Anthony Cumia’s Gone Full Racist

When Anthony Cumia got fired from SiriusXM for being a racist asshole, a group of people who I’ll refer to as “fuckfaced morons,” tried to say things like, “Oh, he just over-exaggerates for the show,” or the even more idiotic, “Nothing he said was even racist at all.” Except here’s Anthony hopping in bed with The Political Cesspool, a white supremacist radio show with the following mission statement:

“We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races.”

Nope, nothing racist there. In fact, this sounds like the perfect intellectually stimulating environment to prove black people hate America because none of them worked on the Apollo space program if Anthony’s “being honest.” Via Media Matters:

CUMIA: When you watch any of the footage of any of the Apollo programs over the years and you look at the control room of mission control, what do you see? Do you see diversity there? Honestly, let’s be honest. You’re seeing white males smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee at the console and putting people on the moon. How is this a horrible thing? How is this something to look at and say, “We need to change this by injecting people that do not pay attention to the laws of this country, do not assimilate to the cultures, do not work and contribute to this nation”? Why is this a good thing to then add these people into the formula to make this a great country? Diversity for the sense of just diversity is not a good thing. And when I talk about race and try to be open and honest about it in this day and age, you’re chastised, you’re looked at as the racist.

Gee, I can’t imagine why old NASA photos from the 1960s only had white people in them. I mean, surely African-Americans were being afforded the same education and access to jobs as whites in the predominantly southern states NASA operated from. That’s just common sense. Except, fun fact, there actually was a black astronaut in the 1960s – the first one to be exact – Robert Henry Lawrence Jr. who would’ve flown a space shuttle but died during a training exercise. Which has to be some sort of liberal propaganda because everyone knows black people are lazy and don’t want to work for anything. Right, white nationalist James Edwards? Right.

Edwards later claimed “a significant percentage of the black community, let’s just put it that way, have become like a petulant child,” prompting Cumia to reply, “yes.” Edwards added that the black community is “someone that just thinks that they can throw a fit and get what they want” and “they’ve gotten the shakedown thing going here.”

But at the end of the day, we all know Ant isn’t really racist and would never want to practically blow someone who thinks we need to accelerate white birth rates to maintain a majority over inferior races:

Cumia was clearly fond of Edwards. At one point, Edwards lamented that “‘racist means white person now. If you say anything other than what is approved speech, you are a racist. It means everything, it means nothing.” Cumia responded by saying, “I really want to just hang out with you and drink a few beers and talk for a while. We are on the same page, my friend.”

See? Good ol’ Ant just horsing around. Now let’s all get in bed with him by bitching and moaning about SiriusXM firing him again: Stupid jerks! There weren’t even black people drinking coffee at NASA, idiots.

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