Anthony Cumia’s Gone Full Racist

August 6th, 2014 // 96 Comments
Anthony Cumia
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When Anthony Cumia got fired from SiriusXM for being a racist asshole, a group of people who I’ll refer to as “fuckfaced morons,” tried to say things like, “Oh, he just over-exaggerates for the show,” or the even more idiotic, “Nothing he said was even racist at all.” Except here’s Anthony hopping in bed with The Political Cesspool, a white supremacist radio show with the following mission statement:

“We wish to revive the White birthrate above replacement level fertility and beyond to grow the percentage of Whites in the world relative to other races.”

Nope, nothing racist there. In fact, this sounds like the perfect intellectually stimulating environment to prove black people hate America because none of them worked on the Apollo space program if Anthony’s “being honest.” Via Media Matters:

CUMIA: When you watch any of the footage of any of the Apollo programs over the years and you look at the control room of mission control, what do you see? Do you see diversity there? Honestly, let’s be honest. You’re seeing white males smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee at the console and putting people on the moon. How is this a horrible thing? How is this something to look at and say, “We need to change this by injecting people that do not pay attention to the laws of this country, do not assimilate to the cultures, do not work and contribute to this nation”? Why is this a good thing to then add these people into the formula to make this a great country? Diversity for the sense of just diversity is not a good thing. And when I talk about race and try to be open and honest about it in this day and age, you’re chastised, you’re looked at as the racist.

Gee, I can’t imagine why old NASA photos from the 1960s only had white people in them. I mean, surely African-Americans were being afforded the same education and access to jobs as whites in the predominantly southern states NASA operated from. That’s just common sense. Except, fun fact, there actually was a black astronaut in the 1960s – the first one to be exact – Robert Henry Lawrence Jr. who would’ve flown a space shuttle but died during a training exercise. Which has to be some sort of liberal propaganda because everyone knows black people are lazy and don’t want to work for anything. Right, white nationalist James Edwards? Right.

Edwards later claimed “a significant percentage of the black community, let’s just put it that way, have become like a petulant child,” prompting Cumia to reply, “yes.” Edwards added that the black community is “someone that just thinks that they can throw a fit and get what they want” and “they’ve gotten the shakedown thing going here.”

But at the end of the day, we all know Ant isn’t really racist and would never want to practically blow someone who thinks we need to accelerate white birth rates to maintain a majority over inferior races:

Cumia was clearly fond of Edwards. At one point, Edwards lamented that “‘racist means white person now. If you say anything other than what is approved speech, you are a racist. It means everything, it means nothing.” Cumia responded by saying, “I really want to just hang out with you and drink a few beers and talk for a while. We are on the same page, my friend.”

See? Good ol’ Ant just horsing around. Now let’s all get in bed with him by bitching and moaning about SiriusXM firing him again: Stupid jerks! There weren’t even black people drinking coffee at NASA, idiots.

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  1. Slash

    Cumia and that moron from Duck Dynasty should write an American history book together. They are both clearly much more educated and informed than the rest of us about race relations and its effect on job opportunities for people of color.

    They could call it “Birth of a Nation.”

  2. We would all love to jump in to yet another epithet throwdown to boost your click ratings, but unfortunately, a large percentage of us are currently watching our front doors get knocked in thanks to your Lourdes Leon and Chloe Moritz posts. Now if you’ll excuse me, apparently I am supposed to have a seat right over there.

  3. Wally's Beaver

    Cumia went full retard. Never go full retard.

  4. Looks like my parents have a new favorite radio host. I guess there really were worse options than Garrison Keillor.

  5. ‘O&A’ fucking SUCKS. they were never funny. now ‘O’ doesn’t stand a chance. good riddance to shit ‘comedy’.

  6. queridiculo

    Way to contribute to that stupidity by providing them with the exposure they crave so much.

  7. Cock Dr

    Please note that douchebag Cumia is still very much fired and likely to stay that way.

  8. farthammer

    Still don’t like Anthony but still don’t see anything racist that he said here. He’s right. Diversity for the sake of diversity is bad for everyone.

  9. It figures they where the only ones who would take him. Either them or he scrapes dead animals off the highway for a living.

  10. Deacon Jones

    “Diversity for the sense of just diversity is not a good thing.”

    And that’s the fucking truth.

    The hoops we have to jump through with government contracts that dictate the percentage of minorities we must have as subcontractors, staff members, etc have crippled every government job we’ve worked on.

    • Any stats to support that? Or does it just feel right to you?

    • j/k

      Please elaborate.

    • MRF

      And the prize for moron of the day goes to …

    • JC

      Translation: “We got a grade-A team of lily white dude-bros, but Obummer and the gubmint say we’re all diskimmitory cuz we won’t hire gashes or [insert various racial slurs]!”

    • Deacon Jones

      Stats for what?? 40% of the subcontractors on our federal jobs must be classified as a “minority-owned business”

      And yes, it happens that a majority of scientists/engineers are white men. There’s been countless interviewees that we couldn’t hire because corporate HR told us we needed more women and minority candidates. That’s all well and good, but when you start passing over qualified companies and individuals to hit arbitrary numbers established by the federal government, that’s when i have an issue. Because it fucks jobs up royally. That’s the truth. You can call me whatever you want.

      • YourMomsBox

        Shut them up Deacon. haha.

      • MRF

        Indeed. Shut them up as only ignorance can.

      • Ah the old ignorance retort..the trust go to when a liberal can’t fucking think.

      • Deacon, if you could point me to somewhere that says “40%” of subcontractors on federal jobs must be minority-owned businesses, because a figure that high sounds like grade-A horseshit to me.

      • Deacon Jones

        Aww, it didn’t come up in a Google search for you, Tom?

        It must not be true then!

      • I didn’t say it wasn’t true, only that it sounds like a stat you pulled out of your ass. I’m sure that doubt seems ridiculous to you, what with of your history of statements here where you carefully checked your facts before you spouted off. And your reputation for non-racist, non-anti-Semitic level-headedness.

        But I see that despite asking, you haven’t provided me with anything resembling a source or reference to back up your comment.

      • “what with o̶f̶ your history…”

      • Hmm

        My buddy, his mom, his dad, brother are all white as can be, Lilly white, hockey playing people of French descent. They have a pretty large corporation that has offices all over the country. Interestingly enough his business is classified right there on the company website as a minority owned business somehow. Maybe you can hire them or you know, stop taking fucking government money?

      • I would specifically like stats and clarification on how diversity has “crippled every government job we’ve worked on.” Was the crippling effect in reference to the execution of the government job, or simply your ability to win a bid? Without specific reference, it is pure conjecture as to whether or not your point has validity, which is why I asked for stats, rather than dismiss your experience outright. On the other hand:
        “it happens that a majority of scientists/engineers are white men.”
        Yup. Because these folks don’t exist at all:
        But if they DID exist, they would be on the top of my radar.

      • Visible

        “And yes, it happens that a majority of scientists/engineers are white men.”

        Perhaps but the majority of judges or black females. I know that from watching TV

      • It’s typically 18-23% for federal contracts, and it is aspirational only – you must identify that percentage on bid forms, and show that you made a good faith effort to accomplish. Deacon is making up the 40% number…

    • Then don’t take government contracts. It’s not as if the rules you have to abide by are a secret, certainly at this point. If the rules suck, don’t take the jobs. It’s like bitching about how shitty Arby’s is while working through your second Big Beef and Cheddar.

      • Mike Walker

        Brilliant, Phil. What’s your solution for those who complain about high taxes? Stop earning money?

      • I would suggest a better tax accountant. That or start a business – the tax breaks can be stunning. You know what doesn’t help? Whining about taxes.

      • j/k

        STFU and pay, or leave.

      • Mostly I’d just suggest stop comparing apples to oranges. Bid on private sector apples instead and pay your legally obligated orange tax.

      • Slappy Magoo

        And of course, a minority-OWNED business doesn’t necessarily mean a business that only employs minorities. Except it must be true because there’s one of them in the formerly White House which means white folks are an endangered species. I read that on the internet and it must be true because nobody ever writes paranoid rants there.

    • Oh cool, dog-whistle racism from some ignorant white person. Go on, tell me more!

    • lulubell

      The responses to your post confirm political correctness has gone way way overboard. Cumia is NOT a rascist and diversity for diversity’s sake is stupid.

  11. Daphnis

    On The Superficial one can read about George Zimmerman, Anthony Cumia, Gary Oldman, Mel Gibson, and Julianne Hough when they say or do things that are deemed “politically incorrect” (and which may otherwise be indeed stupid, ignorant, hateful and just plain wrong), but unless I missed it, I’ve seen nothing about Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, who’ve come under attack (e.g., by Angelina Jolie’s dad) just recently for their comments on the latest Mideast conflict, nor about Brian Eno and David Byrne (Eno just recently wrote an open letter about the conflict that Byrne posted to his site). Are some social and political issues too hot for The Superficial to touch?

    • And other celebrities have come under attack for making egregiously anti-Palestinian comments, like Joan Rivers’ “wipe Gaza out” statement, or Howard Stern’s “if you’re anti-Israel, then you’re anti-America” rant. Fish didn’t cover them, either. Why not? I can only speculate, but it’s probably because the Israeli-Palestinian is hardly a cut-and-dried an issue on which an opinion easily presents itself, if not a sticky wicket (yup, I just said that; I’m old and apparently British) that is best avoided entirely. I myself threw up my hands at the issue a long time ago (ca. 2000 or so), frustrated at the intractability of both sides. Ultimately, you really have to bog yourself down in so many details to reach an even remotely informed (let alone fair-minded) opinion on the matter, and I imagine that Fish knows that if he were to shoot from the hip on this issue, his detractors would for once be right to respond, “you don’t know what you’re talking about.” And who wants that.

      Also, Brian Eno and David Byrne? Oh yeah, those are some Superficial-wattage celebrities right there.

      • j/k

        That is real political commentary. This is far-right baiting.

      • Daphnis

        Eno and Byrne may not be Superficial wattage celebrities, but then I don’t consider George Zimmerman a celebrity of any wattage and posts about him here always strike me as gratuitous.

        Aside from that, we apparently agree that Fish goes after easy targets. Instead of taking real risks (like Bardem and Cruz, who according to The Hollywood Reporter today may suffer serious career backlash), Fish keeps things Superficial.

      • Yeah, it’s not like George Zimmerman was constantly in the news or anything like that. And don’t twist my words to make it seem like I agree with you in putting him down.

      • Even though Daphnis is being obtuse, I’ll bite by first saying TomFrank nailed it. Israel/Palestine isn’t “too hot to handle” as much as it’s a multifaceted clusterfuck of literally Biblical proportions. There are no clear cut sides. Here’s an interesting rundown I read recently from Sam Harris who made some points for Isreal as well as against because, again, this shit is a Gordian knot:

        In the meantime, shitheads like George Zimmerman and even moreso Anthony Cumia are indeed “superficial” low-hanging fruit putting them directly in my wheelhouse plus they have moronic supporters who are easy to whip up.

        As for Bardem and Cruz suffering “career backlash,” give me a fucking break. This is Hollywood. As long as they’re making studios money and are a guaranteed return on investment, they’ll be fine. It’s not like they endorsed a child rapist like Roman Polanski – or Woody Allen if you want to go there, and I do – which also didn’t put a single dent in anyone’s career because money.

      • Visible

        “it’s a multifaceted clusterfuck”

        LOL. Gotcha.

  12. Kingmaker

    This place is like a fucking echo-chamber for SJWs. Disgusting

    You’d think a self-proclaimed intellectual like fish would have a more nuanced views, but nope.

    Nothing but asinine ultra-liberal opinions. Embarrassing.

    • Stryfe

      Choosing this particular issue to whine about this, an article about a cowardly racist who was caught being a pervert, isn’t helping you, dude.

      • Dox

        No no… you’re just not being “nuanced” enough. Apparently Cumia’s opinion is only slightly different than anyone elses.
        Apparently it’s now “Ultra Liberal” to not be racist.

        Which I find interesting. Personally, I would have stacked that firmly into the category of “decent human being.”
        But then again, what the fuck do I know?

      • At times I find it difficult to not be racist. But then I have to remind myself of how I was raised (Ultra Liberal) and remember that racial slurs were forbidden in our household. And also try to remember the bullshit of the 60s that was televised from Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Los Angeles, et al. I recently saw a special that was retracing some of the “activities” from back then, and I remembered seeing (on live TV) black people, simply trying to gain some respect and civil rights. They were being attacked by German Shepherds (I would have shit myself!), beaten with billy-clubs, fists, pieces of pipe and lumber, “washed” down the street with fire hoses. Of course the hoses did rinse some of the blood from the poor fuckers whose heads were being cracked by the local constabulary. Yes, there is that. But if any of you would have seen it, it was terribly inhumane treatment of people whose main difference from me was the color of their skin. They were trying to get into colleges. I was trying to find new ways to avoid going to school that particular day. So to all of you racist motherfuckers in this forum and out there in the world: suck my dick and choke to death on my semen.

      • Wanting whites to reproduce more isn’t racism you fucking retard.

      • You’re right. There’s absolutely nothing racist about wanting your race to outnumber the inferior ones. In fact, I encourage you to walk up to the next black person you see and say, “Hey, I don’t mind you existing. I just want to make sure there’s more of my kind to keep yours systematically subjugated.” They’ll probably give you a hug.

    • Kingmaker, you’ve obviously never seen an actual SJW or “ultra-liberal,” because if you had, you’d realize how fucktarded it is to apply those terms to Fish.

  13. j/k

    How much do you want to bet this “embarrassed” and “disgusted” guy will be back in an hour to check for responses and TCW?

  14. “Nobody gives a shit” – The Superficial, circa the last time they talked about Anthony Cumia

  15. Opie

    OR, Ant learned everything he says from experience. He should have shot that twat & the savages that surrounded him. That would not have happened here in SC. They know their place in the South.

  16. The best part of this is that on Reddit today there was a “Today I Learned” about how the trajectory calculations for NASA first trip to space were done by Katherine Johnson…a black female.

    Her calculations were so good that when NASA moved the calculations to computers, they still consulted her to error-check the computer-aided calculations…

  17. Oh BABY

    I like Cumia because he has the balls to say what he thinks and gets you liberal shitheads all upset because you’re all such bigoted, intolerant fucks who bully people when they don’t tow your retarded line.

    You’ll all scream “racist” when the facts are presented: Look at the toilets that Detroit and large parts of Chicago are becoming because the darkies are in charge. You put black liberals in positions of power, and things go straight to hell. So you go ahead and scream “racism” all you like. The facts are what they are. Once nice places are turned into ghettos because the blacks and other minorities are too fucking stupid to keep things nice.

    Yeah, I went there, and no, I don’t give a single shit what you liberal losers think about it. Instead of proving me wrong, which you can’t, you’ll just fling insults. Sticks and stones, dumb shits, sticks and stones.

    • Gee, baby, I didn’t realize that San Antonio, TX, Ithaca, NY and Antioch, CA were ‘ghettos.’ Sure fooled a lot of people living there. But hey, if you’re willing to ignore facts, nobody can ever prove you wrong, so congratulations(?).

    • Dox

      Actually, he doesn’t get me upset. He just continually proves the point that racism is alive and well in the United States. Basically, him and people like you are making my job easier. Which is the danger of making broad, sweeping statements based only on race as well as nurturing anger and animosity towards an entire race for imagined issues.

      Detroit has become like it has not because… (and I really have to chuckle at your simplistic view of it) of any race. It has become like it has because it was a mecca of manufacturing for a very long time. Right up until corporations realized they could move all of their manufacturing facilities out of country and pay a 10th of salaries, not have to worry about workplace safety, and completely ignore any real environmental standards. Once that happened, well…. Tax revenue completely dried up, property values plummeted, and anyone that had any money at all moved out.
      That left the completely destitute, and hopeless stuck in a city that nobody cared about, with absolutely no prospect for jobs and no way to even leave to get to the “jobs” that did exist, assuming they would even be hired.

      But yeah, you go on thinking that its all minorities fault. It shows the complete disconnect from reality that effects you.

      Oh, and incidently…
      The only one flinging insults, both racially charged and just plain rude, is you.
      Really does highlight what kind of person you are.
      And makes any viewpoint you have easily dismissed.

      • You are right. Detroit became what it became totally not because of the people who live there. Brilliant reasoning! In fact, any of the cities fighting for the Newport/Grape Flavored Cigar Murder Capital Trophy in the US werent doing it because of the race of the people living there, it was for “something else”..

        Why look at the simplistic and obvious answer when we can complicate and flummox the true answer.. thus creating a sense of doubt and enabling white guilt to take hold. Pat yourself on the back because you solved the “Why is Detroit a Huge Fucking Shithole” problem! It has absolutely NOTHING to do with black folks.! It’s the white man and his profit saving motives!

      • Dox

        You really are a simple creature.
        Society is multifaceted. In other words, a direct result of more than one single issue. Violence doesn’t erupt in a city because black people live there, anymore than peace and safety erupts because white people live there. More factors than just the color of skin are at play here. Part of that is the economy of the area.
        I realize that this grates on you, and you think it amounts to “blaming the white man” but it isn’t. Its a statement of fact, that as economic opportunity crumbles, as people are forced to live in a more desperate and base state, their actions reflect that. In other words, if you take a group of people… ANY people… place them in area that they cannot get away from, with no reason to hope, with no economy, with no shelter or public safety… the rules go out the windows. Its been proven time and time again, and if you think white people are special… you are sadly deluded.

        If you take nothing else away from this (and I am sure you will probably attempt to twist, and pervert everything I say to support whatever it is you think you’re doing…) its that society is more complex than skin color. And the dissolution of societal standards is more complex than a “bunch of black people live there.”. If you really cant understand that, and accept that, then you aren’t dealing with reality.

    • Convex’s posts just have to be satire at this point. They’re so lacking in self-awareness that I have to believe that he’s just posting as a caricature of a racist.

    • “…shitheads all upset because you’re all such bigoted, intolerant fucks who bully people when they don’t tow your retarded line.”

      FOX News anchors?

  18. By “people that do not pay attention to the laws of this country, do not assimilate to the cultures, do not work and contribute to this nation“, I guess he’s referring to swarthy scum like Timothy McVeigh, right?

  19. Not a single illuminating or insightful comment in this entire thread.

  20. Thatguy

    Why is it racist to want to increase the birth rate of white people? Sounds to me like you’re racist for not wanting white people to breed more.

    • You’re right. There’s absolutely nothing racist about wanting your race to outnumber the inferior ones. In fact, I encourage you to walk up to the next black person you see and say, “Hey, I don’t mind you existing. I just want to make sure there’s more of my kind to keep yours systematically subjugated.” They’ll probably give you a hug.

      (Copy and pasted from my response to another moron who said the same thing.)

      • Mossling

        “There’s absolutely nothing racist about wanting your race to outnumber the inferior ones.”

        Thinking in terms of inferior and superior is racist, but is talking about wanting whites to outnumber people of color? Whites are a minority in the world at 16% of the world’s population, they’re a minority in CA, and will be a minority in the US by 2039. There’s a difference between someone who wants to outnumber and dominate “inferior” peoples, and someone who doesn’t want members of their social identity group (race, tribe, ethnic group, etc.) to become extinct as a result of shifting patterns in migration and birth rates, etc.

      • Surprise, you’re a racist.

      • To think that white people are going to go extinct is fucking goofy. To be thinking about your “race” possibly going extinct is goofy as well. Why would you care that much? Let’s say that white people were in danger of going extinct. By the time it actually happened, you would be long dead!

        Just live your fucking life, and fuck who you want to, and hang out with who you want to. The whole “ensuring the survival of my race” shit is idiotic.

      • “someone who doesn’t want members of their social identity group (race, tribe, ethnic group, etc.) to become extinct”

        Nations, political monopolies of force, become extinct all the time. Tribes or ethnicities, actually languages, change all the time, too. “Race” in the sense that racists use it, is specious. If there is a genetic advantage to a certain skin color in a certain place, it will survive, assuming humanity at all survives the next few centuries.

        The Earth is already populated well past any sustainable carrying capacity, and the majority of those people are Asian. The most isolated groups are the most self-sufficient. When Con-Agra and Wal-Mart’s house of cards comes crashing down it probably will be only the most isolated pockets of humans that will survive on our massively poisoned planet into the future. And only those groups who value and can practice cooperation to the common good will have a chance – not something those whom we’ve been calling “white people” have been known for…

  21. There’s this odd bipolarity to this site that has always caused me to roll my eyes. On one hand, you have the PC posts that get borderline sanctimonious, on the other, you have the “chicks are basically hamburger meat w/ a cunt.” Hmmm, ok.

  22. Visible

    Some ppl make money from racism. Some people make money from posting pics of 17 year old girls tits. Who is anyone to judge.

  23. I believe I’ll move on to topics of a less incendiary nature. E.g., TITTIES.

  24. LOL

    Wow, this article taught me that being hateful, dismissive, and intolerant of other people who’s views that don’t line up with your own is really wrong! THANK YOU SO MUCH

  25. David

    I like how you guys debate. I don’t agree with you so i’ll just call you a racist and a stupid fuck. Even if he is racist, who gives a shit? Why do any of you care, just don’t listen to him. Instead, stupid bloggers have to act like they are outraged over something claimed to be racist. Guess what, people have different views in this world then you, get over it. Or just continue with the fake outrage so you won’t be labelled a racist that liberals love to throw around.

  26. XVO

    oh Superfish, Why don’t you go burn down some innocent persons liquor store because some random cop shot some random black guy (possibly/probably in self defense, at any rate it’s hard to believe the cop just went out to hunt a black man as it’s being portrayed by nut rioters and our totally impartial and objective media). Don’t you know that’s how you solve racial tension?

    You’ve got such a chip on your shoulder superfish? Does the white man keep you down superfish? Ahh s**t, it’s just click bait, you’re just a tool like all of them. Pretending to be super duper PC and cool, but I bet you don’t live in the ghetto buddy, or let your children go to those schools. You piece of s**t. Live the life you a**hat instead of making meaningless platitudes.

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