Anthony Weiner’s Wife is Pregnant

June 8th, 2011 // 97 Comments

“Come again? …. You’re right, too soon.”

In case you were wondering if the Anthony Weiner scandal could get even worse than a fully exposed picture of his penis penetrating the Internet today, now comes word that his wife Huma Abedin has been pregnant this whole time. Neat. The New York Times report:

Ms. Abedin, 35, is in the early stages of pregnancy, according to three people with knowledge of the situation.
The pregnancy, which the couple has disclosed to close friends and family, adds a new dimension to questions about the future of their marriage.
Mr. Weiner, 46, has admitted to engaging in salacious online conversations with at least six women over the last few years, including an incident last month in which he sent a photograph of himself in underwear to a college student in Washington state. He apologized to his wife and declared that they have no intention of splitting up.
“We will weather this,” Mr. Weiner said on Monday, during his emotional news conference. “I love her very much, and she loves me.”

Awesome, now we can add another victim to the list of people Anthony Weiner’s shafted, and I’m of course talking about family members who want to see the sonogram. “I’d like to open this e-mail and share in their joy, but something tells me I’m gonna see his dick. I know it says ‘Baby Sonogram,’ but it’s gonna be his dick. *click* It’s his dick. WEINER!”

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  1. Pippy Longcockings

    His wife is hot as fuck! Why does he need to email pictures of his cock to other women?

    • Jeff in St Louis

      For every hot chick, there is some guy out there who is sick and tired of her bullshit.

      But cheating on your pregnant wife? What a dick… I mean weiner.

      • Venom

        He did not cheat on her and there is no evidence he knew she was pregnant or that she was pregnant at the times he did this.

        I consider cheating inserting parts of your body into the orifices of other people’s bodies and so far there is no evidence that he did this.

      • Ellianne

        What guys dont seem to get is that if you’re tired of the bullshit, leave her BEFORE hitting on other women. I’ve always failed to see why thats so difficult.

      • Amy

        /agree with Ellianne

        But a lot of guys need mommies. So the little woman at home replaces the mother figure and the other woman becomes the chick who it is acceptable to live out all their fantasies with.

      • edna

        I feel sorry for his wife. She should cut off his little Weiner and feed it to her dog. I would!!!! But thinking on it……a dog has too much class than to eat that poor little Weiner… the poor dog would probably throw up on the first bite.

    • Jimbo

      Hot as fuck? She looks like an Ethiopian refuge. That has got to be the boniest fuck out there. It can’t be fun. You need a little meat on the bones

    • Venom

      Little Richard, appropriate name. lol

      You are officially lame as fuck.
      BTW, if you are going to make appendage jokes, you should probably not have the screen name Little Dick….

    • rican

      HOT WIFE?!?! WTF she looks like Marc Anthony in drag!

    • “…hot as fuck!”

      LOL!! Funniest comment all week.

  2. Homes keeps in good shape for 46. I’ll give him that.

    This whole controversy is so vanilla compared to things that sitting members of congress have probably done.

    • LEviC

      Pics or it didn’t happen.. is what sets them apart I think.

    • Jeff in St Louis

      Just wait. Tiger started at 1, and we got up to 13 I believe. We’re only at 6 so far, and we’re only at sexting and pics… again SO FAR.

    • ombudsman

      Yeah, people in positions of vast power who set themselves up for blackmail, that’s ‘vanilla’ and no big deal…and he lied to our faces and accused others of criminal yeah he’s a fraud – big deal. This is the ‘reasoning’ of your typical dem voter.
      Yet, somehow Palin shooting a fucking moose is all that’s wrong with the world.

  3. Goddamn… was there ever a more aptly named politician than this asshat?

    • Don’t be silly, there have been way worse guys in politics. Hell Weiner isn’t even a bad politician, just a bad husband.

      • I like how Wiener used to stick it to Bush.

      • Dude

        Yes because lying for a week to cops, press and everyone on every news show he could, shows just how much he can be trusted to do the peoples work and hold security clearances at the Pentagon and such. You just know if he was wined and dined by the Chinese or Russians he would keep his secrets to himself. Yeah. Good politician. For liberal scum who want to see the US fail maybe.

    • Jovy

      Dick Cheney.

    • sunnyroberto

      How about Representative Norm Dicks, democrat, from Washington state’s 6th congressional district?

      I can see the headline now, “Dicks comes to Weiner’s Defense”.

    • ombudsman

      How about the former Sen. Robert Byrd (KKK)…whoops I meant (D)

  4. Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Twitter Wife Huma Abedin
    Commented on this photo:

    is she half white?

  5. uncle jonathan's corncob pipe

    I hope dearly that he has a son and names him Richard.

  6. Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Twitter Wife Huma Abedin
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    For a guy named Weiner, he sure looks like a dick.

  7. Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Twitter Wife Huma Abedin
    Commented on this photo:

    He can take all the penis pictures he wants, I’d still vote for him in a heartbeat.

  8. cmansb

    See how long she stays with him when he’ s forced to resign. What a Putz.

    • Venom

      Mark Sanford and David Vitter did not resign and neither does he.
      He did not do anything remotely close to what they did.

      • Mark Sanford resigned from some chairs he was a member of while the public showed him the door. Vitter simply likes hookers, and he’s voted in by Louisiana, which is, well, I won’t even go there.

        I’m surprised someone hasn’t brought up Barney Frank. Homo part aside, that guy has been in bed (literally) with Sallie Mae / Freddie Mac, throwing billions and billions of dollars into them as head of the Senate Finance Committee, all while being in a long-term sexual relationship with one of the CEOs. Why does this get downplayed/ignored?

        Ok I’m done. Where’s that Adrianne Curry ass shot from yesterday?

    • TomFrank

      Yes, there is something troubling about the fact that Barney Frank got his then-lover Herb Moses a job (but not the “CEO”) at Fannie Mae (not Sallie Mae or Freddie Mac) back in the 1990s. But Frank was not chairman of the House (not Senate) Financial Services Committee at that time; he only became chairman in 2007. And Moses has not been at Fannie Mae since 1998, and a few months later, the two broke up.

      Of course, the way you say it, stinky, you make it seem like it’s a current and ongoing thing that’s part of our current economic mess and not something over 13 years old; or that Congressmen securing good jobs for their spouses is unique to Frank. I’ll concede that Frank’s getting a good job for Moses in an agency overseen by a committee he served on (but again, at the time, did not chair) is hinky, but it would help if you would check all the facts before you laid down your accusations.

      • Mom

        @ TomFrank (Barney Franks son?)

        It will be a great day when you remove Barney Franks balls from your eyes from the reverse blumpkin he is giving you.

        He is, easily put, one of the single largest reasons we are in the financial straits we are in right now. No 2 ways about it…so it would help if you would check all your facts before you laid down your accusations.

      • ombudsman

        right on, Mom

      • Gringo


        So…the repeal of Glass-Steagall in the 90s BY THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS had nothing to do with the current crisis? It was all just poor people who couldn’t afford their mortgages? Ya know, all that stuff about securitizing debt obligations and what not? That had nothing to do with it right?

  9. Why couldn’t it be January Jones, who’s pregnant with his baby? Synergy, folks, I want some synergy with my sex scandals.

  10. Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Twitter Wife Huma Abedin
    Commented on this photo:

    Is that his wife or his sister? Same jaw line, same ear shape, same nose…. kinda creepy.

  11. Burt Reynolds

    A politician that turns out to be a degenerate piece of shit? Impossible!

  12. Abby Normal

    Wouldn’t it be funny if every woman who looks at his penis turns up pregnant? That would be awesome!

  13. Venom

    Worst name ever for a scandal like this.

    Things just keep getting better for this guy.
    As long as he did not bang any of these chicks he will eventually be fine.
    The odds are not great that he did not cheat, but so far he is good.

    • AtomicMug

      I agree with Venom, here.

      Democrat voters don’t mind creepy stuff like this.

      He’ll be fine.

      Weiner for Whatever in 2013!

    • Mom

      Yea, thats it moron. Lying to 15+ media outlets, then texting a porn star and instructing her how to lie about their relationship and offering PR help from his team…and then he emailed her the following:

      “The key is to have a short, thought out statement that tackles the top line questions and then refer people back to it. Have a couple of iterations of: ‘This is silly. Like so many others, I follow Rep. Weiner on Twitter. I don’t know him and have never met him. He briefly followed me and sent me a dm saying thank you for the follow. That’s it.’”

      Yea, keeps getting better every day doesnt it?

      You, Miss venom, are the same piece of shit he is if you think that, as a congressman, regardless of your political affiliation, its ok to coach someone you have had sexually charged conversations with ( outside of your marriage that you know youre wife wouldnt approve of ie: cheating) to lie to the press and to blatantly show the same lying tactics you use as a congressman.

      I mean c’mon, he is instructing her to do what he does every time he had the floor. Thats more than obvious.

      Oh, and I saw its not cheating to you if there arent body parts inserted in each other.

      Whats your “partners” name and #. Im sure in the comfort of your trailer in Illinois somewhere, youd be more than happy for your fluffer friend to be out talking with other peopel, exchanging pics of the worlds most warted penises you guys are so proud of, right? Its all good.

      • Blech

        Sounds like mommy is still pissed at an ex-husband. Let it go, sweetheart. You’ll age more slowly.

        In other news, Weiner’s wife is not without fault. Weiner’s weiner went only where it was welcomed it seems. I say the wife is doing all sorts of work for Mrs. Clinton if you know what I mean…

      • Venom

        LMAO at this fat middle aged used up whore trying to talk shit.
        I am sorry your husband left you for the 22 year old waitress at the bar and left you with nothing but a 1998 Chrysler minivan.

        I bet my walk-in closet is bigger than your whole house.
        The people that talk big and talk shit like you are always the ones that are poor as fuck. Almost every single time.
        You are the same kind of person that goes on blogs and talks about “my taxes” when in reality you pay little to none.

      • @ Venom
        “I bet my walk-in closet is bigger than your whole house.

        The people that talk big and talk shit like you are always the ones that are poor as fuck.”

        That is all.


        Fly away troll and get you some book learnin’. You desperately need it.

    • rican

      Missing the point Venom, it is about lying to his colleagues, the press and the public, attempting to connive with the recipient of the pics, slandering the person that outed him and criticizing those who dared question him, all to save his own skin while maintaining his straight arrow, no nonsense image. Can’t have it both ways, he proved he is a scumbag instead of owning up to it from the beginning.

      • rikky tikky

        rican FTW.

      • me

        maybe Venom is somebody’s mistress??? Don’t know why any woman would stand up for this moron.

        I personally think it’s protocol in politics to sleep with who you want. I don’t even think the wives care, they’re sitting pretty with their “walk in closets as big as everyone’s houses”.

        Sad that the public holds their leaders more morally accountable than their own families.

      • Anna

        Is it necessary to say FU? with that attitude you may die of a stroke, ass whipping or heart attack one day and all for what? For lacking anger management skills.
        Chill your nerves boo- boo!

      • Anna

        I meant chill out bianca or whoever said the F…ck word!

  14. ChillyP

    Well Weiners wife does work for Hilary Clinton, so its not like she has a high intelligence. She’ll stay with them, stoopid chicks do…

  15. It’s like an ‘Aristocrats’ joke.

  16. Amy

    CSPAN’s ratings were too low. Congress totally staged this. You think it’s reality TV, but is it? The guys name alone makes it so obvious. Try harder next time, Pelosi! Jeez!

  17. bring home the flag

    Dat’s a big fucking nose.

  18. michmasterflex

    fuck that guy is all kinds of ugly.. so creepy and perverted looking… *barf*

  19. Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Twitter Wife Huma Abedin
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    hes holding his wife with his left hand and sending a weiner with his right hand.

  20. the captain

    ……..this means an abortion?

  21. CaseWorker

    Of course she is. That’s what weiners do.

  22. Minerva Smelibut

    She’s liberal, abort the little weiner

  23. AtomicMug

    Ten bucks says the baby is Clinton’s.

  24. stevebeagle

    fuck this screech look alike..this twat couldn’t get laid in a 50 cent whore house with a fist full of quarters if he did not hold the position of congressman..he’s a fuckin creep who deserves to be drug across the coals .

    • Anna

      Now why did you have to go and drag Screech into this? Why insult Screech, leave Screech alone! He was a nice character, a geek but a nice geek!

  25. Dr Ha-Ha

    The old joke was

    How do you know a politician is lying? His lips are moving.

    With this guy, that becomes,

    How do you know a politician is lying? Weiner is on show.

  26. Rancid

    That dude is such a monster stud, he gets broads pregnant just by looking at them.

    His political career is toast. I predict he’ll be doing porn like John Wayne Bobbit. I wonder what the titles will be?

    Picture THIS
    Auto-focus II – the Weinering
    The Sausage Connection

  27. Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Twitter Wife Huma Abedin
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    Gage and I will get you for letting us die!!!!

  28. bdog821

    Republican slogan for 2012: Let’s beat Weiner!

  29. g33k

    He’s receiving a lot of pressure to “Pull Out” of office now.

  30. Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Twitter Wife Huma Abedin
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    borderline fug with hair up, yet quite attractive with the heidi fleiss look

  31. RoboZombie

    I predict they will give birth to an 8 pound NOSE!

  32. Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Twitter Wife Huma Abedin
    Commented on this photo:

    In political news today- Senator Sodomizer was caught…..

  33. Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Twitter Wife Huma Abedin
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    Maybe she’s the surrogate for the offspring of Weiner and Cryptkeeper Shriver – the beginning of a new race of insect-like alien politicians.

  34. Dan

    Well… hate to say this, but wiener has a lady’s man reputation and he got married really recently, and his wife is 35 – well old enough to know that people don’t change. Not much sympathy for the wife from me.

    Transmitting come-ons to other people than your wife (unless you have some sort of open marriage agreement) is totally cheating because it is breaking the trust you have with the person.

    Additionally, this guy is such an arrogant prick thinking he can get away with such a obvious lie. He should be thrown out of office for it. If he was just honest this all probably would have went away in a short period of time.


  35. FruitLoop

    He’s jewish and she’s a muslim. Aren’t they supposed to explode or something when they touch each other?

  36. MrsPlant

    Hmm, so I’m the only one who thinks he’s hot. Okay, whatever, I get it, I have a weird type…

  37. uhzoomzip

    Is she giving birth to SEXTuplets?

  38. me

    How convienant.

    All my money is placed on this: As soon as they found out this thing is going public, they purposefully got pregnant to replace the headline to-be. They knew (like all news stories) this would eventually go stale and they could replace the cheating headline with a preggars headline. Fucking politicians, and yes, his wife is so far up Hillary Clinton’s ass you’d need a big fucking pry bar to get her out. Of course she’ll stand by her man, some day this will all be just another headline, and they will still me moneyed up and hold high positions of power. I love my country, but am so sick of these politicians that act like they’re fucking gold and untouchable.

  39. Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Twitter Wife Huma Abedin
    Commented on this photo:

    Of course she’s gonna stay with him. She’s afraid of losing her green card; once she shits out her anchor-baby, she’ll be like, “see ya!”

  40. trench

    “Anthony Weiner’s Wife is Pregnant”

    “Is” should be capitalized in title. You don’t l/c a word in title simply b/c it’s a short word.


  41. Annad

    The first rule of emailing is to never send something you do not want any and everybody to see. The fact that he was too stupid to know this not only proves he lacks integrity but he does not have enough wisdom and good judgment to be leader over a trash dumping committee.

  42. The Weiner man is rising. He will be the next mayor of Beavertown.

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