Angelina Jolie Just Exploded Your Nerd Wiener

Angelina Jolie will see Jennifer Aniston’s upskirt and raise her one COMIC-CON, SLUT! BOOM! (I’ve had a lot of coffee this morning.)

Here’s the Puckered One all leather-clad at Comic-Con yesterday to talk about Salt because I guess that’s like a superhero movie. When pressed for reactions afterward, most audience members responded with: “Geh!”; “It hurts.”; “DON’T LOOK AT ME!”; “Dammit, these Underoos cost $50 on eBay.” and “Why didn’t she talk about Battlestar? Wait, never mind, me just saying the word ‘Battlestar’ finished the job because I’m a nerd and come in my pants a lot for such is the nature of our magic.”

[Disclosure: Written by a man who habitually goes to the comic shop every Wednesday.]

Photos: Splash News