Anne Hathaway’s Best Bikini Pics Are The Ones With Her Shirt On, Wonderful

There was a time when Anne Hathaway’s body was the stuff of legends. Hushed whispers of, “Dude, did you see her in Havoc?” would appear at the slightest hint of her name. But then sometime after The Dark Knight Rises, something terrible happened: Les Miserables. And, no, I’m not talking about the breast-destroying weight loss or three hour running time, I’m talking about giving Anne Hathaway an Oscar that made her think she should stay that way forever which is exactly what I said would happen if you started giving them to women. Jack Nicholson was there! So on that note, somebody needs to take Jennifer Lawrence’s before she’s alone with it in a room going, “What’s that, Precious? Sunlight and having breasts are tricksies, Precious? You’re right, Precious, so, so right…”

Photos: FameFlynet