good. Freckles make her look more believable and add a touch of girl next door. I would marry her on the spot and bang her brains out for eternity.

  13. M

    i like her.

  14. Nigger President = Hairless Ape

    Regarding primates…
    Negro’s are mentally and physically unable to deal with emotions, much like with other wild animals, they act mainly on instinct. For instance, when a negro comes across an unguarded valuable item, it’s first instinct is to steal it. When a negro comes across an unprotected white woman, it’s first instinct is to rape it. And the biggest problems with these uncontrolled herds of apes running rampant through the streets is when they congregate, because the group, or tribe, then takes on an even more primitive instinct and begins to destroy their immediate surroundings. Like when a pro sports team wins a championship, the herds of negro apes immediately destroy their surroundings, stealing, looting, raping, and burning everything in their path. Much like army ants in the jungles of South America. The same reaction can be observed when the roaming tribes learn of the fate of one of their herd being prosecuted. It’s a shame that guilty white liberals have given human rights to wild animals that obviously need to be contained. The only time the negro ape was ever useful and organized is when they were slaves. The emancipation of the apes is one of the biggest political blunders in the history of the Earth.

  15. Spooooooooge!

    check out this hilarious video about the LARRY FLINT PORNO BAILOUT (watch out for the dude with the mustache):

  16. moi

    …I think i’m a lesbian now…

  17. skinny fat

    Those are the fakest fake boobs and she ain’t no Gisele, that’s for damn sure.

  18. jumpin_j

    Two words. Mo-tor boat.wbwbwbwbwbwbwbww!

    #14. That man you speak of is going to save your ass. Don’t like it? Move.

  19. dee

    This Bar girl has bags under her eyes in the sunset photo and looks older than she is, her boobs are way too droopy for someone her age and she really isn’t that pretty. If Leonard was not her boyfriend, she would not be on the cover!!!

  20. Tom Brady

    This is the dumb chick who married some friend of her family to avoid mandatory service in the IDF.

    “I really wanted to serve in the IDF, but I don’t regret not enlisting, because it paid off big-time,” further adding, “Why is it good to die for our country? What, isn’t it better to live in New York City?”

    Die in a car wreck, you loser.

  21. kingofbeer

    Nice Rack!

  22. Delgo

    Nice wide child bearing hips.
    Dumb name.

  23. Nigger President = Hairless Ape Man

    I saw a hilarious comedy the other day, it was called “Mississippi Burning”.
    Boy was that a funny movie. It made me daydream about how great the world would be if the ape class was still kept in a controlled environment. Allowing the apes to roam freely, breed uncontrollably, and given the same rights as humans was the biggest mistake our government ever made.

    It can be seen as recently as the Apartheid. The second the Apes of South Africa were freed, they immediately began looting, stealing, raping, and killing everything in their path. These animals weren’t meant to be released into society. They’re simply a virus that needs to be erased from existance, like the plague, measles, or polio….

  24. Price of Cotton

    Cotton was a costly error what with the ummm labor problem and all. I wonder what it has cost this nation other than some of our ethnic heritage. Not to mention NAFTA as the gong of doom.

  25. Greg

    … uh, is number 14 for real? That stuff should probably be deleted. Freedom of speech doesn’t include stuff like that.

    She’s a good looking woman, but if 20 is right it makes her a winner, because only horrible people really succeed fame- wise, or so it seems.

  26. Greg

    … uh, is number 14 for real? That stuff should probably be deleted. Freedom of speech doesn’t include stuff like that.

    She’s a good looking woman, but if 20 is right it makes her a winner, because only horrible people really succeed fame- wise, or so it seems.

  27. Jeff W.

    Do people really care about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2009? Sure it was good spanking material back in the days when the only other alternative was your mother’s Glamour magazine, but in the age of the internet who cares about a magazine issue that features pretty women in bikinis?

  28. lalalallaa

    i’m always amazed by two facts:

    1. the superficial is a catalyst for men who obviously have a sexual life that would be the envy of most of humanity, and are therefore keen on disliking women who are gorgeous but still under the average woman they have intercourse with
    2. the superficial is a catalyst for women whose definition of sexy or beautiful is not the same as the rest of the society they live in (or, since this perception changes over time, are stuck at the time where “big” was synonim of “healthy and beautiful”) and therefore come up with amazingly retarded comments about gorgeous women not being so, but instead being “manlike” and “preteenlike”

    what a weird sample of the population. who would have said that thesuperficial’s board would become the home of the most lucky men, and the most envious women?

    she’s hot, period. not for me, for most of the people who share a certain vision of beauty. which is to say, the entire Western World.


  29. greg

    …double posts happen.

  30. someguy

    Fish-seriously, can’t you please delete the hyper offensive stuff that some of the assclowns post here, such as #14 and 23? Now I am all for free speech, even for our conservative friends, but there is just nothing redeeming about these. Some of the less tolerant comments are kinda funny, but this is just plain stupid.

  31. justine

    lmfaooooooooo @ #27 thats fucking for real and hilarious!!

    Good Job borther bahahahaha

  32. Fl


  33. Amanda

    She has a very nice body, can’t deny that, but in pic #2 she kind of looks like Sarah Jessica Parker.

  34. glace neuf

    i would hit then hit the bar…

  35. Farles Chew

    THIS is why I converted. My dick is still recovering, but once it has, I’m headed to the ME to bang Israeli chicks!

  36. Jeff W.

    Wow #14, I’ve read about people like you in history books but I didn’t believe that they still existed in 2009. Obama went to Columbia University and Harvard Law School. Let me guess, you never finished high school and you currently work in some job where you move heavy boxes all day long. I suppose I should be comforted to know that almost the entire world disagrees with your nonsense. I’m also pleased to know that you’ll never get ahead in life.

  37. Cuntfusion

    Wow! Table pussy!

  38. Charles Few

    Dear Superficial Commenters,

    As a group, you suck. Really, I read A LOT of blog comments, and thesuperficial’s blog commenters are by far the most deeply unfunny bunch of retards since the Bush Administration. This may be the only blog where sociopathic trolls with tourettes are actually the cream of the commenter crop.

    Let’s try to raise the bar today. Let’s actually try to be funny, humorous, make someone LOL, as opposed to coming off as the C- middle school boy version of Jezebel.

    So go ahead, try real hard and BE FUNNY. Otherwise you’re just crapping your pants in front of the world.


    Chuck Few

  39. You people are nuts

    You people bitching about her are basement dwelling trogs who wouldn’t have a chance with a bitch this attractive in real life. No, she is not perfect, but goddamn she is attractive as fuck.

    Bunch of homos, fat chicks and dateless wonders you all are. Would love to see your pictures- bet you are not even in the same region as she is, let along league.

  40. BigJoe

    Her boobs are real and the fact that she is Isreali means we should do everything in our power to protect her and her country. @ #14, you have some valid points, but mostly, you’re an idiot. And who ever mentioned #14 being a conservative is an idiot. I’m a conservative and most of my friends are as well and I’ve never heard anything resembling what #14 said come out of any of their mouths. And my wife’s family is all from Philly and every word out of there mouths is nigger this and nigger that…oh and they all vote democrat.

  41. nooo nooo noo

    saggy boobs, small eyes (and bags under those), no lips or sex appeal

    but she´s thin :D
    (for you, sick bastards, that means hot.. so…)

    last but NOT LEAST

    let´s face it SHE AIN´T NO GISELE

  42. nooo nooo noo

    saggy boobs, small eyes (and bags under those), no lips or sex appeal

    but she´s thin :D
    (for you, sick bastards, that means hot.. so…)

    last but NOT LEAST

    let´s face it SHE AIN´T NO GISELE

  43. 10pound

    She is super hot.

    take a good long look, Jessica Simpson. Finished looking? Ok, good. Go back to your Cheetos now.

  44. Massa'

    Oboomba was allowed to be pushed through Columbia and Harvard because a bunch of guilty white liberals decided it would be a good idea to have the apes integrated with humans and give them honorary degrees, giving them unfair advantages in the hopes that they could acclimate themselves to human behavior rather than their genetic tribal instincts. This of course, was a disastrous experiment which has cost the white tax payers trillions of dollars throughout the history of our country. You can see the effects in the zoo’s, or “Housing Projects” as they are sometimes called, paid for by white people. I call them “Democratic Voting Factories”…. Every urban setting in the country has been overrun and destroyed by herds of apes who were left to breed uncontrollably and without responsibilty. The apes are so intellectually inferior that they can’t even see the fact that they are being controlled and used by Democrats to keep them in power. The Democrats even promoted an ape figurehead to insure that they would get the black military vote, which predominantly went to Republicans. But the ape mentality, monkey-see-monkey-doo, takes a front seat over reason. It’s sad to see animals being forced into the roles of humans, as it is quite clear that the ape class is incapable of responsibility and living amongst humans in a free society. The only time the negro apes were useful and organized was when they were slaves. The Emancipation of the Apes was an unfortunate curse on humanity and life as we knew it. God help us all.

  45. You people are nuts

    44) Nice job trolling, but pretty predictable. I give you a 4/10, but wouldn’t read again.

    And as for the faggot at 41): real boobs sag. Part of how gravity works- doesn’t mean they are not nice fucking boobs. As for her face, not perfect but very pretty. Personally I prefer thin lips to those like that skank Jolie has, and yes- slender women are more attractive, deal with it you fat piggie.

  46. E

    I love the people are here that are trying to criticize this chicks body…

    yeah fuckin right, her body is super hot (and this is coming from a straight female)

  47. Nichole

    #38, Charles Few: I think I love you.

  48. Love ya

    8, 14, etc., please take 10 steps away from your little sister, and your little brother for that matter.

    This message brought to you by the Committee for Talking Smack to Inbred Morans.

  49. Andy

    #44 – you’re quite a sad little fella, but anyway, Curious George Bush looked more like a chimp than Obama.

  50. JJ

    #41 you’re right she isn’t Gisele- she’s a lot better looking than Gisele


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