You Have My Attention, ‘Pixels’

The only thing I know about Pixels is that it’s an Adam Sandler movie, so right off the bat I know way too much and will forever have to live with my shame. But then I saw these pics of Ashley Benson looking hot as shit while wielding double katanas as a perfectly mulleted Peter Dinklage runs behind her with a space bazooka and realized, wait, this isn’t a movie set. This is Heaven. Actual Heaven. Or you can believe that stupid kid’s story about Jesus’ horse which sounds super exciting. “What’s that, Didn’t Really Die Boy? Jesus’ horse ate a carrot? A whole carrot? All by itself?! Fuck space titties and midget mullets, let’s tell people about that. Hey, everybody, Jesus’ horse likes carrots! Orange ones, too! BOO-YEAH.”

Photos: Pacific Coast News