Anna Paquin is bisexual

Anna Paquin revealed she’s bisexual today in an online video for the Give a Damn Campaign which targets discrimination against the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

Ignoring the fact this was a poor choice of days to make this announcement, can Anna Paquin honestly say she’s bisexual when she’s engaged to a man? Don’t get me wrong, my bread’s buttered on the “Carrie Prejean is a fuckbox of dumb” side just as much as any rational human being, but if you’re going to marry a dude, I’m pretty sure the whole bisexual thing didn’t take. It’d be like me saying I’m a ninja because I took one karate class but quit because they wouldn’t let me stop someone’s heart on the first day. So the kid was eight, that’s the whole point of a release form.

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