Asia Argento in a bikini

September 3rd, 2009 // 69 Comments

Here’s Italian actress Asia Argento and her husband on vacation in Sardinia this week. You might remember Asia from the Vin Diesel epic xXx which involved an extreme sports enthusiast joining the CIA to fight international terrorism with a dirt bike. Probably the greatest movie premise of all time. Next to Ghost Dad. Will he ground you or haunt your gym locker? Nobody knows!


  1. wtf

    here’s some random chick you’ve never heard of in a bikini

  2. whoa

    Wasn’t she good looking at one point in time?

    Oh wait, nope.

  3. titsonsnack

    Boooo this isn’t celebrity gossip. I want my money back.

  4. titsonsnack

    Boooo this isn’t celebrity gossip. I want my money back.

  5. Keith

    With the exception of a decent pair of tits, she looks like every other mom at a PTA meeting.

  6. That angel tattooed on her belly must have some pretty fat legs.

  7. Del

    Never heard of her before.

  8. sixpack

    totally with #1, big effin’ deal.

  9. required

    That swim suit is not flattering.

  10. Rasputins Liver


    Dunno who the bitch is but it’d be something to work with to be sure while waiting for the pizza to be delivered.


  11. Pico Mornay

    MMM…This girl was hot in XXX movie with Vin Diesel…She is kinda fuckable

  12. blahgger

    You people = dumb.
    This is dario argento’s daughter.. and she is pretty damn fine.
    She’s Italian actress/director.

  13. fish pleaser

    Fish, please more interesting stuff like this, less things like montag (which i actually haven’t seen in a bit so, keep it up)

  14. ROUGH before dishonor

    Where is she from lake Como? boy those ( I) talians have some distinctive features don’t they? Lady gaga, Clooneys girlfriend, now this broad, but I like the different features though….and a lovely chest too!

  15. Zee Brat

    Ha, she’s dressed like Psylocke.

  16. ha

    That’s so weird. If you look closely, you can see that she’s in good shape and she’s pretty but those high-waisted bikini bottoms are the swimsuit equivalent of mom jeans. Must be some European thing (but they’re SO much better than Americans…ha)

  17. gil

    creepy fucking tattoo…

  18. Bite Me or Fight Me

    blahgger : If you think pic #8 is ‘pretty damned fine’ then you might want to get introduced to this new invention they have called ‘hot girls’.

  19. Hey fish dude, I have some pictures of my grandmother in a bikini. Will you post those too??

  20. She is Dario’s daughter right?

    She was good, and hot in Boarding Gate with Michael Madsen….not a great movie, but there are tons of nude scenes in it at least

  21. yuki

    posting pics of asia here is not cool.
    you will scare away all the jon gosselin pics.

  22. WHO?!

    Fish, you’re slippin’

  23. BilboBaggins

    What’s up with the tummy tat? Do guys really want to see that/think it is hot? What message is she trying to convey with it? My vagina is an angel??? Weirdo….

  24. BilboBaggins

    What’s up with the tummy tat? Do guys really want to see that/think it is hot? What message is she trying to convey with it? My vagina is an angel??? Weirdo….

  25. Nope Mericans ,she is plenty famous and been in lots of decent trashy films and the daughter of a classic horror Director.

    Asia has always been hawt , Im actually surprised she can still look this good in a swimsuit after all these years of smoking ,booze and eating that rich continental food. Her face and body is holding up better then Pam Anderson and Carmen Electra. I guess wine and rich foods is better for you then Crack and Egg McMuffins…..who would have known?

  26. michael kingdom

    Asia is beautiful. She’s not famous in the USA, but I am happy to see this here. Better than a Sharon Stone update.

  27. tromba

    Any we should care why? She is unknown and maybe average looking at best.

  28. cracka ass

    homa-sex-shules making cracks about nabngin’ women what be new here.

  29. Nick Manning

    Aww Yeah! I’m dropping loads over all your comments!

  30. I have no idea who this chick is…but those are some great funbags!

  31. blahgger

    bite me or fight me.. look again, she has a nice ass take into account that that isn’t her having a huge ass that is her lower abs too.. the bottoms are up past her belly button.

    also, she is still pretty damned fine to me..
    look her up on google images.

    and i don’t even know why i’m arguing with someone who is undoubtedly 12 years old to make the witty declaration “you might want to get introduced to this new invention they have called ‘hot girls’” You burned my ass so bad there i’m wearing a maxi pad slathered in aloe vera.

  32. blahhh

    boring face, boring body. subpar, thesuperficial.

  33. Ms. Swan

    She look like a man.

  34. JackRackson

    This woman is a legend.

  35. Wow.. she needs a new swimsuit, that thing is hideous. She has a nice body, but you can barely tell with that thing on it – granny pants.

  36. Tenebre

    Asia is a total icon. The Stendhal Syndrome, Trauma, Last Days, Scarlett Diva, hell, even Land of the Dead – she’s got talent to back up that fine physique. She can write and direct, too, instantly putting her well ahead of the usual Superficial staples like Montag, Electra, Anderson and, shudder, Kate Goselin. Just saying Goselin’s name makes my penis shrivel up into an armadillo-like cocoon, never to be shown to light for 24 hours. Post more updates like this, Fish, this is the good shit. ArgentOWN.

  37. #36, yeah right. She just happened to fly under the radar of Americans…uh huh

  38. Tenebre

    #37 Last I checked she’s got a sizable following in the land of the free. Quit listening to the Top 40 and get some culture. Tool.

  39. jules

    looks very good

  40. jules

    looks very good

  41. Carolina

    I heard somewhere that she’s doing laser treatment to cancel the tattoo on her tummy. Maybe she’s wearing that ugly swimsuit to cover the rest of the tattoo, that now must be hideous…

  42. FACE

    Ridiculous – who knows who this bitch is? This site will post the most obscure nobody ordinary white chicks that no one knows just to avoid posting black chicks. Disgusting.

  43. ryan

    Google her and you’ll see the biggest muff ever

  44. allie

    asia argento is soo fuckin hot, is not like those blond bimbos. she has style, she seems strong and so sexy.

  45. Galtacticus

    Somehow you can tell from these pics that they’re all the way down from southern Europe.

  46. Rhialto

    The sun and water yes.Only that dingy doesn’t look like a charter yacht.

  47. Darth

    Sardinia? Do the sardines come from there?

  48. Cosby

    Ghost Dad FTW

  49. The LEech

    Drugs and Booze have made her look older than her 34 years.
    But she’s still better than a lot of stuff getting displayed here. Lohans, Simpsons..c’mon they all suck.

  50. jan

    AA used to have a tattoo on her stomach. Did she have it removed?

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