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Posted on Nov 17th, 2011
re: Jennifer Lopez Is Banging This Kid Now (56 comments)

vivian i m always only dating for like 11 years lol since 17 older lady type,that is it, no 1 is better.

Mor hotter.
independent all dat, in the mature sense,can hold a steady convo.
Know what life is all bout,well the’right older woman”who in other words got it goin on. Younger dude like me love that for long and RARELY date younger chick no need they are boring
all whiny,all the same IMO and just well boring no convo at all
and stupid and many are gold diggers,and i am LOOK GOOD as hell,face bod both and most of all personality is what i love most and older women … will one day marry 1 the right one
with whole pkg.
hard to find,so let this goofball whose a dancer with Jennifer
Lopez have fun! straight up. i know she forty two or so but she look still barely late twenties and great in the face younger look
and women or guys early forties is young older man or woman
but not old at all.

I love that.

peace out
from Steve Jackson on FACEBOOK