How Has Donald Trump Not Tweeted About Aziz Ansari Yet?

Right up front, this is the only Trump post I have planned for today because I already lost time from my life over the weekend between the site, Facebook and Twitter. So stay calm, there’s banal pop culture shit with boobs like what coming up. (Unless Trump does something crazy like declares war on The Price Is Right because one of the broads is a 6. Everything’s on the table.)

In the meantime, above is Aziz Ansari’s SNL monologue where he switched things up by calling Trump the “Chris Brown of politics” instead of going with the obvious Kim Kardashian comparison despite its golden accuracy. But amazingly, Trump didn’t take the bait – which you used to be able to set your watch to – even after presumably finding his old Twitter account hidden in a cookie jar and firing off this piss-missile about the Women’s March protest that beat the pants off of his inauguration crowd:

No shit, celebrity host of The Celebrity Apprentice. No shit.

Case in point, here’s Chris Brown’s reaction that proved Aziz Ansari entirely right. With racism and everything!

chris brown aziz ansari instagram reaction aladdin

And you’re goddamn right I screencapped that for when he deletes it like a punk. You know it’s coming.

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Photo: NBC/YouTube