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GA POLICE. all over the country unfortunately… I see this all the time everywhere.

Reese Witherspoon slowly went up to that cop and spoke to him in a generally civil manner. She is upset and mildly argumentative as you might be under similar circumstances I have often seen worse behavior at a customer service counter. This is NOT belligerence to s begin with. The cop only told her to stay in the car. Why can’t she ask him questions and voice her concerns? She can stand where she wants, and say what she wants. She IS a US citizen, which used to mean something in America. She was not threatening or belligerent any way to begin with. What crime did she commit? Not following orders? Is this the Fourth Reich? The policeman escalates the situation by grabbing her. The cop immediately reaches for her and puts her in cuffs. Of course she gets more upset after that, who wouldn’t? This is ABUSE OF POWER AND FACISM. We love to criticize celebrities… How about the government and the erosion of civil liberties. Wait until you have to deal with the system and see how it feels! CA police, prosecutors and judges regularly treat people like shit, as if they are above the rest of us. That policeman should be reprimanded and retrained, with no charges pressed against Ms. Witherspoon.