Aubrey O’Day Has To Fly With Her Dogs Because She’s A Crazy Person

Here’s Aubrey O’Day flying first class with her dogs because apparently Virgin Airlines will let you do that provided you have a note from your doctor stating you’ll rush the cockpit if they won’t which is how I chose to read this. TMZ reports:

A rep for Virgin America airlines tells TMZ … the “Celebrity Apprentice” star was cleared to bring her 2 pets into the 1st class section of a flight this week … because they are registered as “Emotional Support Animals.”
So how does one get emotional support animal clearance? Ya gotta have a doctor write a letter … stating you have mental issues.
According to the Virgin America website, the airline requires the passenger to produce a letter from a licensed mental health professional which substantiates the guest’s disability-related need for the animal to accompany them in the aircraft cabin.

AUBREY: Here’s a note saying I’m crazy and a threat to others unless my babies get to sit upfront and pretend they’re people.
ATTENDANT: Interesting, because to me that looks like a note saying you should take the bus.

(How that should’ve happened.)

Photo: Instagram

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