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Posted on Jul 25th
re: Paris Hilton Made Another Carl's Jr. Commercial (33 comments)

“Itching” oneself; It depends on where you live in the US my friend. I have lived in quite a few places One becomes used to local colloquialisms, and actually learns to embrace them if they are colorful enough. Viva Carl’s new Herp-Burger (kudos to Brooks above who literally took away my breath with his comment)! It definitely gives new meaning to the term “Special Sauce.”

Posted on Jul 25th
re: Paris Hilton Made Another Carl's Jr. Commercial (33 comments)

LOL!!!!!!!!!! Oh My God. I need to catch my breath!

Posted on Jul 18th
re: “Is this Venus or Serena?” (3 comments)

No, I believe we are in the presence of Uranus.

Posted on Jul 17th
re: The Crap We Missed - Thursday 7.17.14 (11 comments)

Oh God. This total ass-hat, low life clown is in my town? Where are the police when you need them??? Who is letting the riff-raff in??? Look at this idiot; trying to pick up the locals…Michael – they don’t look like they’re really into you…

Posted on Jul 15th
re: The Crap We Missed - Tuesday 7.15.14 (16 comments)

Now I understand the universal appeal of Las Vegas. Who can possibly resist the allure of spending one’s limited, hard earned vacation time ensconced in luxurious, elegant surroundings, and the delight of enjoying high-end entertainment? This place looks like its more fun than greased pigs.

Funny this little ignorant Right Wing fad. Hating people with a brain is the new “in” thing for Extremist Conservatives.

shutupandsing and the rest of the ignorant Conservatives want to make it out like the Zombie Walton has no responsibility for the six car crash that killed one and inured four others when their driver of the 18 wheeler fell asleep at the wheel because he had been driving for 24 hours straight without taking a break.

If it wasn’t for the economic crash caused by Wall Street, Millions of people who are now poor would not have to stretch their meager wages to feed and clothe themselves and patronize WalMart.

Now the only ones who can shop at the cool boutiques and specialty shops are the very people who misrepresented the loan pools they sold, thus causing the US economy to collapse.

The American public does not have the financial wherewithal to buy Congress the way WalMart and the financial industries have, sending crooked politicians a hefty weekly allowance upon which they glut themselves. It is a harsh reality that former home-owners are now forced to move in with family. Instead of living in the home they purchased, former homeowners are now living in their parents basement.

P.S. shutupandsing, shut the fuck up and spare us your political views. Go back to jerking off in the corner while making women out to be sex objects. Either that or go get a fucking job and make something of yourself.

Oh piddly poo. Sue the living shit out of WalMart and win as WalMart’s position is unsupportable. It is better still that Tracy Morgan is a celebrity who can call attention to WalMart’s behavior. Their driver was on the road for over 24 hours without sleep and fell asleep at the wheel- yet another predatory employment practice they impose upon their workers and in which they can take a pride. The accident that took place was wholly preventable. And yes, a hoard of angry Americans could of course, boycott Walmart – but lets be real here, there is no grass-roots American movement afoot prepared to boycott WalMart. Grass-roots Americans are too busy struggling to survive. For what it’s worth, the Grass Roots can no longer afford to shop at there. The financial stability of WalMart’s client base is not looking so hot and their profits have taken a dump. WalMart’s 4th quarter profits dropped by 20% because, ironically, its client base is on the financial skids and can’t afford to buy anything but the basics. WalMart, needs a healthy middle class that is earning money for the company to make money. I find it hilarious that WalMart, who has been intransigent about their abysmal employment and payment practices, needs the financial support of the very sort of people whom they employ to be profitable. Well played, o Great Cosmos, well played.

Posted on Jul 13th
re: “Here, young lad, don’t knock the bitch up.” (1 comments)

Honorable Mention.