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Translation: I lost and will now throw a hissy fit about how stupid it is to have a cohesive argument.

You guessed correctly.

Are you a writer or editor for this website?

Then shut your fucking mouth about its intent.

One woman took a settlement. One. The other 13 women came forward to help her win her civil suit because she was being called a liar and had no financial claim to that settlement. In the end, she settled for what had to be an obscene amount of money that Cosby ponied up so 13 women wouldn’t testify against him in open court. (On top of that, her lawyer more than likely advised her to take the money on the off-chance they’d lose in court which was entirely feasible considering a prosecutor already bent over for Cosby and, again, he’s stinking rich.) She also had it in the settlement that he wasn’t allowed to call her claims discredited essentially denying him that victory which was demonstrated just this past weekend after Cosby’s lawyer was forced to retract a statement saying all the allegations against him have been discredited and specifically say he was not referring to her case. She got him to pay out the nose and be legally barred from saying he didn’t rape her. But I guess that’s a whore move.

Posted on Nov 20th
re: All The Shit Happening With Bill Cosby (126 comments)

Just the assholes, Bryan. Just the assholes.

I ask myself that a lot, too.

Posted on Nov 19th
re: Janice Dickinson: 'Bill Cosby Raped Me' (71 comments)

“Singing career? HER? Ridiculous.”

In the chapter of her book, she specifically points out that her singing career was a ridiculous joke and she knew she was terrible, but Bill Cosby pretended she had talent and even floated the idea of it in the first place just so he could fuck her. As he did with most of his victims.

Posted on Nov 19th
re: Janice Dickinson: 'Bill Cosby Raped Me' (71 comments)

She wrote about an incident where he got pissed that she rejected him for sex which he felt he deserved and slammed a door in her face. A separate incident occurred later which Cosby’s team of lawyers pressured HarperCollins to edit out where he drugged and raped her basically taking what he wanted.

There’s no contradiction there even when you add in words like “the night in question,” Perry Cocknose Mason.

“There‚Äôs a lot of daughters & they all seem willing to play the game.”

Nailed it.

Posted on Nov 15th
re: Diem Brown Died (1981 - 2014) (31 comments)