Antonella Barba “topless” pics

March 8th, 2007 // 111 Comments

  1. fluffbottom

    She looks .. smart.

  2. And these are scandalous how?

  3. leezastudio

    but i don’t get it, it says topless, by topless you mean seathrough, there is not one good nipple shot :( dissapointed, and these are supposed to be scandelous? i agree, scandelous how. i mean if she was getting it in the butt from a pony or somehting, now that would be scandelous

  4. Tekniqz

    In picture #23 it looks like a wookie is trying to escape from her back pocket… oh my bad, that’s her back hair.

  5. Michelle

    dude, I saw these like two weeks ago….
    the site that broke these was on larry king live last night. way to keep up.

  6. mztry

    See what an asshole loser you are?

  7. jrzmommy

    She did a good job picking contrast-cows for girlfriends.

  8. booya

    I can just see her website now: “When I am at home there obviously nothing better to do than get sheets out and pose infront of them, dont you think my brothers hate is the dope?. And when I am out on the town there is nothing I love more than to shower in a fountain” xxx Antonella

  9. Nice lower back hair in the ass crack shot. She’s probably a typical guinea chick, she’ll fuck you and your five friends but she demands respect.

  10. bluebanta

    She took those wet t-shirt pictures at the World War II memorial in Washington d.c.

  11. amaritimer

    it looks like modeling photos for the most part. If they give her the boot, she should sue them for imposing on her ‘artistic’ freedom.

    Then she should make a donkey/midget porno. And call that ‘expressing herself’ in her own sexual freedom.

  12. mika85

    didn’t one chick get disqualified a while back for doing something similar? i think it was porn though, right? seems like it’s okay to be a role model, pose nude and/or be as skanky as you want, as long as you’re skinny and pretty, of course. (re: miss usa)

  13. supafreak

    Talk about being late on a scandal. Word is that she will tour elementary schools singing “If You’re Happy And You Know It”.

    Check out those horse choppers she has in the bathroom pic. Mhhhrrr! I wouldn’t mind being that basketball though.

  14. jrzmommy

    Damn that’s pretty awful. Not much to say here except that I hope she gets better.

  15. Oh, and as a side note, those fountain shots were taken at the US WWII memorial in Washington DC. Classy, what a way to commemorate our heroic dead by allowing some wop broad with way too much gum to prance about in those sacred waters. Maybe she was re-enacting the liberation of Sicily, where US forces were greeted with adoration and bouts of VD.

  16. Wow Just Wow

    The mop pic sums it up.

    She’s nothing but a mall rat on myspace with a digital camera.

  17. PunjabPete

    wet t-shirt now equals topless in this world?
    The HORROR!!

    She looks damn good though… I don’t know one straight man who would not take that around the block a couple of times if given the chance… Personally, I hit that until something broke…

    Now we know why this tone deaf hottie is still on the show….

  18. veggi

    she’s so getting voted off tonight!

  19. Wow Just Wow

    What’s with the wiping on the toilet pic?


  20. Antonella Barbara is really in love with this 12 year old body. i mean come on now. my 7 year old nephew has bigger boobs than this…and he’s not even overweight!
    and what goes on in the booty pics half-naked areas? i mean really, if Antonella Barbara was a star, i would see why these pics are important. but she’s a WANNABE! a fuckin runner up for crying out loud. if i hadn’t looked at these pics more closely, i would have assumed she was screech from saved by the bell!

  21. Wow Just Wow


    Girls weren’t this bad when I was growing up.

  22. Rumbler

    Ah…memories. Just to go back to college for one more day. Those girls can do the darndest things after a beer funnel and a few lines.

  23. boinsie

    I’d have kicked her off if it were my show, if only for being a retard.

  24. RichPort

    I knew it, here we go…the WWII memorial. The soldiers – you know, the ones who do the actual fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the other deployments, and sometimes die, or get seriously wounded by explosives and come home to fight for the privilege of sitting in some crumbling mold-infested VA Hospital room to be treated by a bottom-of-the-barrel medical team, then released to their now financially ruined families, because that’s the best we taxpayers are willing to do for them – the soldiers would love to have these very pictures, for “companionship” during all the lonely times abroad. So enough of the phony housewifely outrage. The memorial is for the real men who made the ultimate sacrifice, not some ridiculously bowlderized version of them to be shown on TV right after the “Touched By An Angel” marathon.

  25. Who is this girl and why should I care….?

  26. veggi

    have you lost your marbles richport?

  27. She’s good lookin’, but she’s not the best singer on Idol.

  28. These are not new?? I’m confused

  29. jrzmommy

    15–Jrztroll–did you mean for that one to be on the Johnny Depp thread, or do you want Antonella to feel better? that water is pretty skanky at the memorials…..she may indeed have impetego, so your heartfelt wishes would not be entirely out of line.

  30. MassGrrl

    She can’t sing, but I’d take her to bed in a heartbeat.

  31. FH

    Antonella only appears as hot as she does because of the people she surrounds herself with. Has anyone else noticed how fug her girlfriends are?

  32. Sox

    If you really need more of an Antonella fix (and, hey – who ever gets tired of the hag?) … here’s even more pictures:

  33. Daldianus

    She’s so damn hot.

  34. itspat

    “I’d take her to bed” lmao. welcome to the Harlequin romance novel thread.

  35. Lowlands

    Frist i was thinking Antonella Barba is the little sister of Antonio banderos or something.But anyways there’re zillions of other employers,where’re her blowjobpics??

  36. stelahh

    the pics are so university. what hot girl doesn’t have her share of them on a friend webspace. unfortunate it’s so public though. i’m glad i was never ‘exposed’ during my wild years…

  37. JaeMae

    I dont know who should be more embarassed, this chick or her fatty friends who are now all over the internet.

  38. I personally love the one of her taking a shit. Now that’s classy. There’s your American Idol right there, people. Middle finger and all.

    P.S. Her tits are as fake as her personality. American Idol is lame.

  39. ph7


    I’m voting for her with every cell phone I can get my hand on tonight.

    That’s some damn fine booty. And I love to see her beat out all the contestants with singing talent – because that smoking hot body is the ultimate talent.

  40. MassGrrl

    “I’d take her to bed” lmao. welcome to the Harlequin romance novel thread.
    Fine, #36. I’d eat her pussy until my face was all shiny and then fuck her with a huge strap-on until she begged me to stick it in her ass.


  41. chiris

    OMG, How scandalous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. HollyJ

    I can’t believe that only posts 4 and 10 commented on her llama-like BACK HAIR. You’d be hard-pressed to find her lumbar spine under all that wig.

    How can ANY guy want to do a chick that has more back hair than he does???

    Yeah, those tits are SUPER fake. Tupperware bowls with skin pulled over them.

    She can’t sing worth a shit either, but she’ll have her 10min of fame, thanks to ScumLord Joe Francis. ack

  43. StoneRose

    Aw, c’mon you guys. I mean, who HASN’T taken photos of themselves naked, double hog-tied in red ropes with another chick on a white fur dais…oh…too much info? >:)

  44. supafreak

    For the record, the 6 blowjob pics on the net are not her. And you can find the other 50 pics of her all over.

  45. HughJorganthethird

    Is she actaully giving someone the finger in some of these photos? OH MY GOD. I’ve never seen anyone do that before. How original and rebellious. She certainly lives on the edge that’s for sure. What’s next is she going to start flashing the peace sign? I can only imagine the how pissed Blohan will be…

  46. itspat

    “Fine, #36. I’d eat her pussy until my face was all shiny and then fuck her with a huge strap-on until she begged me to stick it in her ass.

    Better? ”

    no. lesbians make Baby Jesus cry.

  47. Twizlah

    she’s young, dumb and full of cum.

  48. blahblahblah

    am i the only one who doesn’t think she’s good looking at all? since the first time i saw her on american idol i was just like meh. its probably her sorta-plain-horse-like face.

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