Antoine Dodson Says It’s Okay To Eat Chick-fil-A, That’s All I Needed To Hear

July 27th, 2012 // 72 Comments
Antoine Dodson Chick-fil-A
WATCH: Antoine Dodson Is Gonna Eat That Chick'n Sandwich

Thanks to this whole Chick-fil-A business, I’ve found myself gripped in an epic internal struggle to reconcile my insatiable love for delicious chicken sandwiches with defending gay rights from religious bigots who won’t think twice about lying for Jesus. (Here’s how that’s going: My car smells like waffle fries.) But then yesterday, like a dreadlocked knight, gay Internet sensation Antoine Dodson appeared and told the world (above) if he wants a chicken sandwich, he’s gonna eat a chicken sandwich. After taking careful stock of the YouTube reactions like the wise sage that he is, Antoine pulled his hair back and made another video (after the jump) defending his position and literally dropped the most profound statement I’ve ever heard in this entire debate and not just because it freed me to shove guilt-free Jesus chicken into my mouth:

“The people at the restaurant are nice, they greet me kindly. Those people work really hard and they have families and stuff and they need to keep their jobs. I’m not supporting the hatin’ man in charge, I’m supporting them hard workers in the kitchen.

Two whole weeks of non-stop political discussion from our nation’s top pundits, and all it took was one sentence from the “They rapin’ errbody out here” guy on YouTube to put this bitch to bed. Seriously, what else is there to say? “Don’t support the hatin’ ass man, support the worker giving you that chicken.” Charlie Sheen may have talked about dropping truth bombs, but this is the first one I’ve actually seen detonated. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to drive to Chick-fil-A and inform them a gay black man said it’s okay for me to eat there. I see them responding well to that.

Antoine Dodson: In Defense of Waffle Fries (Full Disclosure: I understood about four sentences of this.)

Also, for those of you who don’t know who Antoine Dodson is, he’s the man who not only saved his sister from a rapist but followed it up by dropping this performance on the local news:

The reaction you’re looking for is, “Holy shit, Jesus really is black. And gay?”


  1. Arlene

    You shouldn’t eat at Chick-Fil-a for political reasons. You shouldn’t eat there because it’s crap.

    • Logic or grammar fail? You decide.

      • Sam

        Thank God someone else saw that. The grammar fail far outshines the logic fail. That being said, grammar fails that happen during an attempt to make an argumentative point are almost always comedy WINS. =D

        I give it one Like just for that.

  2. Triscuit

    Chick-fil-a is delicious. The owner is….

    well, the chicken is delicious, anyway.

  3. Mike

    You should walk there since the gas you put in your car comes from OPEC and they put gay people to death. I don’t see Hollywood boycotting them though.

  4. T. Cruise

    Antoine likes to keep his fingers greasy.

  5. Dan Cathy is using this video to further his anti-gay cause. Antoine Dodson is using this video to further his income and cocks.

  6. Yeah…still not going to eat there. Then again, I’ve been avoiding the place for over 10 years now since I first found out about their political stances. I’m honestly surprised about all the hubbub about it now…it’s not like they’ve been subtle about this shit. It’s been out there for a long time.

    • Nate

      Sounds like your ten your boycott is really putting them in trouble. Eat what you want, buy what you want, do whatever you’d like…anything you do means exactly zero in the big picture.

  7. DeucePickle

    I had Chic Fil A yesterday and even though I’m a divorced single dad and not married to my first wife, I’m not an over-sensitive pussy that gives a shit what some old man believes or doesn’t believe.
    And that shit was fucking delicious !

  8. MichelleQ

    Nailed it:

    “The reaction you’re looking for is, “Holy shit, Jesus really is black. And gay?”

    I had no idea Antoine Dodson was so awesome. It’s funny that he makes more sense then most educated straight white folks (especially when he is stoned – 2nd video)…Antoine can’t be bothered if he can’t marry a guy in his state, he likes to travel anyways! Haha

  9. cc

    Well, that raises an interesting question about boycotts. I refuse to buy gas at Esso (Exxon) stations because of the whole Exxon Valdez disaster. But each station is owned by a franchisee, so in a way I am hurting the franchisee, BUT how the hell else can I punish Exxon for being a great, big scumsucking organization run by amoral bastards?

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      It’s not like Exxon only sells Exxon gas at Exxon stations. You are probably putting a bit of cash in Exxon’s pocket no matter where you fill up.

  10. Smapdi

    It is some damn tasty chicken. Tried to duplicate the taste using a pressure cooker and an online copycat recipe, but it was a fail, so its back to the restaurant. And what am I supposed to do, check the political worldview of everyone from the farm to the plate for everything I eat and make sure there are no haters involved? I’d starve.

  11. Weepeel

    I don’t eat Ben & Jerry’s because they’re liberal pieces of shit. Isn’t that so rational of me?

    • Smapdi

      You should try the Ben & Jerry’s ‘Phish Food’. That shit could make Michelle Bachmann go down on Whoopie Goldberg.

    • grobpilot

      Yeah, they’re liberal pieces of shit and their ice cream is just about the most expensive stuff you can find. Doesn’t that fly in the face of most liberals’ anti-capitalist, pro-socialist views? They want to bring down capitalism but they want to make billions of capitalist dollars along the way. Hypocrites.

      • morga

        “Liberals wanting to bring down capitalism” is one of those things that people only learn by listening to wise sages like Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity. Most liberals/ progressive support honest, community-driven capitalism far more than phony plutocrats do.

  12. bbiowa

    The most curious thing about this whole kerfuffle is how it’s come down to gay rights vs. delicious chicken. WHEN HAS THAT CHICKEN EVER BEEN DELICIOUS? Stuff tastes like ass. Salty, spicy ass. With a pickle.

  13. Jill

    I’m still not eating there, but seriously, those dicks need to give up the secret about their use of the perfect amount of pickle per sandwich. It’s not fair to hold onto secrets like that.

  14. lily

    LOL. I love chick fil a…that and sonic are the only fast food places i will ever eat

  15. Leila

    But I am not eating there anyway, mostly because all fastfood chains are basically the antichrist–bringing us heart disease, diabetes, increased cancer rates, and so much more foul shit.
    This only makes it easier to pass up on this particular brand of graverobbing.

  16. Antoine Dodson is a national treasure. I would much rather listen to his opinions than some blowhard like Bill O’Reilly or Bill Maher.

  17. Buck

    Liberals are ridiculous

  18. rican

    What the fuck is wrong with you liberal morons? So the owner not agreeing with you on a political issue makes him a hateful homophobe?!?! You’re like spoiled little kids, grow up. Gay marriage is not a right, retards. There’s also civil unions, which will grant gays the same rights as in marriage. Why are you so nasty and hateful towards people that do not agree with your intent to change the meaning of this word?

    • Herbalchic

      I am free to not give business to a bigoted asshole. If that makes me nasty and hateful, well then I really don’t give a shit.

      • Buck

        You are free to give business where ever you want, nobody gives a fuck about you. Its when politicians like the mayor’s of Chicago and Boston pick and choice winners and losers based on their own social views thats disturbing. Liberals are very ridiculous people.

      • Nate

        I’m sure they’re scared out of their mind that a bunch of soft vegan liberal losers are still not going to be eating their delicious chicken.

      • rican

        You proved my point Herb – because they do not agree with you they must be bigoted assholes. Of course, you are entitled to express your opinion, even if it makes you look like an intransigent fool.

      • JK

        Agreed. Dislike the owner, fine but do it with some class. He has his opinion, you have yours who don’t like him for it, but at least he did it without getting ugly. I for one will keep eating there as the food is great, and as the gay guy in the video put it, even if you hate the owner, you’re just punishing hardworking individuals who work for the company by not going there. Also if you were a fan you’re denying yourself a nice meal as well as that greasy with some chicken hidden inside it at KFC isn’t going to cut it. :)

        I find it sad that the company owner says what he does and it’s considered hate. But those who wish death on him, death to the company, raging for boycotts, attacking others who go there…somehow they’re not haters. Double standard bullshit plain and simple.

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      civil unions / marriage

      that worked wonderfully.

    • What?

      i remember you ranting off about the same issue last year and i think you already got told then that civil unions don’t give the same benefits as heterosexual marriages. if you’re going to ignore facts being presented to you, please don’t come in here with the same bullshit. or at the very least, use a different handle. moron.

      • Mike Walker

        Any differences in legal rights between marriage and civil unions could be changed with legislation, if that was really the issue. It all comes down to paperwork. I have no stake in this either way but I don’t like being shamed into supporting an agenda I see as largely unnecessary.

      • rican

        What?, WTF, do you have a life, or are you the Superficial Post Police, dedicated to memorizing and filing Superficial posts for future use? You’re a real winner. Just because some asshole like you tells me otherwise it does not make it true. Where I live civil unions grant the same benefits. Instead of fighting for changing the definition of marriage and offending and alienating a great number of people, why don’t you fight for equality in civil unions everywhere? I’ll support gays in THAT cause, and I am sure a lot of gay marriage opponents will too.

      • Yeah, because it’s so hard to Google “the superficial”+”gay marriage”+rican to find those links.

      • rican

        Wow, Mr. Genius, I guess that makes you the deputy.

    • puddleduck

      I love chick-fil-a and don’t give two shits about the owner’s beliefs. He is entitled to his opinion and for that matter, I don’t remember him saying he “hated” gays. He stands for the family and what’s wrong with that? Are we supposed to all be gay now and populate the earth from a sperm bank? These folks are all about giving their opinion, they just don’t want to hear anybody else to spout theirs.

    • YagiSka

      Yeah. What he said, retards. Morons. Stupid, soft, liberal, vegan, stupid, soft, stupid, stupid, stupid. .


      Did I get that about right? Or was I supposed to punch something or crush a beer can on my head while waiving an American flag or something?

    • Devin

      Marriage is most definitely a RIGHT. And it grants about 1100+ LEGAL rights to those that are married. As far as the word, let me give you a history lesson… Marriage is a legal contract granting certain rights and property privileges to the married couple. MATRIMONY is the word for the religious rite usually only performed to couples of the opposite sex. Marriage predates matrimony by about 10,000 years and does NOT always have a religious contract involved.. i.e. those who are married at a City Hall vs in a Church.

  19. Lia

    It’s not that the old man in charge (S. Truett Cathy) is anti-gay that’s the issue. The issue is that millions of dollars made through Chik-fil-a go towards funding anti-gay campaigns. If you believe that marriage should be allowed for everyone and you buy from Chik-fil-a your money is working against your beliefs. Do what you want but know that it isn’t his beliefs that are the reason for a boycott, it’s the political impact of the financial spending.

    • This deserves way more thumbs up than it’s getting.

      “…the company has donated over $3 million to organizations like the Family Research Council and Exodus International between 2003 and 2009. And in 2010 alone, Chick-fil-A donated over $1.9 million to anti-gay causes, more than any other year for which public records are available.” – Equality Matters

      Sorry, but you can’t “support them hard workers in the kitchen” without also spending money that the hatin’ man in charge will use to support religious bigotry and homophobia. It just doesn’t work that way.

      • puddleduck

        It’s a privately owned company dickweed, they can do what they want with their money. If they were donating to something you stood for…it would be ok….what bullshit!!!

  20. El Jefe

    To those that do not know or understand business, here goes…sigh.

    This man is not the owner, he is the President of the franchise, completely different. He is taking money every month from the people that chose to spend hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars of their money to invest in his franchise and his backward ass political views could end up costing them a lot of money.

    If he was the actual owner and the stores were all company owned say like White Castle, then there would be no problem with what he is doing, but that is not the case. His franchisees must be just livid.

    • Nate

      Dude is allowed to give money to whoever he likes and he’s allowed to have an opinion on whatever he likes. If I owned a franchise in the south I’d be happy, I’m sure revenue will go up considerably this month. I’m all good with whatever you want to do with your personal life but celebs and the media aren’t exactly on the pulse of America as they try to gay the whole place up. You’d think Glee was a top ten show, not one that got a 0.6 rating last week getting beat out by some show called Saving Hope

      • The Garbage Man

        “…celebs and the media aren’t exactly on the pulse of America as they try to gay the whole place up.”
        I think what you mean here is that you don’t agree with the legalization of marriage and since you are clearly very intelligent and morally upstanding you must also be both correct and in the majority.
        Might want to check the polls, chief, because you’re wrong on all counts.

  21. Thank you Antoine Dodson. I didn’t realize eating Chick Fil A causes Down’s Syndrome.

  22. Hugh Jazz

    I agree. Support the soldiers, not the war. Support the workers, not the corporation. Jobs are scarce enough without your CEO lobbing a verbal grenade into the room. You can buy the food, just don’t buy the stock. Let Wall Street be the jury.

  23. Be careful eating your politics. A lot of your food is grown in red places.

  24. The Royal Penis

    Holy fuckin shit!

    A gay, black, welfare queen understands the free market!!!
    There is hope for Americans.

  25. I don’t know how CFA taste in other places but in SoCal, it’s very meh. Without the Polynesian sauce it’s very average.

  26. Colin

    The most common day of the week for me near a place that has a Chik-Fil-A is Sunday, so mostly I just didn’t eat there out of spite. This whole thing is just another reason I’ll avoid them. I can get cheap chicken sandwiches at Checkers. On Sunday. And with bacon, because I’m sure Chik-Fil-A would never serve a pork product because the Bible says not to.

  27. AdisgruntledexCFAworker

    I used to work at CFA in high school just a few years ago, the only one in the most conservative county in CA, I believe. (Google it if you want). I pretty much had the nicest, sanest coworkers ever. One of my managers was a lesbian. I had multiple male gay coworkers. I’m bi, and an atheist. But my personal views never needed to be on display. Sure, alot of my coworkers were Christians but that’s how it is outside of CFA too.

    It’s bothersome when people accuse our company of holy rolling. There was none of that. In fact, it seemed to be the customers who were, handing us pamphlets and saying God Bless. Even then, it was mild and with good intent.

    Now, I’ve met Dan Cathy. While his character is questionable as the big man in charge, and I don’t agree with his views, as for the other workers on a smaller scale, they were all really decent people. CFA is one of the few fast food places friendly to 16 year olds in high school and 55 year olds with children. Granted, it’s fast food and grunt work, but they really tried to make themselves a family and even offered outings like amusement park trips and white water rafting, for us and our families.

    If people want to give CFA’s values a hard time, so be it. But remember that while the Cathy’s own the stocks and believe what they believe, each restaurant has an individual owner/operator (the norm for franchises). We don’t all believe what Cathy does, but damn, a job’s a job and it’d be foolish to turn it down. It’ll acheive nothing to “kiss” at a CFA as a means of protest, it’ll only interfere with the worker’s duties. And believe me, fast food is hard enough.

    So if you wanna protest CFA, be prepared to stop shopping at Walmart and Target and other places who also have owner’s with an “anti gay” agenda.

  28. Patrick

    Um, why are we accepting AD as an expert on this subject?
    If you spend money there, you may be helping the people working hard at the ground level, but you are ALSO helping send money up to the owner which goes towards funding anti-gay measures. You don’t get to pick where your money goes once it’s in the system. So yeah, if you’re going to boycott Chick-Fil-A over moral issues, AD saying his bit doesn’t get you off the hook.

  29. Connie Lingus

    CFA uses both Heterosexual and Homosexual chicken, so there is no bias on the part of the chicken

  30. anon

    Since when is it news that Chick-Fil-A is a business with a Christian background? They’re closed on Sundays, for Pete’s sake. So why is it such a shock that the President says something that is in keeping with Christian teachings?

  31. BradsodeOKC

    The owner also has an obligation to defend his religious rights same as a muslim, in their world single men could not eat around women or children, they have separate seating . Let the man run his business anyway he wants to, people who won’t let him are just as intolerant as he is . Do not try to force your beliefs on others at the point of a financial gun, everybody has rights, and God will judge us all !

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