Ashlee Simpson Felt Sorry For Pete Wentz, So She Toyed With His Emotions

March 15th, 2011 // 34 Comments

“Want to hear the most annoying sound in the world? EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

Ashlee Simpson might have ended her marriage with Pete Wentz to bang his best friend, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still care about him. So like a kind, loving friend she hung out with him over the weekend knowing full well he’d kill to get back together and raise their son as a family. TMZ reports:

Ashlee and Pete hit up In-N-Out and Taco Bell, but there is no reconciliation. Pete is leaving town today for a month-long series of concerts, and she wanted to boost his spirits before he left.
Our sources say Pete never wanted the divorce and would get back with Ashlee in a second, but she definitely wants out of the marriage.

Probably the coldest trick any woman can do is agree to hang out with the guy whose heart she just ripped in two. Which is why this is the funniest post I’ve written all day. I mean, can you imagine Pete Wentz’s face when she said going to their house and “just cuddling” would be a bad idea? Ahaha! He probably cried right into his Gorillaz wool cap. AHAHAHAHAHA! *wipes tear* Does being a horrible asshole ever stop being hilarious? Because I’m honestly not seeing a bottom here.

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  1. i want to fee sorry for him but he’s a fuckin vegetarian lol. that’s girl’s sport, sorry.

  2. Eric

    Hey Pete – stop hanging around outside the bathroom windows of gay bars.

  3. jew

    that’s no nice. the guy actually wants to stick with his family and raise his child. that is a noble trait. this is why new york guys shouldn’t go with california girls.

    new yorkers have passion, character and values. californians are fake, hedonistic, and only live in the moment — who will cut and run as soon as things get boring or rough.

  4. jew

    correction, he is from chicago. close enough.

  5. Dan

    *sigh* Pete – she enjoys torturing you. It’s up to you to make it stop.

  6. jew

    and she is from texas…so, well, you get the point i was going towards.

    you don’t marry someone, have a family with them, and then just get bored and leave.

    • Fletch

      I’m from Texas and I DON’T get the point. I’m highly offended……..although not as offended as having to share this state with the Simpson Sluts.

  7. LJ

    “…..Pete is leaving town today for a month-long series of concerts, and she wanted to boost his spirits before he left.”

    Boost his spirits before he left??????

    Did she say “Keep thinking bout me with my legs wrapped around Craig screaming his name as he pounds me every night” as he was walking out the door?

    Just the type of memory to bring out on the road.

    • Ashley Simpson is trying to boost his spirits by gorging on fast food with him?

      I think as a successful musician leaving on tour, he’ll be boosting his own spirits by gorging on fast vaginas.

  8. Lena

    I’ll have that stuck in my head all day, thanks

  9. You don’t see a bottom? You are looking at a picture of Pete Wentz! Pretty sure he is a “bottom”…

  10. Who knows… Maybe this bad life experience will inspire him to make a decent song now…

  11. Pete Wentz = Rock Hudson

    Unless he makes this dude bite the curb

  12. jew

    just saying she has no class. i’ve been in his shoes. its no fun realizing the person you loved and wanted to spend the rest of your life with is at core an evil, manipulative, immature little girl.

  13. pee

    In-n-out AND taco bell?! Looks like she is following in Jessica’s footsteps afterall.

  14. Star Droppings

    You cannot respect a man who releases pictures of himself masturbating on the internet, and doesn’t even have the decency to slip on a pair of crocs.

  15. Bob Geldolf

    How dare that whore do this to my long lost product of a fling with Boy George

  16. …and today Pete Wentz announced his new music project “Rebound Boy”

  17. One Ball Joe

    He’s trash, she’s trash, those fake blonde Hef leftover twins are trash, Ke$ha’s trash, and one of my nuts got ripped off on a barbed wire fence.

  18. mos rough

    Does he realize he can replace Ashlee with a hot maid? Guys do this all the time. Shell cook, clean, give you hot sex, wash your feet, blow you first thing in the morning, make you sandwiches, and they wont fuck your best friends. They don’t ask you for much, probably a visa maybe. Stop putting yourself through emotional pains, dude.

    • A hot maid can still fuck your best friend.

      But your point is well made. Charlie Sheen has the right of it…it’s far, far cheaper and less emotionally torturing to just pay professionals for the services you require, than to marry chicks and beg them to behave like a human being, then pay them anyway when they decide to cash out.

  19. Chicklette

    Of course we don’t know the situation, but these Simpson girls seem to get bored with the nice guys. At least we all know this guy had a large penis. I say hold onto him.

  20. This guy was the good looking one in a decent band of ugly people. Now he’s crap in crap. Just thinking aloud

  21. the captain

    this is a practise for licking his boy friends anus clean.

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