Avril Lavigne sort of apologizes for being a dick

October 2nd, 2006 // 41 Comments

Avril Lavigne posted a statement on her website Friday, apologizing for spitting on the paparazzi:

In response to reports of Avril’s recent run in with paparazzi, she would like to say the following: “I’d like to sincerely apologize for my behavior with the Paparazzi. It’s trying at best dealing with their insistent intrusions. I meant no offense to my fans, whose relationship I truly value. I have and will always go out of my way for my fans. My behavior was a reaction to the persistent attack from the paparazzi.”

If you watch the video you clearly hear her say “Fuck you” to her fans, and then sign “Fuck you” when they ask for autographs. Which, uh, I guess only an oversensitive idiot would take offense to. Because if you could see Avril’s heart you would see a glowing white light of love and compassion. And also a huge smile on my face, because it means somebody had ripped it out of her chest.


  1. She’s got a dick, she might as well apologize for being one!

    Where are you Angry Ferret?

  2. jrzmommy

    as if people cared enough for her to “issue” an apology. what a self-important fucking jackass. It’s mirror-kissers like her who make me want to play Freeze Tag with a Howitzer at red carpet events.

  3. oh how precious of her.. the internet is a wonderful high speed way to put bitches like her in their place.. she repeatedly pulled the snot rocket crap and now all of a sudden she wants to play nice because of the fact that the video circulated between here and uzbekistan.. tuff shit for her.. hopefully she’ll fade away and radiate with her one trick wonder songage..

  4. Wow, that is so un-punk of her. Not that she ever was really a punk rocker in a Sid Vicious kind of way.


  5. trinket

    I think it’s nice that Avril and Sum 41 guy are taking time out of their busy secret ring searching quest to almost apologize for their very un-hobbit-like behaviour. Back to the Shire you go!

  6. clown

    She is the bitchest ever! She finally fell in her senses and discovered that fucking behavior would damage her image, as if it wasn’t damaged enough already!

    She is a moron and her music SUCKS as she does.

  7. Very unimpressive.

  8. jrzmommy

    How PUNK of her to care so much about her fans and her image. If you listen very carefully you can hear Joe Strummer and Sid Vicious rolling in their graves.

  9. Madrid Marriott

    Thank you, Avril. I needed this. I’ve been torn up inside ever since I heard aboot this story last week. I was afraid everyone would turn aGAINst you.

    By the way, you suck. Hard. Just aboot 24/7.

  10. They should line them both up like a firing range and the asshole Paparazzi can take turns spitting in their faces. Or the traditional way, using guns and making us all happy…………….

  11. on second thought.. i think instead of an apology her “recompense” should be 45 minutes alone in a room with all you guys.. bet she’ll learn to keep her juices to herself after that..

  12. on second thought.. i think instead of an apology her “recompense” should be 45 minutes alone in a room with all you guys.. bet she’ll learn to keep her juices to herself after that..

  13. griffmills

    she makes me puke

  14. Fugurself

    Based on my stay last night at a Holiday Inn Express, I declare Avril’s apology insincere.

  15. pinky_nip

    Big deal. I’m waiting for her mother to apologize for not following through with the coat hanger.

  16. flamarkel

    Does anyone really expect her to be around in 2 years? She’ll have drowned in her own vomit by then, I predict. Or possibly been ravaged by a pack of weasels. Or maybe die of cholera. Any other predictions?

  17. fro0ty

    this bitch needs rehab


  18. jrzmommy

    19–I’m hoping she dies of embarassement — I hear it’s awfully painful.

  19. TetterkeT

    Those probably aren’t fans she’s saying, “fuck you” to — they’re probably professional autograph seekers. I think a true fan would respect a performers personal space and wouldn’t wait outside a club in the middle of the night to get their autograph. These autograph hounds are just as bad as the paparazzi because they make money off of getting celebs to sign their pictures.

    I applaud what she and her man did and think it’s about time someone stood up against how invasive these people can be.

  20. bigponie

    she looks like diarrhea

  21. Wampoon.com

    I like a girl with a bitchy attitude. It’s sexy. I’m your biggest fan Avril!


  22. I can’t wait to watch her on VH1 – Where Are They Now?

    “… after her long fight with vaginal leprosy, Avril secured a job as the night-shift assistant manager at Tony’s Rub and Tug in downtown Tucson, AZ.”

  23. commissioner

    There is an interesting common pathology with spitting.

  24. happy_bunny

    #19 choking on one’s own vomit is actually a punk-rock kind of death.
    So is being eaten by weasels, actually.
    For Avril I see something way more boring like she’ll continue to make crappy albums with mediocre sales forever and ever and then just die of old age.

  25. Equalparts

    #12 LOL.

    No one knows who the fuck Sum 41 is, now thanks to her, we have to stare at Troll boy all the time. That’s what she should apologize for.

  26. shell

    Like the paparazzi are chasing her down like she’s Princess Di…puhhhhleaze! Who does the self-important little skank think she is?

  27. Avril apologize but still flip off fans!



  28. RichPort

    She’s now up two notches on my “I don’t give a flying fuck’ list. Being mean and then apologizing is like you offering me head then deciding against it as shove my kielbasa further and further down your throat. It makes no fucking sense. And of course by ‘you’ I mean luscious chicks. There’s only one sausage being smoked at this barbeque. And of course by luscious chicks, I mean my wife you horny bitches…

  29. jrzmommy

    I’m sorry is so……………..hardcore.

  30. mzchief

    The BRAT needs a smarter publicist. The correct word is “incessant” which means; “continuing without interruption; ceaseless; unending.” not “insistent” which means; “Firm in asserting a demand or an opinion; unyielding.”

    If Avril Lavigne does not like the celebrity that comes with being famous she needs to do the only other thing for which she is qualified and that is hanging out at the zoo with the other feces flinging chimps.

  31. dsmith11

    I want Courtney Love’s cracked out ass to step on Avril’s Face. THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME. I highly doubt you’d see smug little “punk rawk” avril doing anything as “cutting edge” and “shocking” as spitting on someone from her damn car. If Courtney really wants to revive her career she needs to clotheslines this girl.

  32. xx.deathcab.xx


    Fuck you, fatty.

  33. kaerbear

    punk? shes from the suburbs of toronto gimmie a break…sid vicious was from hackney in the 70′s…even being from a nice small town in canada couldnt save her from skankhood…shes a no class slut…she wrote her album with chantal kreviazuk, another no class slut from winnipeg

  34. KelKel

    She is one pissed off Vegan! Bitch, eat some meat and get over yo self.

  35. tsarinaamanda

    Oh God, #22, “personal space”? This bitchy twat probably spent her whole life desperately seeking fame, and now that she has it, she’s got the NERVE to bitch about someone asking her for her autograph? Who the FUCK CARES if they were professional autograph seekers (WTF kind of lame-assed job is THAT, BTW), at least they’re paying attention to her has-been (or never-was) ass. I personally think all the money she “earns” for being a poser bitch would more than make up for the inconveniences she suffers at the hands of the paparazzi and autograph seekers. If you can’t handle the attention, then go back to Napanee with your grotesque, troll-like husband, but either way, quit yer fucking bitchin! There are people dying, starving, and suffering from REAL problems on this planet, and this uppity cuntrag has the NERVE to act like a spoiled brat over something so idiotic? She deserves NONE of what she has, and if she keeps acting this ungrateful, then I think we should relieve her of that heavy burden of money (give it to DESERVING people) and fame (give the attention to worthy causes). Useless cunt. And an apology is NOT enough, spitting is disgusting AND can spread diseases. Ew.

  36. meh, still doesn’t change her – she’s still a bitch

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