Angelina Jolie is officially pregnant

January 11th, 2006 // 106 Comments

jolie-confirm-pregnant.jpgPeople magazine has confirmed that Angelina Jolie is indeed pregnant with Brad Pitt’s kid.

“Yes, I’m pregnant,” Jolie told a charity aid worker in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Monday. The pregnancy has since been confirmed by representatives of both stars.

It seems strangely fitting that Angelina’s first biological child would come from Brad Pitt and not one of her previous guy friends. It’s almost as if her DNA was smart enough to reject Billy Bob Thornton’s sperm and wait it out for a more suitable candidate. One who was voted “sexiest man alive”, and not “most likely to marry his cousin.”

Angelina Jolie Pregnant [People]



    How’s this for depressing? Baby Zahara would be sold or starve to death if left in Ethiopia. Maddox would would be sold or starve to death if left in Cambodia. You idiots are worried about race issues and pre-marital pregnancy? Is this the best you can do? These children’s own biological parents couldn’t even care for them! They’re probably dead, in prison or prostituting themselves for a cup of rice.

    These kids are going to grow up and realize they hit the lotto. Just like Nicole Richie. Their adoptive parents are rich and famous. Even if Brad and Angelina split up, there’s no parent-child pre-nup. This is better than the lotto…there’s no taxes. Therapy my ass. The only therapy they’re going to need is when a biological family member from overseas writes them a letter, begging for money. And they won’t know how to say “F*uck off!” in their native language.

  2. YouProablbySuck

    ^ Damn.

    I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

  3. Leslie

    GET OVER IT: You are a fucking genius.

  4. Leslie

    GET OVER IT: Good for you! Damn straight.

  5. Captain Awesome

    “These kids are going to grow up and realize they hit the lotto. Just like Nicole Richie.”

    There’s a sure-fire way to prove they will grow up just fine.


  6. TeamLacheyRools

    I dont know what all the fuss is about, she has the commitment quotient of a plankton – it’ll all be over before she has the baby anyways

  7. AmberDextrose

    Did anyone else follow the People link?

    I had a nice Beavis & Butthead moment sniggering at the link entitled: “Tori flashes her ring”

  8. i eat coins

    Im gonna go Miss Cleo on your asses:

    Pitt = Saggitarius/Rabbit
    Jolie = Gemini/Rabbit (12 yrs apart)

    Anniston = Aquarius/Monkey

    The reason why Brad and Jennifer “fell in love” is because Saggitarius and Aquarius are very compatible when it comes to friendship and work. Not so much with marriage.
    But his Rabbit side, was too responsible, and stable for Jennifer’s Monkey side which needed continual mental/physical stimulation. They probably bored each other to death, but kinda forced the relationship because of the comfort/compatibility of their Aquarius and Sagitarius signs, and that there may have been actual love there.

    Brad and Angelina’s Sagitarius and Geminis signs are also compatible. Sags like to be free and Geminis like to travel. And since they are both Rabbits (catalysts signs), they understand each other better than the Monkey/Rabbit combo.

    This is just 1/3 of the reasons why their relationship works (chemistry). 2/3 is love, which I don’t know is real. 3/3 are other factors, like environment, circumstances, etc.

    Hahahah…OK I’ll stop now.

  9. twodollartricks

    It’s official!! Brad’s publicist has confirmed they are dating and she IS pregnant! At least, that’s what imdb are reporting… Hurray! I can’t wait to see what “oh-woe-is-me” act Jennifer pulls now.

  10. slinkhard

    ‘The guy wants children, she kept putting it off-what did she think was going to happen?’

    Wow, what a great attitude towards women your future child will have, Dee.
    And everyone else with spouting the same bullshit sexist rhetoric.
    God, this is forcing me into defending Jennifer ‘My One Talent is my Hair’ Aniston, and I don’t like that one bit.

  11. jonweed

    why is it that everything the tabloids say turns out to be true, but only if it is something the people it was about denied hahahaha! now we know when something is true. I don’t understand the whole “Brangelina” worship thing tho, they’re all right, but not the best in the world. Brad Pitts plain looking and Angelina Jolie is hot, but not super good-looking. She mostly has it in attitude. And whoever said being rich is good, I laugh. You’ve obviously never been a rich kid. But anyways, I guess now we can confirm that Britney and Kevin are indeed breaking up because they keep denying it. I just find it fascinating how fast some celebrities get pregnant. My homie and his wife have been trying for almost a year now, and they have sex about three times a day! Do you think they get any sort of fertility help?

  12. julema

    I can,t believe how many people say stupid things… Don’t you think that Brad and Angie care of what stupid people think of them!? Angelina is a good person, she did strange things in her life but it’s her life! They are in love and theyre gonna have a hot baby, theyre gonna love all there children adopt or not, because saying stuff like : zahara and maddox gonna need therapy because the biological baby goona have all the love! Hey you must don’t have any children to say that! More children you have, more love you have… You can have 10 children, you gonna love them all! Good for them! Brad wanted so much children! He must be so happy! And Angie too!

  13. VanillaSalTyBaLLs

    mmmmmmm greasy friend chicken!!!! Oh and a note to Brad – the sperm goes on the outside of the female so she’ll look like a delicious glazed cruller!!!

  14. OtherwiseOccupied

    I hope they’re both happy. Any of you who have ever had a single moment of wildness in you will know that it takes one hell of a man to tame a wild woman… Brad must be one hell of a man.

    I’m gonna have to agree with everyone that says that the homely I’ve-been-dumped-for-a-hotter-younger-chic folks side with Maniston.

    It makes sense because people are by nature jealous and insecure. Jealous of someone skinnier, prettier, younger, more successful than you are – so you just automatically bristle up when you see something good happen to one of those people.

    Reminds you of just how crappy your own life is.

    Aside from good hair, a caricature-ish face, and a fugly old fat boyfriend, what does Maniston really have?

  15. Tracie

    Question: “Aside from good hair, a caricature-ish face, and a fugly old fat boyfriend, what does Maniston really have?”

    Answer: More luxury, lifestyle, and millions than most of us will ever see in our entire lifetimes. Jennifer could just do us all a favor and retire, spend even more time on the beach than she already does, and leave the acting to those that are actually good at the craft.
    And as far as Brad and Angelina are concerned, let’s hope whatever the heck they’re doing leads to something useful, like increased awareness of the plights of children around the world, rather than thoughts of what the baby will look like or who gets to be on top in bed.

  16. vanya_k

    Well, it lookslike the Brangelina groupies flooded this item, frantically mastturbating and then spewing their verbal Brangelina worship into posts that make them sound like Scientologists who got a little mixed up about who to worship.

    “Team Pitt ‘won”?.. oh, puh-lease. That saccharine crap belongs on a different site, unless I hit the wrong URl and didn’t go to the clever cynical “mock celebrities” site that I thought I had.

  17. CelebGossipAficionado

    Best wishes to Brad and Angelina. To hell with their pasts, they’re just two people who want to have a bunch of kids and show them the world (and there is NO ONE in here who can say they’re unable to do that). Some folks in here really like bringing up what AJ did a decade ago, but what were YOU doing in your twenties? Whatever it was, does it mean you can’t ever be a capable loving parent? I bet it doesn’t. So I’m afraid you’re gonna have to let her Thornton days go. Because while she’s cleaning up and loving her life, you’re just reading about her in People while you stand in line at Vons.

    Feel sorry for Aniston? Hell no. That woman isn’t going through anything millions of women (with a lot less money) have gone through. And last I checked, where there is an article on Brad and Angelina, one of Jennifer and Vince isn’t far behind. She’s not poor, she’s not alone, and she’s not (that)ugly. She’ll be just fine.

    So for those of you who’ve decided to be mad “for” Jennifer because a man has wronged you, take a deep breath and put the magazine down. You’ll be fine too.

  18. TeamMe

    I hate “Brangelina”. I hate that they’re publically referred to as Brangelina. But what I despise above all is that I actually care enough to hate Brangelina. However, since I can

  19. sammygirl

    I wish Angelina would adopt me! Those children did win the lotto. They avoided a terrible fate that was awaiting them. They are truly blessed. Sure, Angelina had her dysfunction in the past, but so what, she’s making up for it now.

    I don’t think Pitt left Aniston because she didn’t want kids. I think he was just bored with her. She seems really, really dull to me. She talked about eating the same damn salad for lunch for 10 years. Talk about being in a rut. That’s still not a good excuse for Pitt’s behavior, but he strikes me as a pretty weak, fickle dude, so he went with someone more intriguing to him. I’d feel burned too if I were Aniston.

  20. Captain_Pugwash

    Since when did adultery become acceptable as long as the couple is “hot”? Pretty superficial….ooops…..sorry…..forgot where I was for a moment.

  21. andrewthezeppo

    Another victory for Team Jolie lets look at the scorebored

    Team Jolie
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith= succesdd
    Dating Brad Sexiest man alive Pitt
    Cute adopted kids
    Plane Flying

    Team Anniston
    Derailed = Flop
    Romor Has it= Flop
    Dating Vince the flab Vaugn
    No kids
    Man Jaw
    Ugly Nose

  22. twodollartricks

    Apparantly, the Jen/Vince relationship is fake anyway.

    She’s supposed to be his beard and he’s supposed to be her “less-attractive-than-Brad-but-doesn’t-it-make-her-really-sweet-and-nicer-than-Angelina-for-going-out-with-him” boyfriend. I can imagine it to be true..

  23. vanya_k

    Paris Hilton came out as team Jolie, not surprisingly.

    ’nuff said.

  24. Tania

    Dear GETOVERIT and eveyone who agreed w/ post # 51:

    You’re right that Zahara and Maddox will have a better life than if they were not adopted by Angelina…I get that point. But you really should have picked a better example than Nicole Richie. Unless of course you don’t think a heroin addiction and anorexia/bulemia are a problem.

    And her adoptive father cares about her so much that he just throws money at her to go out and whore around and go shopping w/ Lindsay Lohan…when maybe if he really loved her he would step in and put her in rehabilitation for her obvious eating disorder.

    You’re also right that there is no parent-child prenup…that was my point too. You can divorce your spouse but not your children, adopted or not. Parenthood is forever, and unfortunately in most cases, marriage isn’t. I wasn’t saying that having children out of wedlock is “wrong”, it’s just that lately celebrities are getting pregnant within mere months of meeting, which they apparently don’t think is a big deal…but you ask if they’re getting married and you get a ‘No! I don’t want to jinx what we have going!’ What do you think having a baby will do to your relationship? That is the biggest commitment a person can make!!

    And having rich and famous parents doesn’t automatically make for a happy home life. Ask Nicole Richie, Drew Barrymore, etc.

  25. sammygirl

    The dysfunction found in Hollywood families is still better than starving to death or getting sold to some pimp.

  26. daBITCH

    Ok, Jokes aside. Lets be serious for a minute:

    When do ya think jackass aniston going to kill herself?

  27. nikki

    daBITCH: Maniston is waaaaaaay too self-involved to kill herself. can’t wait to see who she ends up with after this fake shit with Fat Boy Vince goes kaput.

  28. nikki

    daBITCH: Maniston is waaaaaaay too self-involved to kill herself. can’t wait to see who she ends up with after this fake shit with Fat Boy Vince goes kaput.

  29. jonweed

    Whoever said only homely people side with Jennifer Aniston, I’m gonna go with, mostly people who have been dumped for someone else side with her, not ugly people. As a man, I can personally say, that not all cheating and choosing someone else is because of looks. Guys aren’t that shallow, they may like to think they are, but they aren’t. Cheating is something that occurs when you aren’t happy in your relationship, and aren’t communicating with your partner. and just because someone is a celeb, ir doesn’t mean they are younger, prettier, and more successful. For some people success means lots of money, for others it means raising their kids right, or even performing well at their job. Either way, I’ve grown sort of tired of seeing these two in the news, because its been a year. I hope they don’t do the same thing with Angelina that they did with Britney, and follow her throughout her entire pregnancy.

  30. Captain_Pugwash

    Here’s a point that nobody has made yet. Not all cases of cheating are caused by a difficient spouse. Sometimes the (male or female) cheat’s inadequacies are the root cause. They can be married to a wonderful person, but cheat because they have no integrity/get bored easily/crave excitement or attention/are immature. Reasons are endless. Quit blaming the spouse (Aniston)…although nobody is perfect.

  31. nikki

    Angelina has NOT been courting the media the way Maniston and Britney have.

  32. tess

    My prayers go to Jennifer right now. Can we all have a minute of silence to honor all those wasted eggs she kept inside of her. I mean, let’s face it: her uterus isn’t getting any fresher. Plus, by not using it during her marriage with Brad, she ruined all her chances of having a decent looking baby. Her big chin, squarred jaw and ugly nose won’t spare her descency. Those genetic flaws won’t be erased before at least 4 or 5 generations. Plus, to add insult to injury, her only marriage prospect is average fat joe Vince Vaughn.
    I pity her.

  33. sammygirl

    I like Vince Vaughn and I think he’d be a fun boyfriend to have. I know he’d make me laugh and that’s better in my book than pretty boy Pitt who probably looks at his reflection every time he passes a mirror.

  34. amypie

    I personally hope their baby looks like a troll, not because i think they are unattractive but how funny would it be to have pretty parents carrying around a freakish troll child.

  35. sammygirl

    P.S. I wouldn’t wish Aniston upon Vince Vaughn, because of all the reasons described so well by blog #35 (so funny)

  36. Stacy

    #14…Apparently you have no morals whatsoever!
    Anniston isn’t losing any supporters. There are alot of people out there that DO have morals and think what her husband did was wrong and what home wrecker did was totally wrong. You’re just not one of us…with morals!

    Anniston probably didn’t want to have a baby with Pitt b/c she knew she couldn’t trust the the nasty smelly shit!

    Yeah, Pitt & Jolie are perfect for one another. Anniston is better off without him!

  37. sugarplumbaby

    I bet Vince Vaughn is a riot.

  38. TJ

    #23 – I was wondering if ANYONE remembered anything this mullet mouth said in the past? Probably not as they were too distracted by her wasp attacked lips. Good thing some of us remember all the ridiculous lies she’s prattled off over the last few months and are keeping tabs. Good luck to Pitt and Jolie – they will so need it.

  39. TJ

    #81 – are you for real? Jolie courts the media continuously – I mean who else would tip off them the way she did when she and Brad went off to Africa? The photographer ADMITTED it! She only ever does a good deed if the camera is pointed in her face. Somehow there’s always a “leaked story” about her “humanitarian work” in choosing mail order children and how she’s saved them from sure death (Bleurgh!) and visiting third world countries etc. If she didn’t want the publicity, she wouldn’t get it, there are plenty of stars who do humanitarian work and don’t expect a roving posse of cameras to follow them around and put it in the latest trash mag. The girl has the National Enquirer on speed dial if you ask me!!

  40. PhDiva

    I stand by my statement (47) about this being potentially damaging for Zahara and Maddox racially and emotionally despite those who think they’ve won the lotto. Only people who’ve never had any real money or been around people who do think that wealth solves all problems. Also, I have observed that people of color who are the only non-whites in a white family (due to adoption or being the product of earlier interracial relationships) can be made to feel excluded and inferior regardless of how much money they have. Is there anybody you know who would truly choose wealth over the love of a parent?

    But I will give it to Angelina. The timing of Brad’s attempts to adopt the existing children was probably soon after she discovered the pregnancy. I would not be surprised if she pushed for this to protect her children from the possibility that he would privilege the biological child over them. Brad is a very shallow person. I think Aniston is overrated and annoying, but he still screwed her over and publicly humiliated in a rather nasty way. When she said hew as “missing a sensitivity chip.” That rang strangely true. And he still doesn’t get it. Is this man really fit to be a parent? Does he have the depth to love an adopted child as much as a biological child, a non-white child as much as a white child? Angelina probably does. Brad, not so much. And I think Angelina knows it. Hence, her desire to have him adopt her kids.

  41. beachgirl53


    Lookin forward to seeing how this one turns out. Usually, when you add two seriously hot people together it goes one of two ways…you get a seriously hot kid or a seriously ugly kid (aka, God’s little prank on the parents). I’m kind of assuming the former…but secretly hoping for the latter…we shall see…

  42. slinkhard

    ‘It makes sense because people are by nature jealous and insecure. Jealous of someone skinnier, prettier, younger, more successful than you are – so you just automatically bristle up when you see something good happen to one of those people.
    Reminds you of just how crappy your own life is.’

    You do realise that liking Brangelina has no actual reflection on your own life, right? Preferring two hot celebrities over another less-hot celebrity doesn’t mean that *you’re* attractive, skinnier, younger or more successful than anyone.

  43. Kitchy

    What I want to know is…just how many vials of blood does she plan on wearing around her neck now?? Geesh.. she’ll be a good one to have around at a makeshift triage following a horrific car accident!

    Also, is Brad sure it’s not her brother’s baby? Luckily when it is born it will already be smarter than her father. Now THAT’S a blessing!

  44. nikki

    surely we can reach 1000 pointless comments on the lifestayle of the rich and whiny?

  45. baileyukelele

    I just want a healthy black baby to come out. As black as they come. Blacker, if possible.
    Or, you know, Asian or Mexican. Or Canadian.

  46. SaveFerris

    Well I do like Jen.. But DAMN!! This is one hot couple! Good luck to the Jolie-Pitt family!

    (and hey, who really cares what Jolie said in the past?.. people DO change!)

  47. ir0ny!

    Let’s look at it this way. Here’s another child being brought into the world of Hollywood debauchery, & in a few years (or less), he/she will be having a single parent. He/she will then spend many years of his/her life wondering about the other parent, & wanting to have a regular, normal family with normal mother & father. However, although he/she will find the father somewhat normal, but the mother, he/she will discover, is rather different from other mothers. This will also add to this child’s sense of instability. Hmmm… sounds familiar.

    Yes, chances are this child is going to grow up bitter, hating the other parent (if not both), getting drunk & high on drugs by the age of 9, wanting to sleep with anyone that they come in close contact with (begun by the age of 11), then finally one day, AJ will have the greatest wish of her life – to share that most beautiful moment & expression of “true love” of her child when they both engage in something which up to now, she has probably only experienced with her brother. But then, of course, at that time, the moment will be “sweeter” because it is now with a child of her own womb, not of her mother’s womb. (And don’t forget the knives, of course!) Then one day perhaps, AJ, her brother, AND the child could ALL join in on the “family fun” & all three of them can finally discover the wonderful family life they have all been missing since their childhoods! And to complete the picture, why don’t AJ just MARRY her brother & have her brother ADOPT her & Brad’s son, & now they’ll all have the “perfect family,” since she’s “so in love with him” anyway! Her brother must think this is a beautiful thing anyway! Family love & bonding – what could be better?


    So, here is yet another tragedy brought into the universe. I almost wish there would be a miscarriage to prevent this sad tragedy, & Brad would open his eyes & realize that he & Jen made a huge mistake. And now that Jen finally realizes that maybe it would good for her to become a mother (especially since she’s getting into that “age” range), maybe they can get back together & have a NORMAL family.

    As for AJ the philanthropist (or anyone else making Megabucks & giving away Nanobucks to the “poor & needy”) – when these people start living life like the rest of us, shopping economically, overworking & overtired, commuting through traffic, etc. – & then giving away the rest of their earnings, that’s when I might call them a “philanthropist.” In fact, are not the rest of us all “philanthropists” also? Do we not “donate” our earnings gained through our hard labor to support the lives of these celebs? How many rewards do WE get?

  48. kemb2722

    This is in response to “Irony’s” comments, including:
    “He/she will then spend many years of his/her life wondering about the other parent, & wanting to have a regular, normal family with normal mother & father. . . Disgusting!”

    Yes, there is a chance that Maddox, Zahara, and the little un-named child will grow up to be screwed up. But there is that chance in any family. What about children of criminals? Children of divorced parents? Children of homosexual couples, racially-mixed couples, military parents, etc? All of these children are growing up in “non normal” households, and most of them will turn out okay. What is a normal household? And why would a non-normal one garuntee a fucked up child? Look at Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s (13 year old?) girl. She is wholesome, happy, conservative, and so ‘normal’–and one of her parents commited suicide and the other is a drug addict! I don’t think its fair to assume AJ and BP’s kids will turn out screwed up, any more than anyone else’s kids.

  49. ir0ny!

    Yes, there is a chance that kids of other parents grow up screwed up too, & obviously that has happened in our society. However, one advantage that these kids have is that they experience life in a more “realistic” way – & not one where their parent(s) make, in one year, more than the sum total of what we make in our ENTIRE lifetimes! These kids usually can’t just get everything that they want, they have to struggle through life, etc. However, judging from many of the outcomes of the kids of Hollywood celebs, few have turned out to be a positive influence for society.

    Furthermore, as one can tell from both AJ & her brother, is that they are both genetically predisposed to psychological instability. They are both somewhat neurotic (although they like to express it in an “eccentric” way), & for AJ – after over 20+ years, she is still not fully able to get over her father’s cheating on her mom. Ok, so that happened at an impressionable age. But you know what, I’ve seen that plenty of times in my personal life, some during that “impressionable” age, & I don’t have that kind of bitterness or instability. I don’t have a need to make myself feel & look like a totally invincible person & one who can overpower any man that I want who comes along my way, just as a defense mechanism against the vulnerability within. I don’t have some strange notion of “love,” which includes kissing my brother in public (& we-don’t-want-to-know-what-else at home), etc. Since both AJ & her brother have this neurotic behavior, chances are that they have both inherited some genetic predisposition to psychological vulnerability. If this were a “dominant” trait in their gene pool, then unfortunately for this new baby, he/she has a 50% or higher chance of getting it too.

    And so the story goes on.

  50. You were on the RADIO!

    Just as an FYI you guys were mentioned on NPR’s wait wait don’t tell me. Check out question number 3.

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