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Wait. The IRS is going after Dan Bilzerian?



“It wasn’t just the 1930′s when people didn’t have a problem with the Redskins name, in 2010 no one was complaining about it either.”

The Redskins’ name has been controversy since at least the 80s. There was a huge Native American protest in ’92. It’s not some new issue that just popped up, it has always been there.

“Secondly, you totally took his gun control comment out of context.”

By copy and pasting it in the exact context it was printed and then saying it could literally be interpreted both ways without clearly stating which one? That’s out of context?

You, sir, are clearly a moron. Good day.

Posted on Oct 21st
re: Good Morning, Vivica Mitra, And Other News (8 comments)

I’ve explained this before. They’re free pics from our photo agency. That’s literally all there is to it: Free bikini photos.

Posted on Oct 20th
re: Jena Malone Is Probably Batfleck's Robin (37 comments)

And this is coming from a guy who could not shut up about how awesome Frank Miller is the whole time he was in college and blew what little spending money I had on all three volumes of his Daredevil Visionaries.

Posted on Oct 20th
re: Jena Malone Is Probably Batfleck's Robin (37 comments)

Superman and/or Wonder Woman talks about how he raped her in the JLA Satellite in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, a book Miller wrote shortly after 9/11 when he went bye-bye and never came back. Except WW totally got over it and banged Supes again later because apparently that’s how rape works. It’s a neat little icebreaker.

Here’s the brilliant marketing strategy:

Somebody at 138 Water figured out that they if photograph hot chicks in bikinis holding their water bottles and just give the pics to a photo agency, sites like mine will run them because the Internet is one big giant hamster wheel of guys clicking on tits. 138 Water doesn’t have to pay anyone for advertising, I don’t have to pay for the pics (outside of my normal monthly subscription cost to said agency) and everybody wins because free boobs. It’s goddamn genius.

Whether it’s actually selling bottles of the water, who the fuck knows? Boobs.

Posted on Oct 13th
re: You Take A Run At Martha Stewart, You Best Not Miss (71 comments)

You both win and can cook my Thanksgiving turkey this year because I am a fire hazard.

Posted on Oct 11th
re: Gwyneth Paltrow Wants Obama To Get Up In That (45 comments)

And I see in your conservative haste that you missed the entire point of this post which is Gwyneth Paltrow is an egomaniacal idiot who says stupid shit.

Posted on Oct 9th
re: Shonda Rhimes Doesn't Put Up With 'Heigls' (18 comments)

I have no idea who that is, but you said the word breasts. I’ll look into it.