Avril Lavigne sort of apologizes for being a dick

Avril Lavigne posted a statement on her website Friday, apologizing for spitting on the paparazzi:

In response to reports of Avril’s recent run in with paparazzi, she would like to say the following: “I’d like to sincerely apologize for my behavior with the Paparazzi. It’s trying at best dealing with their insistent intrusions. I meant no offense to my fans, whose relationship I truly value. I have and will always go out of my way for my fans. My behavior was a reaction to the persistent attack from the paparazzi.”

If you watch the video you clearly hear her say “Fuck you” to her fans, and then sign “Fuck you” when they ask for autographs. Which, uh, I guess only an oversensitive idiot would take offense to. Because if you could see Avril’s heart you would see a glowing white light of love and compassion. And also a huge smile on my face, because it means somebody had ripped it out of her chest.