Anton Yelchin’s Death Triggers Class Action Lawsuit Over Jeep Recall

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed that Anton Yelchin’s death was the result of a rollaway issue that forced Fiat Chrsyler to recall 1.1 million Jeep Grand Cherokees*watches Photo Boy’s erection grow three times in size* – as of this post, it’s still the most likely explanation for the freak accident that caused his Jeep to slam him into a metal security gate leaving him for dead. Which brought to light that Fiat Chrysler alerted customers of the issue back in April of this year, but never made a fix available to dealers until just days before Anton was killed and has prompted a lawsuit about what Fiat Chrysler actually knew and when. TMZ reports:

The suit claims Fiat Chrysler knew about the defect in the shifting device for at least 2 years but concealed the information, resulting in dozens of injuries and very possibly Yelchin’s death.
The suit targets what it says is “one of the most basic safety features in every car” — the gear shifter.

Of course, this is the part where someone inevitably spouts off about “personal responsibility” and thinks they’re clever by bringing up the McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit without knowing how all kinds of legitimate that suit actually was. Because apparently this is America where we should let corporations sell cars that turn into two ton boxes of rolling death because it would’ve cut into profit margins to fix a design flaw in the gear shift. And here’s the really fucked up part that prevented all of this from happening as quietly as Fiat Chrysler was banking on:

A famous actor isn’t supposed to die like this. You and I are.

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Photo: Getty