Bar Refaeli is in a Bikini

December 28th, 2010 // 83 Comments

I’m going to break into Leonardo DiCaprio‘s dreams and have sex with this. Mark my words.

Here’s international supermodel Bar Refaeli vacationing in Cabo yesterday, and you want to know what I love most about posting pictures of her? How many people bring up that she dodged serving in the Israeli military. Because that’s the first immediate thought of seeing Bar Refaeli in a bikini. Not, “Wow, I should probably murder Leo then inhale the steam that pours out of the wounds thus becoming him.” Or, “Hey, that ass would look great in my china cabinet.” It’s, “Did you know she got out of mandatory military service?” It’s like I’ve taught you people nothing. This is a learning site, dammit.

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  1. JChief

    I demand that her clothing be removed and she brought to me immediately.

  2. Jimbob

    small fake tits, nicely done, but still fake

  3. GravyLeg

    Leonardo must be punished.

    • Pangulin

      Leonardo needs to be sentenced to spend all of his spare time with Amber Porthole or perhaps with Elton “The Leprechaun God” John and his hubby helping to care for their newly acquired plaything, er, I mean baby.

  4. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    best pair of implants money can buy. damn I’m jealous, she is GORGEOUS!!!

  5. Pangulin

    Fish, you have redeemed yourself! After your posting of the Amber Porthole,ooops, I mean Portwood pictures and the Elton John as the Leprechaun God pictures, you had me worried. However, like the master craftsman you are, you have rewarded us with images of a wild Bar Refeali in her natural state, nearly naked on the beach! Thank you!

  6. jojo

    Let me clear a spot for Bar to sit. “wipes face.”

  7. Taz

    Great tits!

  8. thepinktaco

    nyom, nyom,nyom,nyom – that’s good eatin’

  9. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Perfect body. Flawless. One of the best asses I’ve ever seen.

  10. See Alice

    Great Rack !

  11. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    She has put on weight, and it looks amazing!

  12. Thick as a Beer Can

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

  13. MiserAlba Sucks

    Her boobs are really great.

  14. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Seems crazy– but Leo will tire of it, and find someone else.

  15. mcfeely smackup

    She’s got a great body. She looks like a sexy real person, not a plastic doll with lipo sculpture and rubber ball boob implants.

    Now back to the subject…she’s Israeli? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think of when I hear “Israeli citizen”, but this sure as fuck isn’t it. I wonder if it’s ok with her god to use my cock on the sabbath? (because it’s a fucking machine!)

  16. jumpin_j

    I’ve got a deferment for her… IN MY PANTS!!! (Oh the hits just keep on coming).

  17. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    Picture 15 is my favorite.

  18. 'gizashit?

    His tits look great.

  19. Christmas is over, people.

    fan mace!!! but tice nits..

  20. krutboo

    she is just g-d damn stunning. I know this because my penis tells me so and he is not know to lie about such things.

  21. krutboo

    wait, is it me or is she busting ass in pic #3?

  22. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    weird angle…looks mighty fat.

  23. They probably asked her not to serve in the military, to avoid the distraction. Tits McGee here in camo short-shorts and a tank top would have the rest of the enlisted men (and women, probably) having “friendly fire” accidents in their pants.

  24. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    She is a
    Commented on this photo:


  25. somethingoriginal

    Hey, did you know she got out of mandatory military service?

  26. Melissa

    What a total bitch!! She needs to serve her duty. Just because she’s a hot model does not make it right for her to dodge her military duty. Other people in her country have been rightfully doing it. What makes her think she’s above everyone else?? Stupid whore!!!

  27. These pics are shopped or she got some contouring lipo b/c she has the strangest damn torso…

  28. supergr8some

    Man she is so hot! I’d do her 24/7 if she was mine. ya keep dreaming!!! lol

  29. datroof

    Leo’s overrated as an actor. Only time he displayed anything out of his stock 3 facial expressions(brow intensely furrowed, brow not furrowed, smiling) was when he played a retard in Gilbert Grape.

    No doubt he’s big pimpin’ though, pulling flesh like this. Gotta respect that.

  30. Parker

    I want to inhale the steam from her ass thus becoming one with her cute-as-a-button rectum. Actually, I’ll be happy just to give her a deep anal massage with my penis.

  31. Jessics

    Right, give up a career as a supermodel and millions of dollars to serve in the Israeli military. Seriously? If any of you jealous bitches were in the same position, you know you’d do the same. Mandatory military service is bullshit. I met a young woman from Israel who was on leave from her service, and she was sooooo envious of me just because I got to go to college and didn’t have to be in the military. I felt terrible for her. Not everyone agrees with war and wants to spend their youth toting ak47′s and army crawling through the mud. I wonder also how many of you who put her down are in the military yourselves? We don’t have the draft in the US, thank God! And I sure as he’ll won’t put someone down for wanting the same freedoms we take for granted.

    • Anne

      i agree! If i was a model in my 20s and was living a fun life, i wouldnt be like hey you know what i should go to the military wow! i dont think alot of people who say she should, would do the same

    • Random Factoid Man

      I agree with everything you said, but I’d like to point out that the Israeli armed forces uses M16s and TAR-21s, not AK47s

  32. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    This is my favorite shot. Good job pap

  33. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Oh my god imagine the balloon knot! I would drag my salt covered pecker through miles of broken glass just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie!

  34. pesky

    Oh My!! I’d drag my pecker through miles of broken glass and salt just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie!

  35. LA

    Wow, am I the only one here who just really doesn’t find her attractive? I was hoping that just one comment here would give my faith in humanity back, but it never happened. Her face is blah, and yes, her torso is really bizarre, and she really isn’t in great shape for a model. She obviously has implants and it looks like she may have had a tummy tuck as well. If she had a nice face I might let it slide, but under no stretch of the imagination does she have a nice face. I’d give her a C-.

    • Anne

      shes a bikini model, not a catwalk model, so she basically just needs big boobs and a good whr and she can be a bikini model.

    • Pangulin

      LA,you wouldn’t know the difference between fake and real tits unless they hit you in the face which more likely than not has NEVER happened. i give you and F-

  36. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    Assuming he had the opportunity, Leonardo DeCaprio should have put a rock the size of the moon on this woman’s finger! She’s obviously beautiful and while I’ve never met her, I’ve read several times that she’s a real sweetheart. True or not, if I was Leo, I think I’d always lament the end of that relationship…

  37. MondayNightSteve

    My wiener is pissed at me right now for being an ugly fat fuck …

  38. Josephus

    I went to confession today, walked out of church, saw these photos on my mobile, and walked right back in.

  39. James

    She’s very good. Hardly deserving all the hype and acclaim, but still, a cute girl with a very nice body (not too skinny!).

    The Life of Leo: millions in the bank, and the option to dip the old DiCprio

  40. james

    She’s hardly deserving all the hype and acclaim, but still – cute girl, nice body (not too skinny!).

    The Life of Leo: millions in the bank and the option to dip the old DiCaprio stick in this heavenly creature’s vagina.

  41. Ilikeyp

    These are the best Boobs and ass I’ve seen all freaking year!!!!!!!

  42. wim

    psssssssst: Most Americans Are Pretty Lazy Folks, folks!!

  43. Sam

    She gained some wieght…

  44. piltdown man

    Heh heh she get’s a free pass for being overweight. Gee I wonder why?

  45. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    actually, Im a chick with implants, and can spot em a mile away. you guys believe everything you see. I love it!!

  46. Alex

    She looks really good, but I don’t think it’s cause she’s healthy. She chain smokes and prolly does drugs. It’s fine now but there’s only so many years of living this kind of lifestyle that her body could take before she becomes more and more like Lindsay Lohan. She’s just lucky that in Israel, people consider a desert to be fruits, for example. The diet is very healthy, and they don’t really even sell clothes for fat people.

  47. moo

    How can she live in a bikini and never get tan? she must bathe in sun block…

  48. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:


  49. Bar Refaeli Bikini
    Commented on this photo:

    DAT ASS (*)(*)

  50. Iodine

    I don’t think she is that great. I would never buy anything she represents. To me the body is ok for teenage boys to be horny about, the face is average.

    Btw, she does have low volume round implants, had rhinoplasty and collagen in the upper lip. Dyes her hair blonde, it’s brown. Looks like she lost some weight, but the spread you ate beginning to are is genetic. Her mother was a “model” too in israel, now a fat mean looking tank.

    This is a desperate pr week- she’s lost some major clients and Leo is nowhere to be seen. Probably he’s coming, but hasn’t been seem with her on purpose fir months- most likely because of the racist and homophobic comments she and her mother have made all over the place.

    Time for her to go home to stay.

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