This Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas Party Video Will Melt Your Goddamn Mind

Above is a vintage, and from henceforth classic, Arnold Schwarzenegger video from some sort of ill-advised Christmas party where he literally tells a room full of children that in Austria, instead of Santa, the fucking DEVIL appears in your room at night and tells you everything you did wrong while swinging chains at you. He then follows that up by making Mike Tyson and Danny DeVito show up and shout/sing into their goddamn faces. Also, look for a surprisingly non-Predator-faced Maria Shriver to dance into the room and immediately dance right back out once she realizes everyone in there is getting groped starting with the elderly woman who, Maria will eventually concede, was asking for it in those orthopedic shoes. “Hur ahs velt like da pudding,” Arnold explained.

h/t Buzzfeed