I Want To Smoke The ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 Trailer Like A Cigarette

May 13th, 2013 // 14 Comments
Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer
WATCH: 'Arrested Development' Season 4 Trailer

Netflix dropped a trailer for the fourth season of Arrested Development last night, and I’ve already told all my friends and family to fuck themselves in the face because this is all I’ll be doing all day Memorial Day. Although, for the record, this isn’t as badass as it sounds considering I said the exact same thing last year to take a nap, and the year before that because I just had burgers the other night. I’m a joy to be around.


  1. FattyFatty2X4

    I loved, loved, loved this show too Fish.
    It made it okay to feel the way I feel about my cousin.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Ive actually never watched this show, before, but it looks pretty funny.

    I just could never tolerate the constant commercial breaks of network shows.

  3. damn fish you start talking about cigarettes and I thought de rossi on the video still up top was lindsay fucking lohan. sorry, portia.

  4. tlmck

    I tried three episodes of the original run. Watched the premiere and did not get it. Watched a second one later in the season and did not get it either. Watched the first episode of the second season and really, really did not get it. Of course I should offer the disclaimer that I do not now, nor have I ever done illegal drugs or consumed alcoholic beverages.

    • JPC

      You should also offer the disclaimer that you do not now, nor have you ever, had a sense of humor.

    • It’s a show that you really have to watch consecutively. They just build all the jokes on other jokes. You know what, on second thought, fuck it. If you don’t get this show immediately ^^^^ what that guy said up there. And you should start drinking and doing drugs immediately.

    • tlmck

      Forgot to add that I am also over 12 years old which was apparently the average age of the script writers. I only gave the show a shot as I was a fan of Jason Bateman a and Portia.

      No big deal, I’ll just stick with Big Bang Theory. In addition to the jokes, I also understand the mathematical and scientific references.

  5. Reece

    I suspect this is what a hit of heroine feels like

  6. I’m glad they’re bringing back on of my favourite shows of all time.

  7. Ash

    I INHALED every episode on Netflix and could not believe it had been cancelled. I’m so glad it is back! It will be difficult to not inhale this season too. Must….have….restraint!

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