Bam Margera loves Lance Bass


Bam Margera (the jackass from Jackass) apparently has a huge mural of Lance Bass in his garage. Recent visitors to his home say:

“There’s a big portrait of Lance in an astronaut uniform, smiling broadly and holding his helmet proudly. In the background is a NASA shuttle ascending to space on a giant rainbow.” Margera confirmed it was Bass to friends, saying: “Hell yeah! The guy from ‘N Sync who wanted to go to outer space, but never made it and was all gay and shit!”

There’s nothing more inspirational than Lance Bass’s heroic story of being in a boy band and wanting, but failing, to go into outer space. I’m surprised it isn’t painted on the White House. I heard they were thinking of building a Lance Bass museum over Rosa Parks’ grave, but they were afraid it would be too inspirational and the nation would constantly be in tears.