Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz confirm pregnancy (Whee.)

May 28th, 2008 // 71 Comments

While this comes as a shock to absolutely no one, Ashlee and Pete Wentz finally confirmed they have a bun in the oven last night on their website

“While many have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child. This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family.”

- Pete and Ashlee Wentz

This news confirms that their asshat video about making a baby was, in fact, a sad indicator of the future. Super duper. I’m overjoyed for their unborn fetus. Go ahead and take a good look at your father, kid. I believe there’s a technical term for your situation. What was it again? Oh, right: UNBELIEVABLY FUCKED. Best of luck to you, Baby Wentz.

Photos: Splash News

  1. K

    don’t these people believe in birth control? sheesh.

  2. Bob

    Everyone knew she was pregnant when they rushed to tie the knot so suddenly.

  3. Bob

    Everyone knew she was pregnant when they rushed to tie the knot so suddenly.

  4. gabrielle

    i hope the kid gets its looks from jessica. Then It Might Have A Chance

  5. gabrielle

    i hope the kid gets its looks from jessica. Then It Might Have A Chance

  6. sammy

    shotgun wedding……Boooooooyahhhh!!!!! is it just me or does he seem like a flamer?

  7. NY Ted

    Umm…what do these two losers do for income again…???

  8. Ted Mosby

    Papa Joe must’ve paid Wentz off to bear his kid, I mean grandchild.

  9. Groucho

    I like that he’s a celebrity. It gives hope to retards everywhere. Look at those adorable retard shoes he’s wearing, I bet he even managed to put them on himself!

  10. kitty_kat

    Well, now we have confirmation of what we already knew: this was a shotgun wedding. I don’t even know why they bothered denying it.

  11. getoverit

    Well, he may dress like an idiot and look kinda gay, and they may have gotten married quickly due to her pregnancy, but they always seem to look genuinely happy together – and like the joke’s on everyone else.

  12. Hey Bob and Gabrielle—one click-that’s it..

    Where’s Binky?

  13. Confirm what ?…Whatever…
    My sources are now saying – Cliff Notes, Binky, Knee Ya Ha Ha, ‘Frank’ from 16th floor, Public at LARGE, and those other ‘hangers on’ will now confirm – …Inside Job.

  14. Binky

    Good timing Frist.
    I had previous commitments -
    it’s a jungle out there. Life is full of, like challenges…etc.
    But I really should come up with some new material as someone said – or create a few more characters.
    Emma from England ?
    Bruce from Australia ?
    Steven Park from Korea ?…

    Knee Ya Ha Ha : Inside job ?

  15. (Frist – your Spokane Chiefs seem a bit destructive)
    (Win the thing – don’t trash the thing… etc)

  16. Can you imagine the chin that thing is going to have?

  17. Well – now that you mention it #16 …no…..
    Inside job ?

  18. Alex H

    wow, well, shotgun wedding, everyone saw THAT coming- that baby is going to be sooo unlucky- think about ashlee’s looks BEFORE PLASTIC SURGERY + pete wentz’s looks. yeah, i hope he/she inherits jessicas looks…
    and speaking of, too bad for jess. i bet she’s feelin pretty old-maidish right now, considering she had the fairy tale wedding, fairy tale life…then got divorced with no children. hah. karma’s a bitch.

  19. For those of you, keeping score at home – gravity don’t do explosions…..
    ( you can’t make this stuff up As Willie Nelson said – How stupid do they think we are ?)

  20. Me

    This is a trick with mirrors right? I mean, I’m looking at a picture of the same person, once dressed up like a woman – although which side I’m not too sure …

  21. Alex H

    i guess ashlee didnt follow the whole “virgin til my wedding night” thing like jessica (apparently) did…im surprised papa Joe didnt make a big deal of that about ashlee, if only for publicity. oh well.. i guess having her pregnant before her wedding would get just as much media attn.

  22. So, Cliff – This ‘Gawker’ site has obviously shown their true colors on the previous link and continued their descent into ‘treasonable’.
    Cliff Notes : The gravity thing pretty well convicts them Bink.
    Gravity just don’t bring down buildings like that.

  23. So #20, & 21 – Inside job ?
    Having any problems with free fall collapse speed …etc. ?
    ( I predict you leave – and you never seen again )

  24. English Bob

    They look like brother and sister, that’s some sick shit right there!!!

  25. Dumdidum

    #24: That’s what I thought! Who knows, maybe Papa Joe was quite busy elsewhere and he really is.

  26. vm

    i actually remember a few months ago reading on a few websites that Papa Joe was impressed with how it was trendy to famous women to have baby such as Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears and was impressed with the idea of how much selling baby pics cost…..was hoping one of his girls would get pregnant so he could earn a profit. And then Ashley gets pregant and married in the span of a month. This is all a publicity stunt planned by Papa Joe to earn more $$$$$$.

  27. asda

    I think Hollywood has a higer birth rate than Mexico at this point. Think its time to break out the sex-education lessons again and stop this de-evolution in its path. After this post, truly futable evidence now exists to link a high birth rate to feeble development. Just attempt calculating the mean IQ in Hollywood if you require further proof.

  28. Hey_Dude


    Joe Simpson sure is smart.He convinces {etey that the best way to cover up his gayness is too pretend that he’s the daddy,when we all know Joe doesn’t share his pussy.

  29. frank

    How does this guy not know what a fucking idiot he looks like?

  30. Reel World

    I give these two idiots til the end of summer.

  31. Reel World

    I give these two idiots til the end of summer.

  32. Jeezy

    She looks like a man, he looks like a flaming fag. There’s no way he’s the father or she’s the mother…

  33. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    The pregnant one is the tinkerbell on the right? I can’t tell. I mean, if I have to guess, the one on the right is/has the vagina.

  34. snarky

    WGAFF?! (a.k.a…who gives a flying fuck)

  35. Auntie Kryst

    Given both their respective fan bases are 13 year old girls, they will never have trouble locating a babysitter..

  36. wha.wha.wha?

    …don’t know who Pete Wentz is…but if was him I’d be pissed looking at pictures of Ashley holding hands with this creepy lesbian chick…

  37. runnergal

    the message on her purse is psycho.

  38. Rick

    Pete Wentz is such a loser, Nice shoes douche’bag.

  39. Fat Mouse

    They look like the same person. Weird.

  40. gotmilk?

    39, they do. maybe they style each other’s hair.

    nice teeth pete. did you get a referral from Hillary Duff?

  41. #41, well, I don’t think Pete is a “billionaire” , but stil….U wreak of idiotdumbassness..

  42. toolboy

    Haters! Pete got those shoes from his pal Marty. Marty McFly that is. I bet he’s wearing the matching thong….

  43. Roy

    She is cute and sexy. She is also my favorite. I saw her profile on “S e e k i n g R i c h . c o m ” last week. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  44. KrispyKremeMcDonalds

    This is the kind of shit that makes infertile couples want to kill themselves….

    Kill the parents and give the baby to Brangelina.

  45. Kate

    Really, Roy? Considering she just got married and is knocked up, that’s some social calendar she’s keeping.

    You’re a tool. Spam somewhere else. No one is clicking on your fucking site.

  46. Kate

    Really, Roy? Considering she just got married and is knocked up, that’s some social calendar she’s keeping.

    You’re a tool. Spam somewhere else.

  47. Kate

    Oops, sorry for the double post.

  48. Bacon Uber Allles

    “While many have speculated about this”

    Ya I heard they had to shut down the UN because the tension was just too much. Thanks god the world can finally let out it’s breath.

  49. britney's weave

    i can’t wait for the stories from dss when these two get caught trying to flat-iron the peach fuzz on their newborn’s head.

  50. Sport

    Nice fag boots homo.

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