Ashley Alexandra Dupre offered $1 million from Joe Francis

March 18th, 2008 // 103 Comments

Joe Francis is offering Gov. Spitzer’s $4,000 a month prostitute Ashley Alexandra Dupre $1 million to tell her side of the story and do a non-nude photo spread (Eh?) in his new magazine. She’d also go on tour with Girls Gone Wild. Us Magazine reports:

“Her face is on the cover of every newspaper in the country,” Francis said in a statement. “It’s clear that the public wants to see more of her. This is a serious offer and I hope she gets back to me right away.”

Us Magazine also says Ashley has made over $200,000 off her two tracks on Amie Street. Now she stands to rake in a cool mil. It’s almost like Ashley hit the jackpot. Or it hit her on the chin. I dunno, I’m not very good with metaphors. But hopefully I’m good at seducing certain Austrian governors then hitting the big bucks. Do you think Arnold’s into blondes or brunettes? What’s Maria Shriver? Besides the walking dead.


  1. SlyAndThe FamilyStallone

    What’s with all these “model” shots and then the random, pudgy-awkward-phase high school yearbook photo down in the corner. Speaking of which, she looks like this girl from way back in my own school days that everyone used to call “Horseface”.

  2. Summer Kat

    Being a high priced whore is sure paying off big. Didn’t Hustler offer her a million too?

  3. fergernauster

    49… well, I wouldn’t say a dude… perhaps just your run-of-the-mill Jersey mall girl. Nuttin’ special, certainly.

    I still attest that Amy Winehouse (spreading face-rot & all) is far more attractive… both in AND out of bed.

  4. Cartman

    I hope Joe Francis’s new magazine does as well as Paris Hilton’s latest movie.

  5. star

    50. you are lying, right?

  6. Sheva

    With the Democrat race so contested with acrimony, it’s time to put up a third winning candidate with executive experience.

    The only candidate of the three with executive experience would be Ashley.
    Cuz she had sex with the Guv a bunch of times and as Shrillary tells us, this is the path to power. You take the resume of the person you fuck and call it your ‘experience’ and you are now all ready to be Prez.

    Ashley Dupre for Prez 08

  7. titlesswonder

    Example of how is the US to get recognition all a woman needs to do is be fake and a slut. Very nice. A woman who actually words her nads off like Hillary Clinton is just demeaned and undermined for actually being a high achiever.
    A slut is patted on the back. No wonder the world is so fucking fucked up.

  8. Stanton Hoar

    57 – “A woman who actually words her nads off like Hillary Clinton is just demeaned and undermined for actually being a high achiever.
    A slut is patted on the back. No wonder the world is so fucking fucked up.”

    No. It’s really just America.

  9. Rat

    This is a great country.
    You can be a filthy whore! Destroy a mans marriage his career and bring down a government (a good thing spritzer deserved what he got),

    And you make millions!

  10. whatever

    The two top stories are about two hos.

    One fucked a governor and is now famous and about to make a million. The other fucked a Beatle and for that a court awards her nearly $50 million.

    My, my pussy is expensive these days!

    Fuck working hard to become rich. You just need to be born with a nice pair tits and a nice ass. And, of course, be willing to either a) sell your body or b) fuck the person you claimed to love when you made your wedding vows.

    I’m beginning to think that Rosie Palm is the best friend a man could have.

  11. Burger King

    #57, I don’t care much for Hillary Clinton but you made a pretty decent point. A news anchor here in Philly called a cop a “f___cking dyke” and then punched her in the face. Her charges were unbelievably reduced. She was dropped from the news station but she’s trying to sue them. Now she wants to sue the city of New York and and the NYPD for $5 million. Her name is Alicia Lane. She’s hot (with pancake makeup) and has a nice body. Her looks helped her stay above the law. Had she been “ugly” or “overweight” then the outcome would have been quite different…

  12. Tim

    “I’m beginning to think that Rosie Palm is the best friend a man could have.”

    After he’s married for awhile, that’s definitely true. Technically it’s not infidelity if you never touch the girl.

  13. Grunion

    #46 why do women fake orgasms?

    because they think guys care.

  14. Matthew

    57 – “A woman who actually words her nads off like Hillary Clinton is just demeaned and undermined for actually being a high achiever.
    A slut is patted on the back. No wonder the world is so fucking fucked up.”

    No. It’s really just America.”

    Agreed, and I’m an American. We sound so ignorant when we generalize like that. Ever hear of Indira Gandhi? Margaret Thatcher? Angela Merkel?

  15. whatever

    “Agreed, and I’m an American. We sound so ignorant when we generalize like that. Ever hear of Indira Gandhi? Margaret Thatcher? Angela Merkel?”


  16. Abe

    Hillary clinton did NOT work her “nads off” she is a whore just like Ashly (except no one wants he).
    She has not accomplished a single thing on her own since graduating from law school.
    She became a partner at rose law firm because bill was governor.
    She became first lady because she was bills wife.
    She became a NY Senator because she was bills wife and she is running for president because she is bills wife.
    Hillary clinton is a cheap whore! nothing else!

  17. jules

    63. guys completely get off on us having an orgasm. It sets them off. So we fake them. So they hurry the fuck up and leave us the hell alone.

  18. whatever

    #49 – you mean she’s NOT a dude?!?! WTF???

  19. RIGAS

    I hope she’s surrounded herself, with some savvy business people. 1 million dollars-not enough, she should hold out for more. It’s a bidding war, which is, in her favor.
    She performed a service, something Joe Francis’s girls do for free, and on camera, for a FREE T-SHIRT. Dutifully, she kept it a secret, Client#9 got greedy, is all, he is the master of his own demise. GOD LOVE THIS COUNTRY, where ASHLEY can make more money than she ever expected out of this, we give pedophile’s(JACKSON/WOODY ALLEN/SHEEN) a pass, why not her?
    She did nothing wrong-nothing. Which 48 year old man, in his right mind, thinks a 22 year old girl would ACTUALLY be interested in him-how arrogant is that? Why would a beautiful girl NOT want to be paid to have sex with a guy who can orgasm maybe once, or twice without the prior consumption of VIAGRA-? He is a grown man-who cheated on his wife repeatedly, PAID for sex, and the best part of ALL he is going to be HIS DAUGHTERS future prototype of how a ‘husband’ should be..GOD I LOVE IT..3 daughters, not sons….
    Why should she be any more ashamed than Paris or Lindsay or Britney, or Madonna-who sound like wounded cats when they sing?

    Ultimately fate intervened, and Ashley has just fucked her last creepy old man, for money, if she chooses. From now on, the world’s perverts are at her door pounding with dollar bills hands over fist.


  20. Steve

    I hope she dies a horribly painful death in a car crash or from AIDS.

  21. NY Ted

    In the immortal words of small time hood and convicted manslaughter felon who made millions defrauding prize fighters, Don King…”Only in America.”

  22. Auntie Kryst

    Wasn’t Heather Mills a high priced call girl at one time too? Hey Sir Paul, check it out dude, two legs.

  23. stumbler

    She looks like any girl working the cash register at TJ Maxx.

  24. I wonder what the world will say when a tell them she has a penis…

  25. will

    My god what an ugly little cunt. I hope her cooch rots off.

  26. Brett

    I hope she gets a nose job with that cash. And maybe a lobotomy.

  27. Harry Ballzack


    You Been Served Lewinski !!!
    Now break out that latest line of purses.
    What’s that you say?
    Your business went bankrupt and closed back in 04?
    Meh …..That’s okay ……. We have this new girl to make fun of named Ashley Dupre.
    I’ll count the days until her claim to fame erodes too

  28. Harry Ballzack

    @70 – What’s she supposed to look like ?

  29. Harry Ballzack

    @73- sry – What’s she supposed to look like ?
    @70 – nobody gets out of life alive – but that’s just evil

  30. havoc

    No nudity?

    I think Bagel Boy is losing it…..


  31. Holly

    Is it $4000 a MONTH or $4000 a DATE? I thought it was that much per night/date.

    $4000 is Walmart-cheap if that’s a whole month of poonany. That’s only about $133 a day for limitless G-hole access. She’s no “high-end call girl” if it’s $133 a day–she’s a Blue Ball Special.

  32. LL

    Ya know, #69 RIGAS has convinced me.
    I think “whore” has to be one of the top 5 worst jobs there is. Fucking gross old guys or dudes who want to be diapered or any of the other things hookers have to do. I wouldn’t advise the “sex worker” career track to anyone.

    But unlike most hookers, she appears to be making out like a bandit. I certainly cannot fault her for that. I won’t be paying for any of her crappy music, but if she can come out of this better than she did going in, or at least no worse, I gotta give her props. Usually, it happens the other way around: the whore gets trashed as a scumbag and the rich old dude who paid her (and thus supports the profession that all “decent” people supposedly are opposed to) gets away with just a little dent on his reputation and that “boys will be boys” bullshit rationale.

    I don’t admire her, necessarily, but I don’t wish her ill, either. She provided a service. Something lots of companies that supposedly deliver services can’t manage to do reliably. This puts her ahead of Time Warner Cable and GEICO in my book. At least when she screws people, they leave gratified. When’s the last time a conversation with your bank, cable company or phone company left you happy?

  33. Owen

    I thought it was $4k/hr – not month!

  34. George Best

    Joe Francis is my hero. The things he can get girls to do for free costs governors of states big bucks. He does not have to hide what he is and girls still do it. Then he makes money off them and then gets girls to do things that cost money essentially meaning what these girls are doing cost Joe nothing.

    As long as there is pussy and men with money there will be stories like this. Women who are born attractive take advantage of it. Women who arent attractive end up as bitter men hating liberals. When you arent a 22 yr old stud anymore but your tastes still want young hotties with tight bodies, I am proud to be able to pay for it. Old women have to resort to paying black studs and traveling to Africa to get a young guy and it usually costs much more.

    Women might have the advantages when we are young and they can joke about casually cheating and faking orgasms, but when we are old, it is the men who get all the action.

  35. twzzlrgirl

    Why are these high-profile, high-priced whores always so damn ugly??? I can’t figure it out. My guess is most guys wouldn’t take a second look if they saw her on the street….so how do they command such a high price with the politicians, actors, etc.? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Her dick-sucking skills must be over the top.

  36. Jess

    Is he still dating that cute reporter girl in LA or is he moving on to pursure sluts?

  37. BarelyStearn

    …and the 15 minutes of fame expires….NOW!

  38. Grammarwhore

    I think it was $4,000 a night….

  39. Wendy


    You are cluless about Hillary. You sound like a lonely bitter man who masturbates several times a day to Internet porn.

  40. Mrs. Robinson


    Women who are young and attractive can always get an education towards a reliable career and do not have to whore themselves to earn money.

    So now an attractive and successful woman gets into her 30s, 40s, 50s and there are still men out there that find us attractive and desire us. Trust me, I know from experience. These men range from age 18 thru 60s. And a lot of them are fit and attractive, some young, some middle aged, and some old.

  41. The Graduate

    @90 Are you trying to seduce me?

  42. Miss

    She looks very Jewish.

  43. mer

    It’s a shame that Joe Francis still has a million dollars.

  44. government lesson

    Um, 40—a lawyer IS someone who passed the BAR exam. If you went to law school and didn’t pass the BAR exam, not much is going to happen for you in your law career. They are not mutually exclusive. And governors need not be lawyers (or BAR passers, as you differentiate). It’s the legislature that makes and interprets the law, not the executive branch. For that matter, you don’t have be a lawyer to make the laws, you just have to be a certain age and receive the popular vote. You are right, it doesn’t make sense to interpret laws when you are not educated in the law, but that is how it goes. Not trying to be bitchy, just setting it straight.

  45. You can watch Ashley’s x-rated videos from her 18th birthday at If you think shes hot now, wait til you see her in these videos. WOW! :)

  46. Jsan

    …children, let that be a lesson to you.


    That girl has obviously been “picking” at her face. Sure she has infitaigo. its an infection caused by bacteria under your finger nails comming in contact with open wounds.

    ie, she was TWEAKED and clawed the $4!+ out of her face. repeatdly. know her scumbag of a boyfriend i’snt (wasn’t) much of a gem but, he kept her from being ^ this bad.

  47. Jsan

    sry, ashley. that was supposed to be for Amy whinehouse crystal meth smoking @$$ ..
    ur hot , if u werent a hooker. …im mean seriously being a whore is one thing…unelss you get paid for that kinda thing.
    Might as well throw a parade for an astronaut for going to the moon…oh sry

  48. Cello

    #78 If she did die from AIDS, her face would probably look similar to Amy Winehouse’s.


    Dont feel sad for her, she only has to sleep with about 300 more men to be a millionair, piece of cake :)

  50. Barry

    She is cute and sexy. She is also my favorite. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “”
    last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

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