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Posted on Feb 22nd


Posted on Feb 21st

Can’t believe this is causing controversy. Shame on both sides of the issue.

Dude seems awful presumptuous.

Let? Umm, a 17 year old who ditches school consistently while holding a .18 GPA and 10 credits after three years of high school isn’t concerned about what his parents “let” him do. The conceit of lefties that they can “control” all around them consistently flabbergasts me.

” Why don’t the working poor just try harder?”

Yes, why don’t they? Having entered the workforce with a part time job at 14 and moving up from there, I could not have gotten to where I am today without *gasp* trying harder. I lack a college degree yet have proven myself at my company enough to earn the wages that I’m currently at. My wife and I are in the midst of risking our entire savings to enter into the small business arena, that, if we don’t “try” hard enough, we will potentially lose everything. This is not an option, so we will put everything we can into making it a success. Why is it considered flawed to believe that the working poor should “try harder?” When did high expectations of people become so discountenanced?

What? You are evading. For whatever reason Red Bull pursues the food stamp market, my point is that people are, indeed, using food stamps to buy energy drinks. My argument is that recipients often don’t make the best choices on their limited incomes. Where you and I differ, Phil, is that your empathy for people on welfare is based on your belief that they are unable to get themselves away from dependency. For the sake of going off on another tangent, let’s agree that we are talking about “able-bodied” citizens who are fully functional. The only real reasons that I can see that you, and others, believe that they are destined to remain at the bottom class, is that somehow you think that they are inferior, in a sense. They apparently lack the sense and knowledge to function in a society built on free enterprise because they were not taught values or lacked access to high dollar schools, or whatever else bullshit. I see them as my equal. I don’t feel that myself, or you, or Dean fucking Cain is any better than any of the “chronically unemployed.” There are literally tens of thousands of stories of people coming out from underneath and achieving far greater things than I ever could. Nevertheless, I still stand by my statements. There is a reason we don’t see mass media coverage of “impoverished” people on TV with journalists informing the general public of the horrible conditions that people live in. They absolutely will NOT take a camera through a minimum-wage earners apartment and report just how bad life is for them, because the moment that viewers witness the Xbox on the shelf next to the flat-screen and see the person hanging out with their dog that they somehow find the resources to feed and maintain, the entire argument is blown. Instead, we are led with shoddy and over-simplified math and biased stats that promote an agenda. As for me be naive, what the fuck are you talking about. My side has consistently showed merit, while you continue to spin the point.

Haha! My friend DID have a lot of kids.

Also, your definition of “survive” is much different than mine. For instance, Red Bull is now placing placards in certain locations informing customers that they can purchase their product with EBT cards. Lack of a high dollar energy drink has never resulted in a single death, as far as I’m concerned. The money that was spent on this promotional program shows that there is, indeed, a market for it. Show me one case of somebody not “surviving” on a minimum wage job, and I’ll eat my words.

It makes perfect sense. If the cost of labor increases, the cost of producing increases, therefore the cost of living increases. All of it is tied together; simple mathematics. Of course, the argument is always that the people at the top should make less, but then the company fails as less competent individuals seek those positions in favor of more profitable employment. Ultimately, commerce prices increase similarly and the only thing that has happened is that the market has been crippled because the increase has made it near impossible for smaller companies to compete and help drive down costs.

Studies don’t necessarily mirror facts. History proves otherwise.