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This post made me LOL, a lot bc it’s true.
Funny thing is that each of those girls would have sex with that wax statue one after the other and not give a shit because Ryan Gosling.

If I didn’t have a job and 2 kids I would draw some pics for this story and all Bertney stories. These are golden.

Posted on Feb 4th
re: Barbara Walters Will Defend Woody Allen Now (61 comments)

I can’t even bring myself to watch the clip but I hope that any of the celebs who’ve openly supported Dylan don’t forget about this bullshit and boycott any and all BW specials and whatever remains of The View. It is blowing my mind that some ppl are letting ‘fame’ cloud their judgement/beliefs on rape/molestation. Ridic.

Your comment really made me lol. Funny bc it’s true.